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The largest energy companies in Victoria

Posted by April 17th 2020

Victorians are lucky enough to have perhaps the liveliest energy market in Australia, with more than 25 electricity and gas providers operating across the state. This could explain why a vast majority of customers in …

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Types of Energy Plans Explained

Posted by March 13th 2020

Imagine pulling into your driveway as Bob from next door waves you down for a bit of a yarn. It’s almost dinnertime and you’re exhausted, yet Bob drops a line about his new energy deal …

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The largest energy companies in NSW

Posted by April 17th 2020

A report by Australia’s energy regulator has revealed that households in New South Wales are the most likely to stick with the ‘big three’ power companies, despite a slew of new providers entering the fray …

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East coast gas prices are too high, ACCC declares

Posted by February 18th 2020

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has thrown down the gauntlet on gas producers, claiming price savings aren’t being passed down to consumers. In a new report, the consumer watchdog found that at some points …

The largest energy companies in Australia

Posted by April 17th 2020

You’ve probably heard about the ‘big four’ banks when it comes to finance, but what about the ‘big three’ in energy? We’re referring to Origin Energy, AGL and EnergyAustralia, who currently have the largest retail …

Energy Plans for Seniors & Pensioners Compared

Energy Plans for Seniors & Pensioners

Posted by February 19th 2020

As a senior or pensioner, you may be entitled to specific energy deals that can help keep costs down. Consider providers, plans and deals at Canstar Blue.

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How to read your power bills

Posted by April 29th 2020

After receiving an electricity bill, most of us simply look at what we owe and begrudgingly pay up. But there’s plenty of useful information on your bill that can help you save, so it’s worth …