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Pringles to ditch plastic lids on cans

The plastic cap on small Pringles tubes will be a thing of the past in the latest sustainable push by Kellogg’s (the makers of Pringles) to reduce plastic use on packaging.

The plastic lid on 53g Pringles varieties will be replaced with a foil seal which the brand says has been strengthened to maintain product quality and the iconic (Mr. P, aka Julius Pringles) crunch Aussies know and love. The alternative foil seals won’t be reusable, meaning opened cans won’t be resealable. The 134g Pringles cans will remain untouched, although the change may be rolled out to more Pringles packaging in the future, presumably pending consumers’ reaction.

The change in packaging will see a 48% reduction in plastic on each 53g can and remove 26 tonnes of plastic waste from landfill, according to the brand.

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Brand Manager of Snacks at Kellogg’s Australia, Kavita Desai, said, “This is a promising first step as we continue to innovate and implement new ways to be sustainable with our packaging across the board.”

“While it may seem like a small change, it will have a positive impact on our environment. We can’t wait to see Aussies popping open their favourite Pringles can with the new and improved seal, while still enjoying the classic Mr. P flavours.”

While the small Pringles pack will have a new look on the outside, the inside will still contain the same quantity and ‘accurate flavours’ of chips, the brand says.

Kellogg’s says it will continue to develop new ways to reduce plastic waste and create more sustainable packaging across its product range.


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