Abi Buckland

Abi Buckland Abi Buckland was a content producer at Canstar Blue for almost two years until 2024, most recently in the Telco section. She is studying a Bachelor of Business Management and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at the University of Queensland.

Man buying new 5G phone

Should I buy a 5G phone?

Posted by April 23rd 2024

5G technology is being rolled out worldwide, and virtually every phone brand has jumped on the bandwagon. In this Canstar Blue guide, we will run through what 5G is and whether it’s worth buying a …

A man siting on a couch and using a phone

Can I get a phone plan without data?

Posted by April 16th 2024

If you’re not spending much time scrolling socials or browsing the web while you’re not connected to WiFi, it might be worth looking into no data phone plans. No-date or low data plans are usually …

White modem/router in the home

Can I use my own modem with a new internet plan?

Posted by April 16th 2024

Many internet providers include modems with their plans, but there are often added costs involved. So if you already have a modem, can you use it with a new internet plan? In this Canstar Blue …

NBN installation costs

How much does NBN installation cost?

Posted by April 15th 2024

While the first round of the rollout technically concluded in 2020, upgrades are still being conducted across the country to give more Aussies access to the fastest and most reliable internet speeds possible. This whole …

A person using a laptop

What is an ISP?

Posted by April 12th 2024

Essentially, an ISP is your go-to retailer for signing up to NBN and broadband plans. If you're wondering 'who is my ISP' and if it’s the best provider to be with, read on to find …

Australia owned telcos

Which telcos are Australian owned?

Posted by April 12th 2024

If you’re looking for a new service provider, then supporting an Aussie company may be your answer. Find out which telcos are Australian-owned.


4G Home Internet Plans in Australia

Posted by January 18th 2024

The NBN is well and truly the number one choice in the internet world for Australians, but as with any avenue of internet connectivity, it certainly has its downfalls. There are a couple of alternatives, …

Young girl looking at phone while watching show on laptop and eating popcorn

Best streaming bundles in Australia

Posted by January 18th 2024

It started with a harmless subscription to Netflix to see what all the fuss was about. Blink, and suddenly you’re tied up in eight different subscriptions and twelve different storylines – and you can’t bring …

Data only SIM plans

The best data-only SIM plans in Australia

Posted by January 16th 2024

A SIM card is what facilitates phone calls and text messages as well as access to the internet with your phone by connecting your device to a mobile network. But if you’re not big on …

Sim Cards

SIM card sizes and types explained

Posted by May 14th 2024

The details of phone plans can be confusing, particularly finding the right SIM card to fit into your phone. We explain the different types of SIM cards.