The best Christmas spreads from Coles, Woolies, ALDI & more

Santa’s bells aren’t the only things jiggling… but Aussies’ wallets, too. Shoppers are forking out on impressive festive spreads, with many opting for convenient ready-to-heat hams and pre-made pavlova bases to help speed up the cooking process and spend more time with family and friends.

To inspire your Christmas shop, or help you find an alternative when your favourite appetiser goes out of stock, we’ve rounded up a list of what you can expect from Woolworths, Coles, ALDI, IGA and Foodland.

Coles Christmas deals

What is Coles offering for Christmas?

If you’re planning on going ‘ham’ these holidays, Coles has got you covered. It has a much wider selection of leg hams compared to other major supermarkets and, depending on what you get, can feed anywhere between three and up to more than 10 people. These are also stated to be Australian-made.

Keep in mind that for items marked with an approximate weight, price is based on weight and may therefore change when you go to purchase in-store.

This is what’s currently available from Coles:

  • Coles Festive Matured Christmas Pudding (110g): $2.75* (or $7 for 700g)
  • Coles Christmas Pudding: $2.20* (small) or $3.50* (large)
  • Coles Wensleydale & Cranberry (200g): $6*
  • Coles Entertaining King Prawn Tempura With Sweet Chilli Sauce (8pk): $7*
  • Coles Entertaining Prawn Selection (10pk): $7*
  • Coles Entertaining Vegetable Selection (12pk): $7*
  • Coles Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast With Fetta & Pesto Stuffing (300g): $9*
  • Coles Christmas Pudding ─ Mature Cheddar (200g): $10*
  • Coles Cheese Selection: $11*
  • Coles Beechwood Smoked Boneless Loin Ham Portion (approx. 700g): $14*
  • Coles Beechwood Smoked Boneless Leg Ham Portion (800g): $15*
  • Coles Beechwood Smoked Picnic Ham (approx. 2.7kg): $21.60*
  • Coles Glaze & Bake Boneless Pineapple Leg Ham (approx. 1.2kg): $22.80*
  • Coles Brown Sugar Glazed Easy Carve Picnic Ham (approx. 2.75kg): $24.75*
  • Coles Beechwood Smoked Leg Ham Portion (approx. 2.5kg): $27.50*
  • Coles Finest Free-Range Triple Smoked Boneless Leg Ham Portion (approx. 1.170kg): $28.08*
  • Coles Beechwood Smoked Half Leg Ham (approx. 4.5kg): $38.25*
  • Coles Crackling Victorian Ash Smoked Rib Rack Roast Ham (approx. 1.6kg): $38.40*
  • Coles Crackling Ham (approx. 2.4kg): $48*

Coles additionally has Christmas decorations, advent calendars, and gift wrappers in-store and online, as well as recipe ideas on its website.

Woolworths Christmas deals (1)

What can you buy at Woolworths for Christmas?

Woolworths’ customers can look forward to a variety of locally made desserts made with native ingredients and flavours, with the supermarket chain planting 80 new products for the holidays, including items from its new Gold Christmas collection. Woolies also says its new range supports family-owned businesses and local suppliers, allowing shoppers to spread the festive cheer whether they buy in-store or online.

Here are the Christmas treats you can expect from Woolworths this year. All products are now available:

  • Woolworths Gold Lemon Myrtle Meringues (4pk): $6*
  • Woolworths Gold Gin & Davidson Plum Fruit Mince Tarts (6pk): $9*
  • Woolworths Gold White Chocolate, Salted Honey & Macadamia Tarts (6pk): $9*
  • Woolworths Gold Lemon Myrtle Meringues (4pk): $6*
  • Woolworths Truffle Prosciutto and Potato Salad Kit (500g): $10*
  • Woolworths Fold Free Range Triple Smoked Quarter Leg Ham (3-6kg): $14/kg*
  • Woolworths Gold Free Range Triple Smoked Half Leg Ham: $14.50*
  • Woolworths Gold Hunter Valley Shiraz & Chocolate Pudding (800g): $16.50*
  • Woolworths Gold Lemon Meringue Pie (700g): $22*
  • Woolworths Gold Summer Berry Chocolate Trifle (1.2kg): $22*
  • Woolworths Gold De Leche Trifle (1.1kg): $22*
  • Woolworths Gold Luxurious Mini Dessert Selection (20pk): $25*

ALDI Christmas deals

What can you buy at ALDI for Christmas?

ALDI has already well and truly embraced the festive period, stuffing its Special Buys stockings with Christmas decorations, gift wrapping, hamper staples like wine and truffle, advent calendars, and more. Its budget-friendly Curated Collection is probably the biggest Christmas line-up of the bunch, and features a few more finger foods and hamper-friendly goods to choose from.

Prices start from $3.99 and reach up to $19.99 for items including a Christmas pudding that’s been matured for 30 months and Wagyu biltong made from 100% Australian beef wagyu.

This is what ALDI’s Curated Collection offers:

  • ALDI Christmas Fruit Cake (200g): $3.99*
  • ALDI Mediterranean Style Dukkah (100g): $3.99*
  • ALDI Handcrafted British Honeycomb (250g): $4.99*
  • ALDI Butter Fruit Mince Pies (6pk): $4.99*
  • ALDI Gourmet Soft Nougat (150g): $4.99*
  • ALDI Luxury Fudge (150g): $4.99*
  • ALDI Luxury Butterscotch (125g): $5.99*
  • ALDI Sweet Crispbreads Assorted ─ also available in gluten free (150g): $5.99*
  • ALDI Australian Wild Olives (300g): $5.99*
  • ALDI Milk and Dark Salted Caramels Box (180g): $6.99*
  • ALDI Finishing Vinegar ─ Assorted Flavours (250ml): $6.99*
  • ALDI Premium Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (375ml): $7.99*
  • ALDI Scottish Shortbread Fingers (360g): $10.99*
  • ALDI Christmas Fruit Cake (800g): $10.99*
  • ALDI Roasted and Salted Mixed Nuts (400g): $12.99*
  • ALDI Luxury 10-Month Vintage Christmas Pudding (700g) ─ gluten-free option also available: $14.99*
  • ALDI Specialty Coffee Beans (500g): $14.99*
  • ALDI Iced Christmas Cake (900g): $16.99 RRP*
  • ALDI Christmas Cake Selection (9pk): $16.99 RRP*
  • ALDI Luxury 30-Month Matured Christmas Pudding (907g): $19.99 RRP*
  • ALDI Luxury Wagyu Biltong (200g): $19.99 RRP*

ALDI’s Curated Collection will remain on the shelves throughout the festive period, but it’s also worth keeping an eye on the supermarket’s weekly Special Buys for any extra Christmas treats.

IGA Christmas deals

What are IGA and Foodland selling at Christmas?

IGA is another supermarket showcasing Aussie artisan producers and ingredients, offering goodies such as the pavlova with caramel swirl and a fruity gold-dusted pudding that’s made with Australian wildflower honey from Victoria. The supermarket’s Signature Collection is now available at selected IGA and Foodland stores nationwide, until stocks last.

Here are the different products you can check out:

  • IGA Signature Collection Festive Shortbread Cookies Shapes (9pk): $4.50*
  • IGA Signature Collection Gingerbread Cookies (6pk): $7*
  • IGA Signature Collection Gold-Dusted Christmas Pudding (400g): $9* (or $15 for 800g)
  • IGA Signature Collection Decorated Hanging Shortbread Cookies (6pk): $9.50*
  • IGA Signature Collection Pavlova With Caramel Swirl (400g): $14*
  • IGA Signature Collection Beef Wellington: $15*

IGA will also be stocking the IGA half leg bone Australian ham, with some stores also offering additional hams from local producers and suppliers.

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