Simple hack to save you up to $80 at Coles and Woolworths each week

Simple hack to save up to $80 at Coles and Woolies each week

In a world of hyperinflation and tightening household budgets, shaving a few dollars off your weekly grocery bill could help stretch your budget further.

One TikTok user has shared a well-known, tried-and-tested ‘hack’ for saving big bucks – up to $80 or more − on your weekly Woolworths or Coles online shop. All, with just a little planning ahead.

The savvy shopper reveals how scanning new supermarket catalogues and ordering your groceries over two separate days can help you score the cheapest deals. Let us explain.

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Coles and Woolies both release their specials catalogues each week on Tuesday, but weekly specials aren’t available online until Wednesday (from 12.01am) and in-stores (from 7am).

So, to save money on your weekly shop − simply scan your Woolworths and Coles weekly catalogues every Tuesday to check what’s on sale for the following week. Go online, select items and products that are on special, and add them to your online cart, but don’t check out until Wednesday when sales come into effect. Voila!

This is also a clever way to get in early to score supermarket specials before items sell out. The TikTok user claims to save about $80 a week on groceries using this method.

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Credit: aloo.tikki.tok/TikTok.

Aussie households spend on average $153 per week on groceries, according to Canstar Blue’s latest survey of supermarket shoppers.

Shoppers can also shop in-store to nab the same discounts, although getting in quickly is important if you don’t want to miss out.

Picking the right time of day for shopping can also help. Most supermarkets slash prices on perishable items like meat, milk, produce, and bakery items at the end of each day to make way for fresher stock the following day. This means that shopping in the afternoon around 4pm or 5pm could also save you big dollars on a rump steak or seafood!

Just keep in mind that supermarket special offers vary between stores.

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