Megan Birot

Megan Birot Megan Birot is an authority on the Australian consumer shopping industry, gaining her expertise from over five years in the comparison industry. She has a Bachelor of Journalism and Public Relations from Griffith University and has been featured on national media including 9 News and 7 News.

NutriBullet vs Ninja: Which blender is best? Review

Nutribullet vs Ninja: Which blender is best?

Posted by March 22nd 2024

Nutribullet vs Ninja Nutribullet and Ninja are appliance brands that offer a range of kitchen tools. Both brands are generally known for their blenders, which come in a variety of designs. In this battle of the blenders, …

ALDI to sell new ECOVACS robot vac for $399 in Special Buys

ALDI to sell new ECOVACS robot vac for $399 in Special Buys

Posted by March 2nd 2023

Listen up bargain hunters, ALDI is bringing back its previously sold-out ECOVACS robot vacuum in Special Buys − the DEEBOT NEO for half price! ECOVACS’ signature two-in-one robot vac will be on sale for $399 (down …

Best portable blenders 2020

Best portable blenders to take with you ANYWHERE (2023)

Posted by January 24th 2023

Gone are the days of skipping on your green juice or morning banana smoothie because you’re running late for work or travelling. Thanks to portable blenders, you can blend, cap and go anywhere these days, …

CES 2022

Best home appliances & tech innovations from CES 2023

Posted by January 10th 2023

AI-powered and futuristic appliances dominated the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, with many brands unveiling new technologies slated to make everyday products more accessible, customisable, and powerful. Some standout innovations from CES …

Top 10 Thermomix alternatives you can buy

Posted by August 24th 2023

If you want a Thermomix, you know you’ll have to pay through the nose. Top-of-the-line models retail for upwards of $2,000 and frankly, not everyone can afford this luxury. Now, if you’ve been living under a …

Wash Cycles Explained

Washing Machine Cycles Explained

Posted by June 22nd 2023

Ever wondered what all those wash cycles on your washing machine actually do? You probably just use the same cycle for every wash, but you could be missing out on a superior and more efficient …

ALDI slings $39.99 air fryer & budget food processor in Special Buys

ALDI slings air fryer with rotisserie & dehydrator for $149

Posted by December 19th 2022

ALDI is bringing back its cult $149 air fryer with an oven, rotisserie, and dehydrator function, just in time for Christmas. It's in Special Buys from Wednesday, 21 December (until stocks last), along with other …