Bioglan Vitamins Review & Guide

Bioglan is an Australian-owned health supplement company that has provided vitamins, minerals and supplements to pharmacies for more than 40 years. With all its products claimed to be created based on strong clinical trials and long-term evidence, the brand offers a wide selection of products to target an extensive range of health concerns. These include arthritis, cold and flu, eye health, bladder function, respiratory health, digestion, brain health, dietary deficiencies and general health and wellbeing.

Range of Bioglan Products

From supporting healthy immune function to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, Bioglan has various types of products to suit different needs and ages. Some of these products include:

  • Probiotics
  • Superfoods
  • Vitamins
  • Kids
  • 50+ Health
  • Weight loss and sports nutrition


Spending the day sweating over tummy troubles isn’t easy. To make sure you don’t spend your days trapped indoors, Bioglan offers a range of products claimed to support your digestive wellbeing. While many of the products available feature ingredients that are said to improve gut health, there are also capsules specifically created to provide both quick and long-term solutions to digestive discomfort.

Bioglan Bio Happy Probiotic 25

For those suffering from bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort and constipation, the Bioglan Bio Happy Probiotic 25 may provide some relief. The product is aimed to help top up and promote the balance of good bacteria to help alleviate digestive symptoms. The product is said to complement antibiotic use if you take one capsule at least two hours before or after taking antibiotics. If you’re going on holiday and want to avoid ruining the trip with gut trouble, Bioglan recommends taking one capsule at least two or three days before you leave and continue taking it daily during your travel.

Other products like Bioglan Bio Happy Probiotic 50 Double Strength and Bioglan Bio Happy Probiotic 100 are also available to provide more support.

Bioglan Red Krill Oil Plus Curcumin

If you tend to suffer from mild osteoarthritis, mild rheumatic conditions or mild sports injuries, Bioglan Red Krill Oil Plus Curcumin may be ideal. This product is said to include phospholipid rich omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants which can help different concerns. Some of these include brain and eye health, cardiovascular and heart health, joint health and general wellbeing and vitality. These are not suitable for pregnant women.


From beetroot powder to beauty water, Bioglan offers different types of superfoods to give you a boost of nutrients. These products are said to provide various benefits, such as stronger bones or shinier hair.

Bioglan Inner Glow

Similar to the Bioglan Beauty Gummies, Bioglan Inner Glow is claimed to be ideal for people looking to improve the appearance of their hair, skin and nails. The product contains 2.5 Hydrolysed Collagen, which is claimed to nourish the skin. It also includes vitamin C and zinc, said to support the healthy structure and function of skin, nails and hair.

Bioglan Collagen Bone Broth

Bioglan Collagen Bone Broth is aimed to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and smooth fine lines. The product is claimed to support a range of issues such as improving skin elasticity and firmness, collagen production, gut health and joint health. It also contains collagen and other nutrients and amino acids said to support vitality and wellbeing. The beef bone broth can be taken two ways. You can either drink the broth like tea by adding a teaspoon of water, or add the product to food as a base stock.


Bioglan has a wide range of vitamins aimed to suit a range of concerns. These include eye health, bone and muscles, brain and memory, joint pain, digestion, anxiety and gut health.

Bioglan Immunoforce

If you’re looking to fight the common cold, Bioglan Immunoforce is said to provide a range of benefits aimed to both prevent and deal with various immune issues. These include:

  • Managing symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infection
  • Supporting a healthy immune function
  • Provide temporary relief from sore throat and feverish conditions
  • Reduce mucous congestion and runny nose.

The product is also stated to contain andrographis and vitamin C, which are claimed to have helped reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms in clinical trials. Symptoms include nasal discharge, headaches, fever, earache and fatigue. This product is suitable for adults and children older than eight years-old.

Bioglan Active Magnesium Cream

If you’re looking for an alternative to capsules like Bioglan Red Krill Oil Plus Curcumin, vitamins are available in cream form. Bioglan Active Magnesium Cream is a topical cream said to provide relief from mild muscular aches, pains and cramps by delivering Magnesium through the skin. The product is also said to promote restful sleep. This may be ideal for people to target aches or cramps on specific areas of the body.

Bioglan Beauty Gummies

If you’re having trouble with brittle nails constantly splitting, or want to have more healthy hair and skin, Bioglan offers Beauty Gummies. This is said to improve collagen production, resulting in healthier hair and nails. It also includes vitamin H biotin to support nail health. The product is suitable for adults and children aged 12 years and older.

Bioglan Bio Happy Celery Seed Cleanse

Bioglan Bio Happy Celery Seed Cleanse is claimed to be ideal for people looking for a natural solution to maintain body fluid balance. The product is claimed to remove excess water caused by bloating and mild water retention, as well as support healthy bladder function and alleviate mild fluid retention. The capsules are also said to help with general health and wellbeing.

Bioglan Melatonin Spray

If you have trouble sleeping, the Bioglan Melatonin Spray may offer some quick relief. The product is said to be a fasting acting spray widely used in homeopathic medicine to alleviate issues such as stress, nervous tension, mild anxiety, temporary insomnia and symptoms of jetlag. It has also been claimed to help regulate healthy sleep. It’s recommended that the product be sprayed in the mouth or under the tongue half an hour before going to bed. It contains lactose, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.

Bioglan Ginkgo Biloba

If you’re constantly losing your keys – or having trouble staying focused in class – Bioglan Gingko Biloba may be suitable for you. Each tablet features Ginkgo Biloba, a herb said to contain alkaloids to promote blood flow and circulation to support brain function. The ingredient is also claimed to improve blood circulation to the head, hands and feet to help people suffering from poor circulation.


From gut health to mild anxiety, the Bioglan Healthy Kids range provides a range of vitamins to target different needs. These products are generally suitable for children aged four years and older, although there products like Bioglan Bio Happy Baby Probiotic Powder for younger kids.

Bioglan Bio Happy Baby Probiotic Powder

Bioglan Bio Happy Baby Probiotic Powder is aimed to help babies and toddlers get the daily nutrients they need, as well as provide immune support and eczema relief, as they grow. The powder can be added to formula, expressed breast milk or foods like yoghurt or puree. It’s suitable for children aged between 0 and 36 months.

Bioglan Healthy Kids Rest and Calm Chewables

If you’re looking to calm your child’s behaviour and help them get a peaceful sleep, products like the Bioglan Rest and Calm Chewables are created to apparently relieve nervous tension and mild anxiety. These blueberry-flavoured sugar-free tablets include magnesium, which is said to be a key ingredient in supporting the nervous system. The product is also stated to include calcium to take care of muscle and nerve function, as well as zinc to promote healthy eye sight. Vitamin D is also added in to help healthy immunity. But these tablets contain lactose and may be unsuitable for people sensitive to products with lactose.

Bioglan Healthy Kids Eye Guard Chewables

Chewables formulated to protect eye health include Bioglan Healthy Kids Eye Guard Chewables, said to contain antioxidant nutrients to help fight against free radical damage caused by UV sunlight. If your child tends to spend some time in front of the screen, this product is also stated to provide protection from blue light waves from digital devices. Bioglan Healthy Kids Eye Guard Chewables are suitable for children aged four years and over, with one chewable tablet recommended per day.

Other chewable tablets intended to protect eye health include Bioglan Healthy Kids Eye Guard Chewables, said to contain antioxidant nutrients to help defend against free radical damage in the eye associated with UV sunlight. It also protects the child’s eyes from blue light waves from digital devices, the company claims.

Bioglan Healthy Kids Probiotic Choc Balls

For parents concerned about their child’s gut health, Bioglan offers various probiotic products said to support the wellbeing and vitality of young people. Described to have one billion ‘good bacteria’, every serve of Bioglan Healthy Kids Probiotic Choc Balls is claimed to include 500 million CFU of lactobacillus acidophilus and 500 million CFU of Bifidobacerium lactis. This is aimed to ensure the child gets the daily intake of probiotics they need to keep a healthy digestive system. Other similar products include the Bioglan Healthy Kids Probiotic Gummies and Bioglan Healthy Kids Probiotic Yoghurt Balls.

Bioglan Healthy Kids Multivitamin Gummies

For all-round support, Bioglan provides multivitamin gummies to help with everyday health. This includes ensuring healthy bones, teeth, gums, eyes, skin as well as general health and wellbeing. The Bioglan Healthy Kids Multivitamin Gummies is said to contain 13 vitamins and super vegies to support young people in getting the right amount of nutrients they need every day. This product is suitable for children aged four years and older, with two gummies recommended a day. Unlike products like the Bioglan Healthy Kids Eye Guard Chewables, these gummies contain sugar. One of the ingredients also includes gluten sourced from wheat.

Weight Loss and Sports Nutrition

If you’re looking to tone up and shed some kilos, Bioglan has various products targeted to help weight loss and complement sports nutrition.

Bioglan NutriSlim FIT Toning Protein

If you’re having trouble finding ways to include more protein in your diet, BIoglan NutriSlim FIT Toning Protein is claimed to provide a toning blend of Whey and Pea protein to make sure you get the right amount of protein. Apparently ideal for people who want to burn fat and grow lean muscle, the product is said to contain a range of ingredients which are essential to repair and tone muscles. These include zinc, which is said to support a healthy immune system, and green tea extract to help with weight loss. The product comes in the chocolate flavour. Low sugar shakes like Bioglan NutriSlim ULTRA VCLD are also available in both chocolate and vanilla flavours.

Bioglan Probiotic Breakfast Smoothie Apple & Cinnamon

The Bioglan Probiotic Breakfast Smoothie in Apple & Cinnamon is one of several probiotic smoothie options available. Other flavours include blueberry muffin, vanilla and chocolate. Each includes ground oats and chia as well as protein to provide energy during the day. The smoothies are also said to contain Bioglan BioHappy probiotics and fibre to help with digestion and support wellbeing.

Is Bioglan the right vitamin brand for me?

From chewable vitamins to collagen bone broth, Bioglan has an extensive range of products to target a wide variety of issues. These are also available in a range of methods including sprays, chewable tablets, smoothies and capsules.

If counting sheep can’t help you fall asleep, products like the Bioglan Melatonin Spray may offer a quick solution to a restless night’s sleep. The Bioglan Gingko Biloba may also be ideal for people searching for vitamins aimed to support their memory, concentration and blood circulation. There are also products like the Bioglan Collagen Bone Broth and Bioglan Beauty Gummies which are said to improve collagen production to support hair, skin and nail health as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re not a fan of taking capsules, items like the Bioglan Beauty Gummies or the Bioglan Melatonin Spray may be ideal alternatives. Some items, including the Bioglan Probiotic Breakfast Smoothie, are also available in different flavours. For kids, taking medicine isn’t always easy. This is why options like the Bioglan Healthy Kids Multivitamin Gummies may be useful in helping your child increase their daily intake vitamins.

If Bioglan doesn’t have what you’re looking for, Canstar Blue has plenty of ratings and reviews on a range of other brands to help you find the vitamins you need. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking any new vitamin products.

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