The Lady Shake (Weight Loss) Review & Guide

The Lady Shake is described as a meal replacement option specially designed for women who want a convenient and simple way to “lose weight in those problem areas”. If you’ve just had a little bub, The Lady Shake is also stated to be breastfeeding friendly. But is it the weight loss shake for you?

What is The Lady Shake?

The Lady Shake aims to empower women to drop those extra kilos, feel more energetic and become healthier. Its range of meal replacement shakes is said to be scientifically formulated with all-natural ingredients and requires swapping out two meals per day with the Lady Shake while also maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

Anyone trying The Lady Shake is advised to follow its recommended program to “get the best possible results”. This is partly because the program is created to make sure you’re eating the correct foods at the right time, and ensure you’re eating enough food and not skipping meals or substituting all your dishes with meal replacements. It also encourages women to walk for 30 minutes each day to help the body and mind. According to the brand, many people think they should starve themselves but in fact the brand says this slows down your metabolism and makes losing weight even harder.

For women who need a little inspiration or help during their weight loss journey, The Lady Shake runs the Lady Club. This requires a one-off subscription of $20 to join and provides members with different challenges, videos, recipes, monthly discounts, freebies and exclusive offers. The Lady Shake is sold exclusively through their website and selected stores.

The Lady Shake range

Similar to the male equivalent, The Man Shake, the majority of The Lady Shake range is made up of several set packs which usually include a bag of The Lady Shake and a box of Lady Bars. These weight loss drinks can cost from $39.95 for The Lady Shake Super Greens and reach up to $128.85 for The Lady Shake — Maintenance Pack. You can also find pricier ‘special offer’ packs on the brand’s website, along with items like the His & Hers Pack which provides products from both The Lady Shake and The Man Shake ranges. Shaker bottles, booty bands and resistance bands are similarly available.

The Lady Shake

If you’re worried about being left hungry after drinking The Lady Shake’s meal replacement, the brand promises the Collagen Protein and fibre in the formula can keep you feeling fuller for longer. The brand also recommends trying The Lady Shake in the vanilla flavour if you prefer to add fruits or coffee to your shake. To help meet your daily recommended nutritional requirements, this weight loss shake is boasted to have 25 vitamins and minerals. The meal replacement is stated to include probiotics and prebiotics to support a healthy gut, as well as boost your mood and immune system.

The Lady Shake — One Week Supply comes with a week’s worth supply of meal replacements, with 15 serves per pack. Flavours include choc mint, caramel, vanilla, banana, chocolate and strawberry.

  • RRP: $44.95

The Lady Shake Chocolate Super Greens

Not a fan of eating your greens? The Lady Shake claims one scoop of its Chocolate super Greens can give you five serves of vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach, spirulina, acai and goji berries. Each tub delivers 30 servings.

  • RRP: $39.95

lady shake and bars

The Lady Shake Weight Loss Starter Pack

Want to lose some kilos but don’t know where to start? The Lady Shake Weight Loss Starter Pack is apparently designed for beginners or those new to the brand and comes with a month’s worth of its meal replacements, with one shake per day. Like many of the brand’s other products, The Lady Shake’s Weight Loss Starter Pack is described as a gluten-friendly natural burner and contains probiotics for gut support. Flavours include choc mint, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, chocolate, caramel and banana. Each set includes one bag The Lady shake and a box of nougat-based Lady Bars, with 10 bars included.

The Lady Shake — Maintenance Pack is alternatively available, but still provides a month’s worth of meal replacements. This set similarly contains two bags of The Lady Shake and a box of 10 Lady Bars. The flavours available are a little different to the Starter Pack flavours of the Maintenance Pack and includes chocolate, vanilla crunch, choc mint & choc hazelnut and choc peanut butter.

  • RRP: $84.90

lady shake vegan range

The Lady Shake Vegan

For women with food allergies or intolerances, The Lady Shake Vegan offers a dairy-free and gluten-free plant-based protein shake claimed to be specially designed for optimal gut health. It’s said to be high in protein while low in sugar, and is apparently made without any ‘artificial nasties’. The vegan-friendly weight loss shake “that doesn’t taste like muddy water” contains 15 servings per bag. Flavours include chocolate and vanilla.

  • RRP: $49.95

Is The Lady Shake worth the money?

Whether you’re wanting to lose a couple of kilos or keep your goal weight, trying to organise a diet plan that’s suitable for you can be pretty tricky. The Lady Shake is designed to give a helping hand during the weight loss journey, encouraging women to perform regular exercise and develop a healthier balanced diet while on the brand’s program.

The Lady Shake also offers support with the ‘Lady Club’, which provides special deals, as well as recipe ideas, videos and challenges. This is especially aimed at those looking to make losing weight more than just about drinking a shake, or something that’s still achievable despite a busy schedule.

To make sure you’re getting the best weight loss shakes for you, don’t forget to check out our reviews to compare The Lady Shake with a number of other brands on the market.

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