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How to cancel your phone plan – the right way!

Is your phone plan just not doing it for you? Canstar Blue is here to run through the process of cancelling your phone, and what you need to know before doing so.

Some phone plans just don’t live up to expectations, or your mobile needs could change over time. This means cancelling your phone plan could be a possibility. The methods for doing this differ with certain providers, so read on to find out how to cancel your current phone plan.

How do I cancel my phone plan?

There are a multitude of ways to cancel your phone plan, depending on the provider you’re with.

Cancelling your phone plan via phone

Unfortunately for the introverts looking to cancel their phone plan, calling your telco is the best catch-all method. The big three telcos Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone all have numbers that you can contact, which will put you through to a representative that can cancel your phone plan. These numbers are:

  • Telstra – 13 22 00
  • Optus – 13 39 37
  • Vodafone – 1555

If your provider isn’t listed, be sure to head to the website of the telco to find their customer service support number.

Cancelling your phone plan via your providers app

Some providers make it slightly easier to end your phone plan by making it a click-through process. Belong, for example, requires you to log in to your account, at which point a “Manage Mobile” option will put you on the path to cancelling your service. The steps required for each provider will differ, so be sure to head to your telco’s web or mobile app for more information.

Cancelling your phone plan via live chat

Many providers will have an online live chat system through the website or app, in which you can chat to a representative of the telco to sort out your issue. The outcome of this live chat solution may either be the representative giving you the steps to manually cancel your plan, or the representative physically cancelling the service on their end.

Does cancelling my phone plan cost money?

The costs incurred by cancelling your mobile plan depend on various factors within your plan. For example, if you have purchased a phone-on-a-plan bundle, you will need to pay for any outstanding costs associated with the plan, typically for the handset. This is known as an ‘early termination charge’ or ‘early termination fee’ by some telcos, including Telstra.

In other instances, you may be charged for transferring your number. Vodafone charges $8 for customers to transfer their number over to another provider, however other companies may do this for free, or an even more expensive fee.

Customers on a month-to-month phone plan or prepaid plan will have more freedom in cancelling, and usually won’t incur a fee for doing so, although you may need to pay a final phone bill or other outstanding costs.

Generally, the earlier you cancel your plan’s contract, the more expensive it will be. If you’re someone who is prone to cancelling your contracts, it may be more prudent to look into a no contract phone plan.

Is cancelling my phone plan worth it?

Whether you’re dissatisfied with your service provider, relocating to an area where there isn’t coverage with your current telco, or in some cases closing down the phone plan of a deceased friend or family member, cancelling your mobile plan is very much dependent on your situation. If the cost of outstanding device payments, unused months of your contract, or keeping your number doesn’t seem worth it in the long run, cancelling your mobile plan may be the best option for you.

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