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About Australia Post

Most Australians will use the postal service at one time or another – whether it’s getting a birthday card from your grandparents or just the usual influx of monthly bills to pay. And the delivery service name that will naturally spring to mind is Australia Post.

Australia Post is a national institution – its origins go way back to the first European settlers on our great brown land. For many years, its service was the only way people could communicate over long distances and receive information from the rest of the world.

Today, Australia Post may not make as many journeys as it once did, but 12 million deliveries every day still requires a lot of effort – and a lot of man power.

What does Australia Post do?

Australia Post has a long and illustrious history – spanning more than two centuries – and it’s still an iconic, trusted brand today, providing a wide range of services for everyone from your grandparents to small and international businesses.

Mail: Most obviously, Australia Post is Australia’s primary postal delivery service. It delivers anything and everything to all corners of Australia and the world. You can still put a letter in a postbox and it will find its way to your desired destination, or you can go down to the post office and get some help mailing bigger packages.

Australia Post has also become a vital and innovative resource for businesses, with comprehensive delivery and courier services, including online bookings and package tracking.

Shopping: The average post office will have everything to meet your delivery needs, plus a wide range of stationery items and even some last minute gift ideas.

Money/Insurance: The post office is like a one-stop-shop for many of your financial errands, like buying money orders or paying bills. It also has its own insurance products for things like travel or car insurance, and provides services such as international currency exchanges, transfers, travellers’ cheques and travel money cards.

Travel: If you’re going travelling, Australia Post can do more than set you up with funds. Before you even need your travel money cards or insurance, your local post office will help you lodge your passport application. And when you’re ready to fly, you could also buy an international mobile phone SIM card to keep in touch with everyone back home.

Documents: All kinds of documents can be found at the post office. Whether it’s a tax file number declaration for a new job, vehicle licenses, or even a witnessing document, it can most likely be found at your local store.

Our ratings

Australia Post featured in our customer satisfaction research for small business courier services.