Domino's Burger Joint pizza range with 4

Burger pizza… Need we say more?

Domino’s is now in the burger business! It’s launched a Burger Joint pizza range complete with famous flavours and toppings.

The range includes four burger pizzas to choose from, all available for delivery exclusively via the Domino’s app:

  • Burger Joint cheeseburger
  • Burger Joint bacon cheeseburger
  • Burger Joint hamburger
  • Burger Joint bacon hamburger

Burger Joint pizza range Domino's


The fast-food giant’s cheeseburger-inspired pizzas feature 100% Aussie beef burger pieces, authentic American cheese slices, pickles, and special burger sauce. These are available from $10.96 (large).

The hamburger-style pizzas are available from $18.95 (large) and also feature beef burger pieces, pickles, and American cheese alongside red onion, fresh tomato, mayonnaise, and tomato ketchup. Crispy bacon is also available to be added.

Domino’s ANZ CEO, David Burness, said: “We have taken almost 40 years of experience as Australia’s food delivery experts and developed a burger specifically for the delivery generation. No more soggy bread rolls and limp lettuce. Domino’s is bringing home the burger – on a pizza!”


However, Domino’s latest burger pizza range has already garnered mixed reviews online. While some social media users are on board with the idea of pizza with a burger twist, others are slightly disappointed the range doesn’t actually include burgers.

“If it looks like a pizza but tastes like a burger, it’s still a pizza,” one commenter said.

This is not the first time Domino’s has released something a little bit different, with its cheesy Vegemite pizza also dividing opinions last year. Domino’s also recently created a baked beans pizza by sharing the recipe on social media, although this is strictly off the menu for now.

Domino’s Culinary Innovation & Development Chef, Michael Treacy said Domino’s four new Burger Joint pizzas were a ‘whole new burger experience’.

“What makes our Burger Joint pizzas so incredible is that our premium ingredients were carefully chosen for maximum burger goodness while ensuring they could be delivered hot and fresh just like a Domino’s pizza.”

“A delicious burger on top of fresh handmade dough that has been baked at 240° and expertly delivered in a Domino’s Hot Cell bag – this is everything you love about a great burger combined with everything you love about a great pizza, delivered so you can devour it in the comfort of your own home.”

We’ll be back, burger pizzas are calling!

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