Emma Sleep Valentine’s Day sale

Emma Sleep slashes $2,000 off fan-favourite mattresses for Valentine’s Day

Whether shacked up or single, everyone deserves the gift of good sleep, so Emma Sleep is slashing the prices of cult bedding products by half for Valentine’s Day. Who needs Cupid?

The biggest discounts include up to $2,061.95 off the popular Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress (King size), and up to $2,199.45 for the latest Emma Sofa Bed. The sale includes 25%-55% off cult products like pillows, mattresses, toppers, and beds. The Emma Sleep sale will run until February 20, 2023.

Emma Sleep Valentine’s Day deals 2023

Here are the Emma Sleep headline deals. Prices vary depending on the bed or mattress size, including Single, King Single, Double, Queen & King.

Product* Retail Price* Sale Price* Savings*
Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress $2,499.00 – $3,749 $1,124.55 – $1,687.05 $2,061.95 (up to 55% off)
Emma Comfort Mattress $1,149 – $1,709


$574.50 – $854.50


$854.50 (up to 50% off)
Emma Comfort Premium Mattress $1,509 – $2,239


$754.50 – $1,119



$1,119.50 (up to 50% off)
Emma Sofa Bed $3,999 $1,799.55 $2,199.45 (up to 55% off)
Emma Signature Bed $1,099 – $1,539


$549.50 – $769.50 $769.50 (up to 50% off)
Emma Wooden Bed $1,599 – $2,169


$799.50 – $1,084.50


$1,084.50 (up to 50% off)
Emma Wooden Bed Base $1,199 – $1,619


$599.50 – $809.50


$809.50 (up to 50% off)
Emma Cloud Hybrid Premium $350 $210 $140 (up to 40% off)
Emma Foam Pillow $200 $100 $100 (up to 50% off)
Emma Diamond Pillow $300 $150 $150 (up to 50% off)
Emma Diamond Topper $399 – $539 $299.25 – $404.25


$134.75 (up to 25% off)
Emma Flip Topper $269 – $349


$201.75 – $261.75 $87.25 (up to 25% off)
Emma Mattress Protector $169 – $209 $126.75 – $156.75 $52.25 (up to 25% off)
Emma All Seasons Duvet $239 – $259 $179.25 – $194.25


$64.75 (up to 25% off)

*Prices vary depending on size, including Single, King Single, Double, Queen & King.

Our top picks

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress ─ save up to $2,061.95

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is a hybrid between foam and spring and comes with all the features you need for a good night’s sleep. This includes patented foam technology with diamond and graphite particles to provide temperature regulation throughout the night, multi-layer HRX support foam to distribute body pressure evenly across the mattress and reduce partner disturbance, as well as individually encased steel pocket springs to support your body and provide better breathability compared to a standard foam mattress. It also comes with a fully breathable, removable, and washable premium cover.

Emma Sofa Bed ─ save up to $2,199.45

Emma Sofa Bed

Spend less time stressing and more time resting with this three-seater sofa you can transform into a comfy bed in just minutes. It has a flip-up backrest, a two-sided cushion design, and two extra waist pillows for back support ─ so you can sit and sleep comfortably. The moveable armrests also feature storage with a built-in compartment for extra bedding, snacks, or magazines. This sofa bed is equal parts stylish and sustainable as it’s lined with fabric made from recycled plastic.

Emma Wooden Bed ─ save up to $1,084.50

Emma Wooden Bed

This timeless wooden bed features a clean, traditional design to suit most décor. It’s made from FSC-certified pine wood and comes with a metal slatted frame for sturdy body and leg support, spine alignment and peace of mind that you won’t hear your bed creak with every twist and turn in the middle of the night. Other specs include a ledge on the bed head for your phone or other small items, optional under-bed storage draws, and an anti-slip base to keep your mattress firmly in place.

Emma Diamond Pillow ─ save up to $150

Emma Diamond Pillow

This is a pillow that’s got your back, front, and sides. It comes with three mix-and-match layers for personalised support when catching some z’s ─ allowing you to adjust height and firmness as you need. This pillow is made with the same foam combination as the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress which includes a thermoregulating foam with graphite particles, and an adaptive HRX foam. It also comes with a hypoallergenic machine-washable cover.


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