Shoppers go wild over Kmart’s skinny storage trolley

Shoppers go wild over Kmart’s skinny storage trolley

A Kmart shopper has shared a ‘genius’ hack to add extra storage in small nooks and spaces in your kitchen using the department store’s slimline trolley.

Kmart’s skinny trolley retails for a cheap and cheerful $35 and is just 20cm wide − perfect to slide under countertops or to fit in the empty space between your fridge and pantry.

Kmart slimlime trolley

It features 360° spinning caster wheels with locking brakes, as well as a bottom, middle, and top shelf to store pantry items like spices, cereal, rice, pasta, and canned foods.

The savvy shopper shared how she used the slimline trolley to store soft drinks ‘for easy access’ when re-stocking the fridge. The post has already garnered 1,700 likes and over 300 comments from other impressed shoppers.

Facebook post Kmart slimline trolley

“I’ve definitely got to get one,” one person said.

“This is honestly genius, I’m heading to Kmart now,” another said.

Some excited shoppers said the slimline trolley would even be ideal to add storage space in bathrooms.

“This would be also perfect for those annoying little gaps between the bath/shower and sinks in some bathrooms,” one said.

“I’m thinking of the space between the vanity and shower in my bathrooms,” one shopper said.

Other shoppers even bought two storage trolleys to stack them on top of each other to create more storage space.

Facebook slimline trolley

“I joined two together; it’s perfect for extra storage,” one woman said.

Kmart’s slimline trolley measures 87.4cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 60cm (D).

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