The best Christmas movies on Disney+

After an agonising wait, Christmas is finally here. It’s taken some time, but we can finally kick back, eat prawns on the beach, drive to the most impressive Christmas lights and celebrate the silly season. But at the end of a big day of important Christmas activities, is there anything better than settling in to watch a holiday classic? We think not. New streaming powerhouse Disney+ has got your sorted, with a massive range to satisfy the entire family.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Christmas movies to watch on Disney+:

  • Home Alone
  • Noelle
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol
  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • 12 Dates Before Christmas
  • Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish
  • The Search for Santa Paws
  • The Santa Clause

Home Alone

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. It’s time to revisit Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin), the nine-year-old who stole everyone’s hearts in the holiday classic, Home Alone. The 1990s movie follows Kevin as he tries to survive the holiday season after chaos at the airport causes him to stray from his family and accidentally get left behind. As every last-minute shopper knows, the festive period can be a hectic time — especially if you’re forced to go up against a couple of dim-witted burglars (Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci) and helping deliver a Christmas miracle to a misunderstood neighbour named “Old Man” Marley.


From Pitch Perfect to Noelle, Anna Kendrick sings a perfect tune in this new Disney+ Christmas flick. Wanting to follow in the footsteps of her father, Kris Kringle, Noelle (Kendrick) wishes she could do something “important” just like her brother Nick (Bill Hader). When Nick crumbles from the pressure of becoming the new Santa, she tries to help by suggesting he spend a weekend away. But things go down the chimney when he doesn’t return, causing chaos in the North Pole. Thankfully, Noelle is there to pick up the reigns for an emergency rescue mission. But can she bring her brother back in time for Christmas?

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Before there was the Grinch, the world had Ebenezer Scrooge. Rediscover the true meaning of Christmas by watching a unique take on the Charles Dickens’ classic tale in The Muppet Christmas Carol. Follow Scrooge on his journey as he transforms from a miserly character to a kind, sympathetic, and affectionate man as a result of a few memorable visits from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, as well as Kermit the Frog of course.

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas

We won’t blame you if streaming I’ll Be Home for Christmas on Disney+ makes you reach for the VCR and a batch of holiday movies, especially when it features 90s heartthrob Jonathon Taylor Thomas and a throwback to Jessica Biel in her 7th Heaven days.

This festive flick revolves around 18-year-old Jake (Taylor Thomas) who hasn’t returned home to see his family since his mother died. It doesn’t help that his father remarried not long after. To encourage his son to come back for Christmas, his dad lures him with his Porsche — which Jake can only have if he gets to the house before 5pm on Christmas Eve.

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Who says Santa isn’t real? Certainly not Susan Walker (Natalie Wood) in Miracle on 34th Street, despite her realist mother’s (Maureen O’Hara) efforts to debunk the merry myth. But when an elderly man named Kris Kringle (Edmund Gwenn) steps into the role of Santa Macy’s department store, Susan suspects the jolly old man from the North Pole might actually be closer to the real deal than what everyone thinks. Other non-believers also get the chance to make up their own minds when Kringle teams up with an attorney to prove he’s the real thing, after Kringle was framed for assault and placed in a mental hospital.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

What do you get someone who loves Halloween? The Nightmare Before Christmas on Disney+ will probably go down a treat. Jack Skellington, otherwise known as the Pumpkin King, is tired of the “same old scare-and-scream routine” and just wants to share the joy of the festive season. But this isn’t easy, especially when his attempts to escape the holiday rut begins to put Santa in danger and creates a nightmare for good boys and girls.

12 Dates of Christmas

If Groundhog Day was a holiday romcom, you’d get 12 Dates of Christmas. The movie follows Kate Stanton (Amy Smart), who gets set up on a blind date on Christmas Eve with Miles (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and must relieve the date over and over again until she gets it right. It all starts when Kate ends up ruining her date with Miles in an attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend. Thankfully, the universe has given her another 12 chances at love.

Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish

Richie Rich (David Gallagher) is the richest kid in the world, especially since his tycoon father owns pretty much everything in town – well, that’s until a Christmas wish goes wrong in Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish.

When Richie starts to deliver presents to the Richville orphanage, his decision to deliver presents in Professor Keenbean’s (Eugene Levy) motorised sleigh quickly backfires after his mean cousin Reggie Van Dough (Jake Richardson) steals the remote and causes the sleigh to crash. The accident ultimately destroys all the toys and injures Richie’s butler Cadbury (Keene Curtis), with everyone blaming Richie for what happened. Richie hides in Keenbean’s lab and wishes that he was never born.

Unfortunately for him, the inventor’s latest creation is a wishing machine and it just happens to be close by. Richie gets sucked into the machine and discovers his parents now work for Reggie, who turned the town upside down.

The Search for Santa Paws

Tis’ the season of watching festive films with our favourite furry four-legged friends. And what better flick to watch than The Search for Santa Paws. This musical movie is led follows Paws, a young dog who became best friends with Santa and, together with the jolly man in the red suit, transformed the lives of a house full of orphans and many other New Yorkers. Unfortunately, Paws and Santa have been separated in New York City, with St. Nick losing his memory. So, it’s up to Paws and his friends to save Santa and Christmas.

The Santa Clause

What’s not to love about this Tim Allen classic? The Santa Clause follows Scott (Allen) a divorcee who is spending Christmas Eve with his 6-year-old son Charlie (who has been told by his mother and her new husband that Santa isn’t real). Scott explains that Santa is in fact real (despite not believing that himself) and sends Charlie to bed. Moments later, an unexpected visitor lands on their roof. When the man is startled by Scott’s screaming out, he falls off and disappears – leaving behind a reindeer sleigh, a Santa Claus suit and a note with instructions to put the suit on and that the ‘reindeer will know what to do’.

Scott and Charlie are magically transported to the North Pole, where he is informed that he is the next Santa. Scott originally doesn’t believe it, but after some obvious transformations Scott is forced to believe it – and work hard to keep his secret from his suspecting family and the children of the world happy at Christmas.

What else can you watch on Disney+?

While there’s plenty to keep you on the couch over Christmas, Disney+ also has plenty of originals from your childhood and new releases to keep you going long after the Christmas tree has been packed away for another year. Check out our guide on Disney+ here for pricing and what shows the new streaming service offers to Australian audiences.

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