Kate Lockyer

Kate Lockyer Kate Lockyer is a content producer for Canstar Blue’s Home and Lifestyle team. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Queensland and has written for a variety of different organisations and publications for multiple years.

Fridge with ice maker

Fridges with water and ice dispensers

Posted by November 9th 2023

Refrigerators are an essential purchase for every household and in recent years, brands have looked to diversify their features and functionality in order to set themselves apart from the competition. In today’s market, most new …

A guide to cleaning your dishwasher

How to clean a dishwasher

Posted by October 30th 2023

Sick of your dishwasher not doing its job properly? It might be time for a clean. That’s right, a clean. Find out how at Canstar Blue.

best cheap aircon

Cheap air conditioners

Posted by October 31st 2023

The cheapest split system air conditioners can be found for under $500. Compare Dimplex, Midea & Kelvinator air conditioners with Canstar Blue.

Stainless Steel Microwaves Buying Guide

Stainless Steel Microwave Buying Guide

Posted by October 30th 2023

Microwaves are a staple in the modern-day kitchen, allowing families to quickly cook or heat up meals in minutes, keeping everyone happy around meal times. But with the variety now available on the market, finding …

Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Vacuum Review

Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Vacuum Review

Posted by October 16th 2023

German juggernaut Miele launched its first ever cordless stick vacuum in 2020, and it continues to offer more than meets the eye. Miele’s brainchild – the Triflex HX1 – comes with an intelligent design incorporating …

How to clean your TV screen

How to Clean a TV Screen

Posted by October 16th 2023

Cleaning your television regularly will help to extend its lifespan and ensure you get to watch your favourite shows without dust, fingerprints or streaks getting in the way. Thankfully, compared to other items around the …

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Posted by November 23rd 2023

Getting down and dirty with pet fur, long hair and dust is a mess that you’d probably rather sweep under the rug. A bagged vacuum cleaner might be the perfect solution to this problem. Alternative bagless models require …

Backpack Vacuum Buying Guide

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Posted by November 23rd 2023

Backpack vacuum cleaners provide maximum versatility for commercial cleaning, and can be just as useful in the home. This style of vacuum is designed to make it easy to clean, having no barrel to drag …