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About Fujitsu General Air Conditioners

Fujitsu began in 1923 in Japan as Fuji Electric, a manufacturer of generators, electric motors and telecommunications equipment. Fujitsu itself was founded in 1935 and went on to create many firsts for its country, such as Japan’s first computer in 1959, the FACOM212.

(And does anyone remember Palm Secure, Fujitsu’s contactless authentication tool that identified you by scanning the veins in your palm?)

Fujitsu General Australia was established in 1936, and has a long history of innovation in electronics and air conditioning products. Fujitsu General now employs more than 5,000 people in Australia and New Zealand.

Fujitsu General air conditioner innovations

1962: Mass production begins on water coolers for ground water.
1965: Fujitsu General allies with Suburban in the USA to develop a window air conditioner with an FF gas heating and electric cooling system.
1971: Launch of easy-to-install “min min” cassette air conditioner.
1974: Launch of split system, downward blowing, air conditioner.
1980: Launch of high EER (3.05 energy efficiency rating) air conditioner.
1985: Launch of double-louver, warm air, heat pump air conditioner system.
1995: Launch of energy-efficient air conditioner with power diffuser air flow control system.
2002: Launch of the world’s first automatic self-cleaning filter system, the NOCRIA air conditioner.
2007: Launch of air conditioner equipped with a high-density 5mm diameter, copper tubing, multi-path heat exchanger.
2008: Launch of industry’s most compact air conditioner to date: 72.8 centimeter wide by 25 centimeter high NOCRIA air conditioner.

Fujitsu General have also won several awards for their air conditioners including the coveted Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award.

Their Designer Range (see below) has also won two international design awards for innovation:

  • iF Product Design Award 2012 for innovative product design
  • Good Design Award 2011 for design that enriches everyday life.

What’s on offer from Fujitsu General air conditioning?

Fujitsu General provides products for both home and commercial use, including individual wall-mounted units, multi-type linked unit systems, ceiling units, cassette units, and fully ducted air conditioning systems. Use their Economatch tool to find the right system and the right unit for your home.

Fujitsu air conditioners use human sensors to detect the presence of people in the room and will switch into power-saving mode after 20 minutes of absence. The air conditioner instantly returns to full operation when a person enters the room.

These models also contain a number of inbuilt features that increase efficiency such as multi-path heat exchangers, static electricity air filters that remove dirt, dust and bacteria, variable timers, and Economy Operation settings that allow for one-degree changes in the ambient temperature in order to reduce the unit’s power output.

Their wall-mounted split system air conditioners include the following range of products:

Classic Range:

  • For large rooms: 8.0 kw up to 9.4 kw.
  • Units are 30% more energy efficient than conventional units.
  • Filter uses static electricity and catechin to clean fine particles and dust in the air, and reduces odours with catechin.
    Weekly timer can set on/off times for up to 7 days.

Lifestyle Range:

  • For small to large rooms: 2.1 kw all the way up to 9.4 kw.
  • Some of the most energy-efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed.
  • Weekly timer can set on/off times for up to 7 days.

Designer Range:

  • For small to medium rooms: 2.5 kW up to 5.0 kW.
  • Award-winning design for everyday life.
  • Some of the most energy-efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed.

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