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Review of Amaysim mobile phone plans

Amaysim is Australia’s largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which specialises in prepaid and monthly contract plans. The orange telco provides mobile services on the Optus 4G network and utilises an online business model to provide rather strong value across most of its plans. But could you find even better value elsewhere? Canstar Blue’s review of Amaysim phone plans will give you the answer.

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The Amaysim story

Amaysim prides itself on providing high-quality, Australian-based customer service, as well as nifty bonuses like free next-day SIM card delivery, or even same-day delivery if you live in certain parts of Sydney or Melbourne. You can also get going with Amaysim by picking up a SIM card in your local Coles supermarket. However, it is Amaysim’s easy to understand range of unlimited plans which has driven its popularity. Rather than over-complicating the issue with various deals that only include a set amount of value, all of Amaysim’s phone plans – whether on prepaid or postpaid terms – come with unlimited calls and texts as standard, with data the point of difference.

This has proved hugely successful for Amaysim, which is consistently one of the top-performing service providers in Canstar Blue’s annual review of prepaid and postpaid SIM-only carriers. In fact, Amaysim is now the fourth biggest mobile service provider across the country – in terms of customer base – having acquired rival low-cost telco Vaya in 2016. Amaysim also has big plans to launch broadband services via the NBN.

However, Amaysim is best-known for its unlimited phone plans, which are SIM-only and allow you to bring your own phone (BYO). It wasn’t long ago that few phone plans boasted unlimited talk and text, but Amaysim was a driving force in this change, with data now the primary point of difference when choosing a plan. Amaysim was also one of the first providers to push the no lock-in contract approach that has now been universally adopted. The great thing about this is that if you’re not 100% happy with the value and level of service you receive, you can simply up sticks and move. Many Aussies have moved over to Amaysim, which recently celebrated reaching over a million customers across both the Amaysim and Vaya brands.

What phone plans does Amaysim have to offer?

You can buy an Amaysim SIM card from thousands of newsagents and convenience stores around the nation, and of course you can order online, too. Once you get your new SIM, you have no less than 15 different options to select from, split between prepaid and postpaid varieties, although their inclusions are exactly the same. Amaysim usually points customers towards the prepaid options as they bring the most flexibility (i.e. you can take a month’s break from paying for your service if you wish) and you will also avoid the potential bill shock that comes with postpaid plans, as you will be charged extra for going over your set limitations. With prepaid, once your money runs out, you can’t make any more calls, send texts, or use data.

So let’s get the lowdown on Amaysim’s prepaid and postpaid plans. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Five postpaid ‘Unlimited’ plans ranging in price from $24.90 to $49.90 per 28 days
  • Five prepaid ‘Unlimited’ plans identical to the ones noted above, again over 28 days
  • Five plans are on a prepaid, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis with long expiries from $10 to $100

Let’s see how they look in further detail.

Amaysim ‘Unlimited’ Plans – Prepaid and Postpaid

Amaysim presents you with a crossroads here. You can either go for a postpaid plan option, which automatically bills you for the month just past, or you can have the flexibility of a prepaid plan and recharge whenever you like. Either way, the nitty gritty is the same between the two. As the name suggests, the ‘Unlimited’ plans all come with:

  • Unlimited national calls and texts
  • Unlimited texts to 32 selected countries
  • Unlimited international calls to 10 selected countries

So, the only real difference between the plans is their data inclusions. That is except for the $44.90 plan, which is the same as the $39.90 option, only offers 300 extra international call minutes to 22 additional countries. The plans are as follows:

  • 5GB for $24.90
  • 3GB for $29.90
  • 7GB for $39.90
  • 7GB + extra international calls $44.90
  • 9GB for $49.90

As Amaysim has described, this is its “sweet new suite of plans”. Amaysim is unique in that its postpaid plans mirror its prepaid alternatives, so this means you don’t have to compromise choosing one over the other. The $44.90 plan is a serious beef up in value, especially if you need to call a country outside of the 10 specified in the other four plans.

Amaysim ‘PAYG’ Options

It’s rare to see a mobile carrier offering the same prepaid and postpaid options, but that’s exactly what Amaysim does. It also offers an As You Go prepaid alternative with the following local charges:

  • 2c per MB of data used
  • 12c per minute for standard mobile or landline calls
  • 12c per standard SMS
  • 49c per standard MMS
  • 12c per minute for Amaysim to Amaysim calls

Picking the As You Go option is exactly as it sounds – you simply recharge from a range of dollar amounts – from $10 up to $100 – and pay only for what you use. Most recharges come with the same 28 day expiry, but the more expensive ones can be used for a whole year. As You Go will get you a SIM loaded with $5 of starter credit which lasts for a lengthy 90 days, meaning it’s great for an emergency handset or for those who don’t use their phones much. Really though, the prepaid Unlimited plans are going to offer you better value, unless you just want a mobile on standby ‘just in case’.

Amaysim Data Packs

If you want some extra data, you can also add on one of four data packs, as follows:

  • 1GB for $9.90
  • 5GB for $19.90
  • 4GB for $29.90
  • 10GB for $99.90

The first three options expire within 30 days, but the more expensive data pack can be saved for a whole year.

How does Amaysim compare to other service providers?

Amaysim’s Unlimited plans are leading the charge for more data, unlimited credit and lower prices – an approach that has seen it become hugely popular with consumers as Australia’s ‘biggest little telco’ and a serious challenger to Vodafone, Optus and Telstra.

Amaysim’s prepaid PAYG rates are among the cheapest you’ll find in Australia, so if a monthly contract plan isn’t for you, there are few other providers where you will find a better deal. However, Amaysim’s best success and reputation is built on the great value of its Unlimited monthly plans, which compare favourably against the competition. Let’s have a look in further detail.

$24.90 Plan Compared

At this price point, Amaysim has parachuted into a hotly-contested battlefield of phone plans – both postpaid and prepaid. Amaysim’s strong entry plan with 1.5GB seems like a winner, but is outdone by Coles Mobile, OVO Mobile and its own little brother Vaya. However, you’ll have to keep an eye out for international calls and texts – Amaysim seems to be a leader in this regard, and this helps it stay in the balance if calls to other countries are your bag.

$29.90 Plan Compared

The $30 price point sees the fiercest competition, and Amaysim is copping it from all angles. What was once a revolutionary telco, Amaysim has somewhat fell behind some others it paved the way for. Here it comes up against Jeenee Mobile and Yomojo which offer superior data for your dollars. It’s about on-par with Exetel, but Amaysim’s international inclusions are again tough to compete with.

$39.90 and $44.90 Plans Compared

Amaysim once again competes with OVO Mobile, Vaya and Yomojo here. Yomojo looks to be a class leader with its 9GB of data. However, its international inclusions alone boost up its value. Pay an extra $5 and if your desired call or text-receiving country is on the list then the Amaysim $44.90 plan is tough to beat. Overall it’s good to see such a hotly-contested market. It’s not necessarily good news for telcos because they always have to reinvigorate themselves, but it’s good news for you who is looking for the best deal.

$49.90 Plan Compared

For a hair less than a pineapple, you’ll be treated to some extra-value delights from all of the familiar faces mentioned earlier. Exetel is a class leader here, offering a whopping 30GB data. There’s one catch though, its data is on the Optus 3G network, instead of the 4G one. If it is tip-top speeds you want then other plans can offer faster data, but as far as sheer scale goes, Exetel is hard to beat. Yomojo and OVO also come to the fore with 12GB apiece for $5 cheaper, while Amaysim tends to lag behind with 9GB. Its international inclusions help carry Amaysim over the line again, though.

Is an Amaysim phone plan worth the money?

When all is said and done, Amaysim continues to be one of the most popular and innovative MVNOs in the market. Providing both easy to understand and value-packed plans, allied with reputable customer service, it’s hard to beat Amaysim for the all-round package, but it’s also worth keeping an eye on some of its low-cost rivals, which as you have seen, are up for the fight. New MVNOs seemingly pop up every month, offering to beat the world and include more data for more competitive prices.

However, even only a couple of years ago you’d be laughed out of a room for suggesting you could one day get over 10GB of data for less than $50, but these days it’s commonplace and Amaysim will need to keep up with the pace. In this competitive environment, Amaysim is a safe and popular choice, but with a bit of digging you can find several other providers that offer more for less.

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