Dodo Mobile Phone Plans Review

As one of the more well-known brands under the Vocus Communications umbrella, Dodo has made a name for itself as an internet, phone and energy provider. When it comes to mobile phone plans, it operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator on the Optus 4G network.

While the telco is best known for its ADSL and NBN plans, it does offer a small range of SIM-only postpaid mobile phone plans. But how do these plans stack up when it comes to value for money?

How does Dodo compare to other postpaid providers?

The following table shows a selection of published postpaid plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of lowest standard monthly cost to highest, then by data allowance, largest to smallest. These plans have been compared to Dodo’s $30 Sim Only plan. Use our comparison tool to see all plans available on Canstar Blue’s database. This table includes products with links to referral partners.

Dodo mobile plans at a glance

Dodo’s mobile phone plans are pretty straightforward. There are three plans to choose from, which are available on a month-to-month basis. Dodo is also one of a handful of telcos offering a plan at under $10. Data allowances on these plans are fairly small (there is even a plan with no data included) so if you’re after a lot of data, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. Plans start at $5 a month (with no included data), going up to $30, plus there are optional data, international call and MMS packs that can be added on.

What does Dodo offer?

Dodo’s SIM-only postpaid mobile plans are uncomplicated, with unlimited standard national calls included on all plans. All plans also include unlimited standard national SMS, and unlimited international SMS. While there are no flashy entertainment extras, these plans do offer some decent value — including international call inclusions — at a reasonable price point.

Included on Dodo plans?
Entertainment bonuses
Data-free video streaming
Data-free music streaming
International calls/texts
International roaming
Set-up fees
Data overage fees

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Dodo mobile network and coverage

Dodo operates on the Optus 3G and 4G networks, which covers 98.5% of the Australian population. This is good news if you have access to Optus in your area, as  you’ll also be covered by other MVNOs on the network.

Optus is also expanding its mobile network throughout the country, specifically in rural locations; so if you currently don’t have access to Optus, or very limited service, you might see improved coverage soon. But overall, if you’re living in a major city, town or populated area, you should have no issues with Optus coverage.

Features and bonuses

All of Dodo’s mobile plans come with unlimited standard national calls, including calls to 13/1300 numbers. While there are no entertainment bonuses that you might receive with other providers, Dodo has a solid offering when it comes to the basics of what you need in a mobile phone plan.

  • International calls: As a nice bonus on the $20 and $30 plans, you’ll get international call allowance to 35 select countries, including Canada, China, Greece, India, New Zealand, the UK and USA. On the $20 plan, you’ll get 100 minutes call allowance and on the $30 plan you’ll get 200 international minutes.
  • International SMS: All of the postpaid plans come with unlimited international SMS — that’s great news if you have friends and family overseas, no matter which country they’re in.
  • International roaming: International roaming is available with Dodo’s postpaid plans, however you will have to get in touch with the telco to enable this option. The rates are also determined by which country you’re travelling in, so check the website to see how much calls, texts and data will cost you on your travels.

Individual products

No-Data Plan

Perhaps one of the most unique phone plans on the market, Dodo is offering a super-cheap plan with no data. For $5 a month, you’ll get unlimited standard national calls and SMS, along with unlimited standard international SMS and no data inclusions. If you do want data on this plan, you can add on 2GB for an additional $10 per month.

6GB Plan

Dodo’s $20 plan includes the same unlimited standard national calls and SMS as its $5 option, plus unlimited international SMS and 100 international minutes to 35 select countries. Plus, you’ll get 6GB of data each month.

12GB Plan

Jumping up to $30 a month will get you up to 12GB of data, plus unlimited standard national calls and SMS, unlimited international SMS and 200 international minutes to 35 countries.

Dodo contact details/customer support

Need some help with your Dodo plan or service? The telco offers several contact and support options, including:

How does Dodo compare?

Dodo isn’t the only telco offering Optus network coverage at lower prices. The following providers also use parts of the Optus 4G and 3G networks.

Is Dodo a good deal?

Dodo does offer some good, simple value for a reasonable price. Having unlimited national calls on all plans, not to mention unlimited national and international SMS, is a great inclusion, especially if you don’t need much data (or plan to make international calls). It’s also a good option if you’re after a super-cheap plan and don’t actually need or use mobile data.

The inclusion of international minutes on the top two plans is also a big plus if you’re looking to make calls to any of the 35 select countries. Including unlimited international SMS on all plans could also be quite useful, especially as other smaller telcos don’t often include overseas texting as standard.

While there are no flashy entertainment inclusions, Dodo does offer simple plans at a reasonable price point. If you’re looking for an affordable mobile option on the Optus network, it could be worth considering Dodo when comparing mobile phone plans.

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What do customers think about Dodo mobile plans?

In 2019, Australians gave Dodo 4 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction in postpaid mobile plans.

Dodo Postpaid Mobile Plans

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