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Dodo Mobile Phone Plans Review

One of several well-known brands owned by Vocus Communications, Dodo is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Founded in 2001, it’s now a serious challenger to bigger telcos when it comes to both phone plan and home broadband services, particularly in terms of its NBN plans. In this report we assess the value of Dodo’s mobile phone plans and see how they compare to similar providers. Read on for details of what Dodo offers, or jump straight into our plan comparison tool to find a great deal.

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Dodo Mobile Phone Plans

Dodo’s mobile phone plans utilise the Optus 4G network, which covers over 98 per cent of Australia and ensures you’ll be getting a fast, reliable mobile service. Dodo offers three postpaid phone plans, all of which are available on either a month-to-month or 12 month term and all have unlimited calls & texts.

  • $19.90: 1.5GB or 6GB data
  • $29.90: 4GB or 12GB data
  • $39.90: 8GB or 24GB data plus 300 international minutes to 88 destinations

The differences in data denote the contract length, as those on a month-to-month plan may have to sacrifice some data in the name of flexibility. All SIM cards mailed out also incur a $10 postage and handling fee.

  • Beyond this, month-to-month plans attract a $24.90 upfront set-up fee, while the 12 month plans do not.
  • Excess data is charged at $10 per gigabyte, and is auto-added in 1GB blocks up to 10GB.

In total you’ll find six plans to choose from in the postpaid sphere. You’ll have to decide whether it’s worth the prohibitive $24.90 set-up fee to not be locked into a contract; there is strong incentive here to sign up for 12 months.

Dodo $19.90 ‘Regular’ Plan

Unlimited calls and texts for less than $20? We like the sound of that. As for data, 1.5GB is a modest amount but the 12 month plans pack a lot more in. 6GB should see you through all the social media you need plus lots of videos and navigation in case you get lost on your way to the party. But unlimited calls and texts! That way your weekly call to Nanna won’t send you grossly over-budget.

Dodo $29.90 ‘Value’ Plan

For $10 more, you’ll see at least a doubling of data. This is especially handy, and could allow you to potentially stream videos and other moderately-intense browsing. However, the $24.90 set-up fee is still a slight slap in the face, as you are effectively paying for an extra month, bringing the total for the first month to over $60 when you include the postage fee.

Dodo $39.90 ‘The Lot’ Plan

This is a significant step up in terms of value, as for $10 extra per month you’ll see 2x the data included, bringing the total to 8-24GB. This is enough for streaming sports games, shows and the like. International calls to 88 countries are included, with 300 minutes on board; popular countries like the US and Canada are of course included. Are you bored on your commute? Look no further.

Dodo Prepaid Plans

These long expiry plans are good for those who perhaps don’t use their phone much, or for those after a second ‘emergency’ phone with a cheap phone plan they don’t have to worry about. As for how far you can get for your dollars:

  • 11c/minute calls with no flagfall
  • 11c SMS – national and International
  • 5c per megabyte of data
  • 80c international MMS
  • Data packs from $10 for 1GB

These are all ‘pay as you go’ rates with the opportunity to add on more credit as you need.

How does Dodo compare to other providers?

Dodo has a suite of plans that are very competitive among the competition. As it stands Dodo has one of the cheapest unlimited plans in Australia, but its set-up fees for monthly plans are prohibitive especially when other providers set-up and ship out your SIM card for free. To see how Dodo really stacks up, let’s dive in with further detail.

$19.90 Regular Plan Compared

Under $20 for 6GB is a good deal at pretty much any angle, but signing up for a 12 month contract to get that deal may not be. Other providers – in the month-to-month space – may be able to provide more data for similar amounts of money. You’ll have to weigh up if that 12 month contract is worth it; what looks like a good deal now could be ho-hum in even a few months’ time! Providers worth keeping an eye out for here are Moose Mobile, Jeenee Mobile and in the prepaid space Coles Mobile. 

$29.90 Medium Plan Compared

12GB for less than $30 is pretty spectacular, but that 12 month contract may loom large. While 4GB is certainly not a bad deal, it doesn’t sound as good as 6GB, and other providers may offer more for the same money. Jeenee Mobile crops up once again, while Telechoice also has a suite of competitive plans with incentive to sign up to a 12 month contract. SpinTel is the cheapest to offer 6GB on a month-to-month basis, at under $25. In this price bracket, consumers have a lot of choice and Dodo may be outplayed by a number of providers offering cheaper plans with more data.

$39.90 Large Plan Compared

At the business end of Dodo’s plans and the old bird runs into a few of its foes – SpinTel and Moose Mobile both offer very compelling 10GB plans for under $35, but if you sign up for 12 months on Dodo 24GB blows anything out of the water. Amaysim also offers a solid plan with international calls & texts thrown in. Dodo somewhat struggles to compete with 8GB for $40-odd on a month-to-month basis – the prohibitive set-up fee isn’t doing it any favours either.

Dodo Prepaid Plans Compared

These cheap, long-expiry phone plans are pretty similar to a range of providers that care to offer such a service. You’ll have to dig deeper and find out call, text and data rates of each plan before determining which to go for. Look out for providers such as Amaysim and ALDI Mobile, as well as Telstra and Optus. All offer long expiries for the ultimate fuss-free experience.

Is Dodo Mobile right for me?

Dodo’s range of products from broadband to insurance has ensured the brand is far more than just another cheap service provider. Its comprehensive suite of plans and add-ons reinforces its reputation as a serious player in this market. Offering good value phone plans, 4G connectivity and several contract length options to pick from (including a phone handset option), Dodo is certainly shaping up well.

Though, there are a few drawbacks. In an ever evolving telco industry, Dodo falls slightly behind some of its biggest low-cost rivals. In the mid-to-high end of plans on a month-to-month contract – where Dodo faces the most competition – it’s pipped primarily in the data stakes. Further, the fact that many of Dodo’s most competitive deals are on-contract means that users who like flexibility to swap and change around may be turned off. And if you want to go month-to-month you’ll be slugged with a set-up fee and a sacrifice in some data. Overall, before deciding where to spend your money, you’ll have to compare Dodo to the competition and see what the best offer is for your needs.

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