Catch Connect Phone Plans Review

Online retailer has launched its own suite of prepaid phone plans and mobile broadband plans, labelled ‘Catch Connect’. Catch Connect is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) operating on the Optus 4G Network. Catch Connect offers expiry terms of 30 days and 90 days, with three plans in each, plus two mobile broadband plans. Find out what Catch has to offer in more detail below.


Catch Connect Mobile Phone & Mobile Broadband Plans

Catch Connect offers three 30 day prepaid plans, three 90 day plans, and two 30 day mobile broadband plans. All prepaid mobile plans come with unlimited calls & texts, and all are on a prepaid basis and use the Optus 4G Network. There are no set-up fees and they come in a SIM-only guise.

  • 30 Day Prepaid Plans: 2GB for $15, 5GB for $25, 15GB for $35
  • 90 Day Prepaid Plans: 6GB for $39, 15GB for $69, 45GB for $89
  • 30 Day Mobile Broadband: 10GB for $30, 30GB for $40

Data is billed by the kilobyte, and as it’s a prepaid service you have to manually recharge if you run out of data. ‘Catch Extras’ can also be added on, including:

  • Extra Data: $10 for 1GB or $15 for 2GB
  • International Extras: $5 for up to 100 international minutes or $10 for 300 minutes to 32 countries
  • Extra Credit: Extra credit can also be added with $5, $10, $20 or $50 options available.
    • PAYG rates can be applied to these amounts: 12c a minute calls, 12c texts, 49c MMS, 10c/MB data.

Catch Connect looks to offer a great amount of flexibility with extra credit options and ‘as you go’ rates if you don’t feel like recharging with any of the set plans.

Catch is not the only retailer to offer phone plans, with Kogan Mobile being a direct competitor, as well as supermarket Coles Mobile, ALDI Mobile and Woolworths Mobile. See how Catch Connect plans look below:


Catch Connect 30 Day vs 90 Day Phone Plans

Catch Connect currently offers strong incentive if you prepay for 90 days upfront. If you can stomach the costs, you’ll be good to go for 90 days, and will stand to save by buying in bulk. When you break it down the value included is the same as the 30 day plans but with some dollar savings on board:

  • $39 for 6GB: A saving of $6 compared to 3x $15 plans.
  • $69 for 15GB: Another saving of $6 compared to 3x $25 plans
  • $89 for 45GB: A saving of $16 compared to 3x $35 plans

As you can see, there is some saving to be had, especially with the dearest plan. However, you may have to ration out your data use. It’s tempting to use all 6GB, for example, in the first month. Then you’ll have nothing extra for the next 60 days unless you manually recharge thus defeating the savings purpose. 30 day plans can help ration out data more evenly, but if you can be sensible with your data, a 90 day plan could net some savings.

How does Catch Connect compare to other providers?

As a new kid on the block, Catch Connect has come out firing with the budget end of the prepaid market well-covered. It compares very well against mainstream providers and other MVNOs.

Catch 30 Day Prepaid Plans Compared

Two of Catch’s prepaid plans come as a price breakthrough, offering cheaper prices, more flexibility and more data than much of the competition.

$15 Plan Compared

The $15 plan stacks up well against other providers and in the prepaid market offers unprecedented levels of data, calls and texts for the price. While others may inflate value with bonus data, or in the postpaid space offer lengthy contracts, Catch Connect offers a dead simple, no-bull plan. Other telcos worth keeping an eye out for include Lebara, Kogan Mobile, Yomojo and TPG.


$25 Plan Compared

This plan is also immensely competitive in the prepaid space, being one of the cheapest to offer 5GB. If you cast your eyes over to postpaid plans, others may offer cheaper plans but at the cost of a lengthy contract. One provider to offer data bonuses over 12 month plans is Jeenee Mobile. Other providers worth keeping an eye out for are SpinTel, Exetel and TeleChoice.


$35 Plan Compared

Catch’s $35 plan is also pretty much unbeatable on simply data versus price. While others bop around the 10GB mark, Catch goes right through and offers a massive 15GB. To get 15GB with other providers you’ll usually have to spend at least $40 a month, if not more. Providers that compare on price include Jeenee Mobile, SpinTel and Exetel again, as well as Moose Mobile, but note that none offer 15GB here.


Catch 90 Day Prepaid Plans Compared

Catch isn’t the only one to offer savings incentives if paying for 90 days’ worth of phone plans in advance. Kogan Mobile is one of the few others to offer 90 days, while Coles Mobile and Lebara have bulk-buy savings if paying for six months or a whole year upfront. 90 day plans are more palatable, while any longer and that upfront cost may look a bit more ominous. Still, each offers something different and it’s worth having a look at all.


Catch Mobile Broadband Plans Compared

  • 10GB for $30 or 30GB for $40

In terms of prepaid mobile broadband, there aren’t exactly hundreds of providers out there, with the ones available usually being online-only. Catch expands on this competition with some reasonable rates. For about the $40 mark, mainstream providers Optus and Vodafone barely offer 10GB, let alone 30GB. Other providers worth keeping an eye out for include Amaysim and Kogan, though few can match what Catch dishes up.


Is a Catch Connect phone plan worth adding to my cart?

Catch, as an online retailer, has exploded in popularity recently, and now you can add some discounted designer brands to your cart, AND mobile phone plans. This may be a bit of a left of field maneuver for Catch, but it’s a good one. As seen above, competing online retailer Kogan also offers phone plans and the two tend to duke it out in all platforms.

Currently Catch is pretty hard to beat at a number of price points, namely for the $15 plan, the $35 plan and the $40 mobile broadband plan. Few others are able to match the amount of data included as what Catch is now serving up. Catch Connect’s simple plans mixed with lots of data for the money mean it’s worthy of consideration next time you’re in the market for a new prepaid phone or mobile broadband plan. Catch Connect is hot news now, but shop around because things can change quickly.

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