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Review of Yomojo mobile phone plans

Yomojo is an Australian Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which takes a different approach to most mobile service providers when structuring its plans. The telco, which in 2015 acquired liquidated provider Yatango, allows customers to build their own custom mobile phone plans by combining their choice of several call, text and data packs. This is eerily similar to Yatango, which, when it existed, provided an innovative alternative to traditional mobile plans. Yomojo runs off the Optus 4G Network, which covers 98 per cent of the Australian population, so you know you’re getting good coverage.

To help you make sense of this, we’ve reviewed Yomojo’s current prepaid plan offers to see just what they include, as well as how they stack up compared to the competition.

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Yomojo Mobile Phone Plans

Yomojo has six plans to choose from, so let’s breakdown the plans, noting that all come with unlimited calls & texts, except for the cheapest one:

  • $9.90: 1GB data, 200 minutes talk, unlimited text
  • $15.90: 2GB data
  • $29.90: 4GB data
  • $34.90: 10GB data
  • $59.90: 30GB data*
  • $89.90: 90GB data*

* 3G data only

All of these plans are held over 30 days, and excess data can be purchased for $11 for 1GB, or $20 for 2GB. You can also add on ‘reserve credit’, which can be used to call internationally from 20c a minute. Customers also stand to receive up to a 15% discount if they bundle services together, and this can deliver savings over over $30 per 30 day period.

Yomojo $9.90 Plan

Specifically featured as a kids plan, Yomojo manages to cram quite a bit in for under $10. Kids will get 1GB to suit basic social media needs, some gaming and more. They can also text all they want and call parents when necessary with 200 minutes on board. Alternatively, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this plan; this plan may suit a light user or a senior who perhaps just needs the basics to get by. In any case, it’s a promising plan and all for only $10.

Yomojo $15.90 Plan

Yomojo’s entry into the unlimited game is a good mid-sized offering at a price sure to please a lot of people. The issue with many low cost plans is that they often don’t include unlimited talk and text. With Yomojo, you don’t need to worry about that. If you’re not so concerned about big data packs, then this plan could be for you. Just 2GB of data is more than sufficient for some decent social media and web browsing throughout the month.

Yomojo $29.90 Plan

Yomojo used to offer 6GB at this price point, but a reshuffle has seen data reduced to 4GB. Nevertheless, this plan is certainly no slouch, as 4GB for less than $30 is about the industry standard these days. For only $14 extra over its cheapest plan, Yomojo provides enough data to browse on the bus ride home until your heart’s content. With 4GB you can easily browse Instagram and Facebook, and catch up on the news while sending Snapchats.

Yomojo $34.90 Plan

Coming in next is the $39.90 plan. It’s sure to pack a punch and please a lot of customers, with a hefty 10GB of data on offer for only $5 more than Yomojo’s next cheapest offering. This could be the pick for a fair amount of gaming, streaming and social media. You’ll do well to find better value at this price point. But as we’ll see shortly, it’s not impossible.

Yomojo 3G Plans

Yomojo provides big incentive here to go on a 3G plan with big data offerings for a relatively small price. If you can deal with the slightly slower speeds on the older technology, you can get 30GB for less than $60. While you won’t get zippy speeds like with 4G, you should still be able to watch videos, browse social media and check your email… it just may take a bit more buffering or a smidgen longer to load a page.

How does Yomojo compare to other providers?

Yomojo generally stacks up well, but with a bit of research you could potentially get even more data for your dollars with other carriers – the world is yours.

$9.90 Kids Plan Compared

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this plan, and adults may also realise there are a few other providers offering similar value. Providers with cheap plans with 1GB on board include Jeenee Mobile, OVO Mobile and Spintel. All have slightly different selling points, and OVO is a prepaid provider. making it great for kids who have a penchant for racking up huge excess data bills.

The Unlimited $15.90 plan compared

The first Unlimited 2GB plan competes with the likes of Kogan, TPG and ALDI Mobile, but is very hard to beat if you’re looking for a modest 2GB of data to go along with your unlimited calls and texts. However, as you can see, you can easily bump up your data supply significantly by spending just a little more. In this regard, Lebara looks a good proposition. But there is no point paying for data that you’re not going to use.

The Unlimited $29.90 plan compared

For around $30, many providers are cramming more and more in, while Yomojo seems to be stripping back its plans slightly, and now offers only 4GB at this price point. If you’re budgeting around $30 for a phone plan, 5GB with other providers is not unheard of. Yomojo previously used to be a winner with 6GB on offer at this price, but now falls behind other telcos slightly, such as SpinTel, Dodo, Vaya and Moose Mobile. Moose Mobile and SpinTel look to be the pick of the bunch with the most data here, but the other two are well worth a look into as well.

The Unlimited $34.90 plan compared

The intermediate $39.90 plan ramps up the data, but how does Yomojo stack up against the competition? In the prepaid circuit, its rivals in this segment are OVO Mobile and Boost Mobile. Both offer healthy amounts of data. In the postpaid sphere, Moose Mobile and Vaya tend to be strong as they both also offer 10GB of data for less than $40 a month.

Yomojo 3G Plans Compared

Believe it or not, Yomojo is not alone in this race. A number of other Optus MVNOs offer lots of data on the 3G spectrum. Other providers worth keeping an eye out for here are Jeenee Mobile, Spintel, Moose Mobile and Exetel. Most offer slightly cheaper plans than what Yomojo can muster up, especially at the 90GB interval.

Is Yomojo right for me?

Yomojo is an interesting player in the mobile provider game. It offers solid value unlimited plans, which remain competitive with other low cost carriers at popular price points. Yomojo, however, has changed a bit recently, and now falls behind certain other telcos in terms of how much data is included in your monthly spend. Other providers are either offering the same data for lower prices, or sometimes even 2-4GB extra for the same price! Yomojo used to be a clear leader with a number of its plans, but its changes mean that it now lags a little behind the main MVNO competition. Nevertheless, Yomojo’s 2GB unlimited plan for $15.90 is arguably the pick of the bunch, but be sure to compare a wide range of offers to find the right plan for you. It could even come down to which phone network you prefer.

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