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SpinTel Mobile Phone Plans Review

SpinTel is one of a handful of purely Aussie telcos that offers down-to-earth, straightforward mobile phone plans. SpinTel has been around in telco land in some form or another since 1996. Today, SpinTel acts as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and has four different postpaid mobile phone plans on the Optus 3G and 4G networks. Optus wholesales the network to SpinTel and the savings are then passed onto you. See what SpinTel has to offer in this review from Canstar Blue.

SpinTel mobile phone plans

SpinTel has four mobile phone plans to choose from, priced at $9.95 a month up to $73.95 a month.

Plan Name Plan Cost Per Month Inclusions
Small $9.95 200 call minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB data (plus 1GB bonus)
Large $23.95 Unlimited calls and texts, 6GB data, $50 international credit
30GB $45.95 Unlimited calls and texts, 30GB data (3G only)
90GB $73.95 Unlimited calls and texts, 90GB data (3G only)

Source: SpinTel website

All of these plans are on a month to month, no contract postpaid basis. Excess data is charged at $10 a GB, and you’ll also incur a $10 set-up fee across all plans. You could be forgiven for being put off by the upfront cost, especially with SpinTel’s cheaper plans, but they do recover from this shaky start to offer competitive value. Let’s get a quick overview of what the Aussie telco with a Koala as its mascot has to offer:

SpinTel Small Plan

Coming in at a hot price, the small plan costs under $10 a month and you’ll get a whopping 1.5GB of 4G data to go with it. This is the 500MB data as standard, plus 1GB extra for the first six months. You’ll also get unlimited texts and MMS, along with 200 minutes of calls. This bonus data means that SpinTel now has one of the cheapest plans to offer at least 1GB of data. Plus, on a no contract plan, you’re under no obligation to stick it out once the extra data offer ends. Most plans at this price come on a prepaid basis and with short expiry periods, but SpinTel offers its plans over a month and it’s hard to knock this one.

SpinTel Large Plan

SpinTel’s $23.95 plan is sure to rock a few worlds as you can get a massive 6GB of data for less than $25 a month. With it, you also get SpinTel’s first plan to offer unlimited calls and texts. As well as this, you can also get $50 of international credit, where international calls are quite cheap (Canada is just 12c a minute), texts are 35c each and MMS is 70c. The $10 set-up fee is a little bit annoying, but with 5GB on tap for a low price there’s still value there.

SpinTel 30GB 3G Plan

This is the first of two plans to offer massive data – but only on a 3G connection. So while you’ll get a huge boost in data, your maximum speed will pale compared to those offered on a 4G connection. However, this could still be ‘fast enough’ for most people. Social media and general web browsing should still be a breeze with 3G, but video streaming quality will suffer. However, 4G speed is of course relegated to 4G zones, and given that 3G has much more expansive coverage, you might find a 4G plan to be overrated anyway. For those living rurally, this may be especially true. Whatever the case, 30GB of data for under $50 a month is serious value.

SpinTel 90GB 3G Plan

As a crazy addition to the 30GB plan comes the 90GB plan. While this plan rivals data included with some broadband plans, you will still be relegated to 3G speeds. With these massive amounts of data, could you even get through it all in one month? And more importantly, is it fast enough for you? While 3G is likely sufficient for browsing and social media, Netflix may struggle as it recommends a minimum download speed of 3 megabits per second (Mbps) just for standard definition, while 3G achieves about 6Mbps at best, which is likely insufficient for HD. While Netflix could easily chew through this huge data allowance – up to 7GB an hour in some cases – the real issue is if 3G speeds are even fast enough to get through a Netflix episode without wanting to chuck your phone through a wall. But 90GB of data for less than $80? That’s awesome – as long as you can use it!

How does SpinTel compare to other providers?

SpinTel offers four easy-to-understand plans to choose from. Despite its modest plan offerings, SpinTel stacks up surprisingly well in a sea full of postpaid MVNOs. It has all areas of the market covered, from light to heavy users. Let’s see how each SpinTel plan compare to the competition.

Small Plan Compared

This seems to be SpinTel’s best-value plan, coming in as one of the cheapest out there to offer at least 1GB of data. Frequently at this price point you’re lucky to even get 500MB, let alone 1.5GB. With this amount of data, SpinTel competes with the likes of Bendigo Bank Telco, Jeenee Mobile and Moose Mobile. Bendigo Bank’s plan is cheapest, but keep in mind it does want you to sign up for 12 months, with exit fees if you break it. Moose Mobile is the only unlimited provider here, and is very competitive at less than $15 for 1GB to boot.

Large Plan Compared

At this stage, SpinTel looks to be one of the cheapest providers to offer 6GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts in the postpaid sphere. 6GB for under $25 is simply outstanding, and SpinTel knocks it out of the park. Other providers such as Bendigo Bank Telco and Moose Mobile are also pretty competitive, as is Yomojo. However, keep in mind if you’re willing to spend even $10 more, 10GB is pretty common among providers in the $35-$40 bracket. Plans anywhere from $20 to $40 seem to be where the best value can be found, and Spintel is a leader in this regard.

30GB and 90GB 3G Plans Compared

SpinTel throws a bit of a curveball here, with monumental data inclusions at 3G speeds. However, the telco is not alone when it comes to this proposition. Jeenee Mobile and Exetel also sit with SpinTel by offering lots of data but at 3G-only speeds. There’s hardly a hair separating the three of them, and all operate on the Optus 3G network. Expect 30GB for around $50 and 90GB for about $80, which is a lot cheaper than other providers offering the same data, but they utilise 4G networks. Could these plans be enough to replace your home internet? Only you can decide that, but you will have to keep in mind the likely slower speeds on 3G. Overall you’ll have to determine if one of these plans is worth it.

Is SpinTel right for me?

Overall, SpinTel offers a concise range of mobile phone plans. If you want 4G data, there are only two plans, but they both compete in popular segments of the market, and compare very well against the competition, often undercutting other providers by a few dollars. Perhaps its most standout plan is the $23.95 one with which you get 5GB – this is tough to beat. SpinTel’s 3G plans are also an interesting proposition for those happy to sacrifice speed for data, and once again it is not alone in big data/3G speeds. Other providers are all pretty close in price, but once again SpinTel seems to undercut them by a couple of dollars. While SpinTel doesn’t necessarily cater towards every consumer with its modest range of four plans, what it does offer is very strong, and as the saying goes ‘less is more’.

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