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From craft ovens to combi microwave ovens, global appliance company Asko has a wide selection of appliances to satisfy most Aussie tastebuds.

Whether you fancy yourself a beginner or a professional home cook, Asko claims to take out the ‘guesswork’ by providing tailored programs like recipe archives and favourites list as well as multi-phase step cooking programs and precision cooking functions to suit a variety of cooking styles and skill levels. Many of the products also provide combination cooking options to help you create a wider selection of dishes.

If you’re craving for craving for an easy-to-clean oven, Asko also claims its range of pyrolytic ovens use temperatures of up to 500°C to turn stubborn grime and fat into ash as a way to make cleaning easier. The brand also provide a number of products featuring aqua clean, which is said to use heat and water to similarly remove residue.

The price of Asko’s ovens generally ranges from $1,799 to $5,599. Other products available from the brand include dishwashers, refrigerators, cooktops, washing machines, tumble dryers and rangehoods.

Range of ASKO ovens

From standard 60cm built-in ovens to 45cm microwave ovens, Asko provides a wide selection of ovens, including:

  • Pyrolytic ovens
  • Steam Assist ovens
  • Aqua Clean ovens
  • Combi microwave ovens
  • Combi steam ovens

Asko Pyrolytic Ovens

If you’re tired of scrubbing the grime and fat stuck inside your oven, Asko claims its range of pyrolytic ovens contain a number of features stated to ‘do all the hard work for you’. These products are said to use temperatures of up to 500°C in order to turn grime and fat into ash, apparently allowing you to easily wipe away the dirty residue left on the walls. Asko also claims its pyrolytic ovens remove the need for harsh chemicals, as well as help save time and promote energy efficient cooking.

Various models available include:

  • ASKO OP8636S Pro Series Oven
  • ASKO OP8676S Pro Series Oven
  • ASKO OP8656S Pro Series Oven
  • ASKO OP8678G Pyrolytic Multifunctional Oven
  • ASKO OP8478G Elements Pyrolytic Oven
  • ASKO OP8687S Craft Oven
  • ASKO OP8687A Craft Oven
  • ASKO OP8637S Craft Oven
  • ASKO OP8637A Pyrolytic Oven

These ovens typically cost between $2,299 and $3,999.

Asko OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional Oven

Asko OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional Oven

One of the two pyrolytic ovens in Asko’s Elements collection, the black 60cm ASKO OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional Oven is a suitable option for anyone looking for a stylish appliance to complement their kitchen. The brand claims the range is intended to produce ‘attractive’ and ‘hard-wearing’ products that look and function ‘seamlessly’ for years to come.

From defrost to multi-phase cooking, the model comes with 19 programs, options and modes. It has a 71L capacity and contains a full glass front, tinted door glass, and integration side trims. Other features include:

  • 5 baking levels and 5 trays and grids
  • Pyrolytic cleaning
  • Pyroproof side racks and plates
  • Glass tray
  • Dishwasher safe accessories.

If you want to impress friends and family with a Sunday roast but have no idea how to cook meat, the ASKO OP8678G contains a ‘meat probe’. The oven uses a sensor which allows you to insert the probe into meat and input the temperature mentioned in your favourite recipe. The display on the oven will then show you when the chicken or steak reaches the temperature and is finally ready.

RRP: $4,599

Asko OT8687A Craft Oven

Asko OT8687A Craft Oven

If you’re feeling a little lost in the kitchen, the Asko OT8687A Craft Oven is said to contain functions which can be manually or automatically programmed so you can cook at your own speed. The control panel is also stated to confirm the heat and cook time, as well as give feedback to ensure everything is programmed correctly. Using the interactive digital display, home cooks can access 18 programs, options and modes such as multi-phase cooking, ‘rapid reheat’, Eco program, defrost, grill, ‘upper heater’ and ‘large grill with fan’. Other features include:

  • Soft closing
  • Glass tray
  • 2 level fully extendable guides with lock
  • Ultra-Cool Door
  • Multifunctional timer
  • Kid Safe lockable controls

The Asko OT8687A Craft Oven is a 60cm built-in appliance and comes with a 71L oven capacity.

RRP: $2,799

Asko Steam Assist Ovens

If dry chicken and burnt cookies are causing you to stay away from the kitchen, Asko’s line of steam ovens might encourage you make a comeback. While these types of products can be as a traditional oven, the steam assist feature is said to insert steam into the oven as a way to add moisture to your cooking. If you want to start a health kick or find more ways to create a healthier diet, Asko also claims the steam method in steam assist ovens and other products provides a bunch of health benefits. Some of the apparent advantages include removing the need to add oil or fat to dishes, and locking in any vitamins and minerals contained in the food.

Available models include:

  • ASKO OCS865S Pro Series Steam Assist Oven
  • ASKO OCS867S Pro Series Steam Assist Oven
  • ASKO OCS8678G Elements Pure Steam Oven

Asko’s steam assist ovens generally range between $4299 and $5599.

Asko OCS856S Pro Series Steam Oven

Asko OCS856S Pro Series Steam Oven

Steam assist ovens have been described as the preferred oven for a number of commercial bakers and professional chefs for years. Claimed to produce ‘restaurant quality cooking’ at home, the Asko OCS856S Pro Series Steam Oven is said to offer a variety of functions to beginner and experienced cooks.

The Asko OCS8656S Pro Series Steam Assist Oven has a 75L capacity and provides 17 programs, options and modes which can be controlled via the digital display and 2 jog dials. Some of the functions include ‘auto roast’, ‘rapid preheat’, defrost and grill.

Other advantages apparently include:

  • Multi-phase cooking
  • Steam injection system
  • Favourite programs function
  • Dishwasher safe accessories

Like many of the brand’s other models, this steam assist oven provides a number of safety features such as KidLock, Kid Safe lockable controls, soft closing and an Ultra-Cool Door. Other features like Asko Aqua cleaning and Steam cleaning are also available to help you maintain the oven.

The product comes with 5 baking levels, 6 trays and grids, a shallow tray, deep tray, grill rack and steam trays with and without holes.

RRP: $4,299

Asko OCS8678G Elements Pure Steam Oven

Asko OCS8678G Elements Pure Steam Oven

If you have a household of fussy eaters, or love to throw big dinner parties, then the Asko OCS8678G Elements Pure Steam Oven might be something to think about. Offering 73L worth of space, this 60cm built-in model is brimming with 19 programs, options and modes. While it shares many of the same programs featured in other Asko products, this model contains a number of heaters, fans, grills and steam functions to allow for a wider variety of dishes.

Some of the features include:

  • Interactive touchscreen display
  • 5 baking levels and 9 trays and grids
  • Sous vide function
  • Steam clean
  • Aqua clean
  • 3 Telescopic rails
  • Full easy-viewing glass window
  • Stainless-steel construction with integrated side trims.

The Asko OCS8678G is the most expensive steam assist oven from the brand and is available in a black ceramic glass design.

RRP: $5,599

Asko Aqua Clean Ovens

Maintain the attractive aesthetic of Asko’s iconic Scandinavian design with the brand’s line of Aqua Clean ovens. The ‘Aqua Clean’ function is said to assist in the clean-up process by applying water and heat to get rid of any residue.

This range has several 60cm craft ovens and Pro Series ovens, including:

  • ASKO OT8636S Pro Series Oven
  • ASKO OT86586S Pro Series Oven
  • ASKO OT8687A Craft Oven
  • ASKO OT8687S Craft Oven

Asko’s Aqua Clean ovens generally cost between $1,799 and $2,299.

Asko OT8687A Craft Oven

Asko OT8687A Craft Oven 2

The Asko OT8687A Craft Oven is an ideal option for people who want an attractive appliance with flexible functionality. Featuring a minimalist design, the 60cm craft oven is made with Touch Proofed stainless steel and integrated side trims, and has a full glass door and tinted door glass.

Claimed to cater all types of cooking styles and cooking levels, this built-in model has a 73L oven capacity and uses heating, grilling, hot air and fan functionalities. The oven also has an interactive digital display with visual and audio prompts for a more accessible and user-friendly experience. Many of the other 17 oven applications, such as the personalised menu and favourites program, similarly allow you to customise the appliance to suit your needs.

Other benefits of the Asko OT8687A are also said to include:

  • 5 baking levels and 5 trays and grids
  • Hot air convection
  • ECO cooking
  • Safety features such as active oven cooling, Kid Safe lockable controls and a soft closing system.

In addition to programs like Aqua cleaning, which are already contained in all Asko ovens, this product has a removable oven door and glass to achieve a deeper clean and help the appliance appear ‘as-new’.

While the Asko OT8687A Craft Oven comes in a black design, the OT8687S is alternatively available in stainless steel.

RRP: $1,999

Asko OT86586S Pro Series Oven

Asko OT86586S Pro Series Oven

Like many of Asko Pro Series ovens, the stainless steel Asko OT86586S is targeted towards people who want an easy-to-use appliance. The 60cm Series 5 multifunctional wall oven has 75L usable capacity and provides 12 cooking programs, modes and options. It also uses a touchscreen control unit, which is said to ensure accurate cooking and perfect results, as well as fingertip programming and acoustic signals which apparently confirm oven settings.

The model similarly has time, date and language settings for multi-tasking and menu planning. The upper and lower heaters are also said to radiate temperature evenly.

Like many of the products brand’s oven range, the Asko OT86586S has flexible features like grill and fan functions that allow for wider variety. The Eco cooking mode similarly roasts meat or bake pastry

  • 5 baking levels
  • 4 trays and grids
  • 2 levels of fully extendable telescopic slides
  • Hot air convection
  • Multifunctional timer
  • Touch Proofed stainless steel

While the Asko OT86586S is the most expensive item in the Aqua Clean oven range, the Series 3 ASKO OT8636S is similarly available for $1,799.

RRP: $2,299

Asko Combi Microwave Ovens

Asko Combi Microwave Ovens

If you’re short on space, Asko’s Combi microwave ovens are designed to offer big versatility in a small appliance. The price for each 45cm oven ranges between $2,999 and $4,299.

Each model is said to provide different cooking methods:

  • Microwave
  • Fan-forced convection cooking
  • Grill
  • Combination of traditional oven cooking and microwave cooking.

The various products available include the Asko OCM8456S Pro Series Combi Oven, Asko OCM88476S Pro Series Combi Oven, Asko OCM 8487S Craft Oven, Asko OCM8487A Craft Oven and Asko OCM8478G Elements Combi Microwave Oven.

Asko OCM8478G Elements Combi Microwave Oven

Asko OCM8478G Elements Combi Microwave Oven

Despite being a smaller appliance than most Asko ovens, combi ovens like the OCM8478G Elements Combi Microwave Oven share a number of features similarly found in a standard 60cm appliances. It is stated to provide 1000W of microwave power and contains 20 functions to suit different cooking styles.

The model provides 1000W of microwave power and contains 20 functions to suit different cooking styles. Some of the programs include multi-phase cooking and ECO program. It has a 50L capacity and contains an XL cavity, which is similarly found in many of the brand’s ovens. The XL size is claimed to promote ‘optimum airflow’ and achieve ‘consistent cooking results’.

Described to do more than just defrost and reheat, the OCM8478G is said to use functions found in a conventional oven to cook the meal. It also includes a high definition LED touch screen and self-clean program.

Other features include:

  • 4 baking levels and 4 trays and grids
  • Grill and fan
  • Full glass front
  • Touch Proofed stainless steel
  • Aqua cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe accessories.

For safety, the Asko OCM8478G is made with a microwave cool door. Other features like active oven cooling, soft closing, Kid Safe lockable controls are also available.

RRP: $4,299

Combi Steam Ovens

If you like to be spoilt for choice, Asko’s Combi Steam Ovens, as well as a range of the brand’s other products, offer a variety of appliances which deliver combination cooking. With a single program, this collection allows you to cook a casserole using steam and traditional convection functions. Alternatively, you can apply steam and hot air to cook a side of veggies.
Some models include:

  • OCS8456S Pro Series Combi Steam Oven
  • OCS8476S Pro Series Combi Steam Oven
  • OCS8478G Elements Combi Pure Steam Oven
  • OCS8487S Combi Steam Craft Oven
  • OCS8487A Combi Steam Craft Oven

Asko’s range of Combi Steam Ovens typically cost between $3,999 and $5,299.

Asko OCS8456S Pro Series Combi Steam Oven

Asko OCS8456S Pro Series Combi Steam Oven

When it comes cooking, the built-in Asko OCS8456S Series 5 Combi Steam Oven appears to be a jack-of-all trades. Described as an ideal option for busy families, this 45cm stainless steel model is said to offer the functionality of different types of ovens such as a steam oven, conventional oven and combination oven. It has a 50L oven capacity and is said to provide 18 flexible functions to help you cook, bake, roast, steam, grill, defrost and warm a variety of dishes.

Some other features include:

  • Digital display and 2 dials
  • KidLock
  • Kid Safe lockable controls
  • Soft closing
  • Active oven cooling
  • Ultra-Cool Door
  • Steam injection system
  • Multi-phase cooking

The Asko OCS8456S is stated to be an easy-to-clean oven due to the steam features. The brand claims the steam will soften and dampen the residue on the oven walls, allowing you to wipe the oven clean. The product similarly includes features like Aqua cleaning, Steam cleaning and a descaling program.

The Asko OCS8456S comes with 4 baking levels, 4 trays and grids, a shallow tray, grill rack and steam trays with and without holes.

RRP: $3,999

OCS8487A Combi Steam Craft Oven

OCS8487A Combi Steam Craft Oven

If you’re shopping for a compact and versatile appliance, the Asko OCS8487A Combi Steam Craft Oven might be a model to consider. Like many of the other craft ovens in the products range, this 45cm built-in model is said to contain flexible features such as temperature control and multi-phase step cooking to suit a variety of diets, lifestyles and cooking styles.

The Asko OCS8487A offers a number of pros including:

  • 4 baking levels and 4 trays and grids
  • ECO cooking program
  • Sous Vide Function
  • Aqua cleaning and steam cleaning systems
  • 1 level fully extendable telescopic slides

The Asko OCS8487A has a 50L capacity and 19 functions, programs and modes. Featuring a full glass front, the oven contains 4 baking levels and 4 trays and grids.

RRP: $3,999

Should I get an Asko oven?

Inspired by Scandinavian design, Asko’s range of ovens cooks up a tasty feast of attractive and versatile options, provided that you can afford them! The different types of ovens include pyrolytic ovens, steam assist ovens, Aqua Clean ovens, Combi microwave ovens and combi steam ovens.

From locking in essential vitamins and minerals, to removing the need to add oil or fat to dishes, the apparent benefits of steam makes Asko’s Combi Steam Ovens and Steam Assist Ovens an ideal choice for the health conscious cooks. The brand’s oven range might also inspire a little more creativity in the kitchen, with ovens like the Asko OCM8478G Elements Combi Microwave Oven and the OCS8456S Pro Series Combi Steam Oven offering combination cooking functionalities.

Whether you prefer audio or visual prompts, or need programs to operate at your own speed, many of the Asko ovens also contain features that allow you to adapt the appliance to suit your needs. Some of these include interactive touchscreen display and multi-phase cooking. Asko similarly claims its pyrolytic ovens and Aqua Clean ovens help make cleaning easier by making residue easier to wipe away.

Can’t decide on whether Asko is the best brand for you? Get inspired by other products on offer by visiting the Canstar Blue oven ratings pages to see how the major brands are viewed by other Aussie consumers.

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