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Need a cool solution to keep food and drink fresh? Beko says it has a wide selection of refrigerators to satisfy ‘everyone’s’ needs. Some of the different options include table-top fridges, single door fridges, fridge freezers, side-by-side fridges, four-door fridges, French door fridges and freezers. So their claim about having something for everyone seems pretty reasonable!

Beko says that features like the Active Fresh Blue Light allow the process of photosynthesis to continue inside the fridge – ensuring fruit and vegetables still keep their natural flavour and nutritional elements. Similar functions include the NeoFrost Cooling Technology and IonGuard, which both work to apparently hold in freshness and prevent bad odours from spoiling your next meal. Some Beko models also contain an Everfresh+Crisper, which is said to preserve vegetables for up to 30 days.

To help you decide if Beko has the best fridge for you, we’ve listed a variety of products available and noted their prices.

Beko Fridges

From compact bar fridges to large family-sized fridges, Beko has it all. The Beko fridge range includes:

  • The Beko 626L French Door Fridge with Internal Ice & Water Dispenser: $3,299
  • The Beko 119L Table Top Fridge: $396
  • The Beko 38L Upright Fridge: $1,099
  • The Beko Bottom Mount Fridge/Freezer: $1,199
  • The Beko 641L Side by Side: $1,899
  • The Beko 626L Four Door Fridge with Internal Water & Automatic Ice: $2,999
  • The Beko 725L French Door Fridge: $3,499
  • The Beko FNE1074 94L Upright Freezer: $649
  • The Beko 463L Chest Freezer: $999


Beko BFR630DB 626L French Door Fridge with Internal Ice & Water Dispenser

Beko BFR630DB

Craving an eye-catching fridge for the kitchen? The stylish black exterior and four-door design of the Beko ‘BFR630DB’ might just do the trick. The appliance is described to provide family-sized capacity, containing 402L fridge space and 224L freezer room.

Some features include:

  • Frost Free system
  • Multi-Zone compartment
  • Everfresh+ Crisper
  • Inner water dispenser
  • IonGuard
  • NeoFrost cooling technology.

The Beko 626L French Door Fridge with Internal Ice & Water Dispenser has a 2.5-star energy rating.

  • RRP: $3,299

Table top fridges

Beko TSE1283 119L Table Top Fridge

Beko TSE1283

Love to entertain guests? Table top fridges like the Beko 119L Bar Fridge are suitable for chilling any snacks and drinks you need to impress family and friends. The ‘TSE1283’ contains adjustable shelves to fit bulkier items, and a vegetable crisper to keep contents fresh.

Some other features include:

  • Reversible doors
  • Antibacterial door seal
  • Direct cooling system
  • Adjustable feet.

The Beko 119L Table Top Fridge has a 2-star energy rating and is available in either white or stainless steel. It contains 105L fridge space and 14L freezer capacity.

  • RRP: $396

Single door fridges

Beko RSNE378K23W Upright Fridge


The Beko 38L Upright Fridge is designed to keep things simple. It comes with adjustable shelves and storage bins to accommodate any hard-to-fit items, and a vegetable crisper to preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables for longer. If you prefer to keep your kitchen appliance looking like brand new, the apparently easy to clean ‘RSNE378K23W’ model is also said to include a fingerprint resistant coating to maintain its stylish white design.

Some features include:

  • Energy rating of 3 stars
  • Frost free
  • Active odour filter
  • 5 full width spill-proof glass shelves
  • Reversible door

The Beko RSNE378K23W Upright Fridge is a suitable match for the Beko RFNE290E23W 290L Upright Freezer, which generally retails for $1,199.

  • RRP: $1,099

Fridge freezers

Beko BBM450X Bottom Mount Fridge/Freezer

Beko BBM450X Bottom Mount Fridge/Freezer

The only thing in the fridge that should smell a little funky is blue cheese. That’s why many of Beko’s refrigerators, including the Beko ‘BBM450X’, include features like the Everfresh+ Crisper and IonGuard to maintain freshness and apparently neutralise the bacteria that causes odours.

Some functions include:

  • Frost Free system
  • NeoFrost Cooling Technology
  • Active Fresh Blue Light
  • Up to 5 years’ warranty.

The Beko Bottom Mount Fridge/Freezer has a 4-star energy rating, and provides 317L fridge capacity and 133L freezer capacity.

  • RRP: $1,199

Side-by-side fridges

Beko 641L Side by Side Fridge

Beko Bsb641x

Are hungry hands constantly opening and closing the fridge doors? Beko claims the Beko 641L Side by Side can minimise the nasties that might enter or spread inside the fridge, thanks to features like the Active Seal Guard, and NoFrost Cooling Technology. The ‘BSB641X’ model also has plenty of room to store your essentials, offering 397L fridge capacity and 244L worth of freezer space.

Other functions include:

  • Energy rating of 3 stars
  • Twist & Serve Ice Cube Maker
  • Frost free
  • Everfresh+ Crisper
  • IonGuard
  • Active Fresh Blue Light.

The stainless steel ‘BSB641X’ model is alternatively available in a white design. The white Beko ‘BSB641W’ generally retails for slightly lower at $1,799.

  • RRP: $1,899

Four door fridges

Beko BFR630DX 626L Four Door Fridge with Internal Water & Automatic Ice

Beko Bfr630dx

Maintain a sleek kitchen space with the Beko ‘BFR630DX’ model. The clean exterior of the large capacity appliance hides a variety of features packed inside, including a water and automatic ice dispenser. The unit comes with a Frost-Free system and a Multi-Zone compartment, which can apparently transform the section into a fridge or freezer with the touch of a button.

The Beko 626L Four Door Fridge with Internal Water & Automatic Ice has several features, including:

  • Everfresh+ Crisper
  • NeoFrost Cooling Technology
  • Active Fresh Blue Light
  • 10 Year Inverter Compressor Warranty
  • 5 Years Warranty.

The refrigerator contains 402L fridge space and 224L worth of freezer room. It has a 2.5 star energy rating and is available in stainless steel.

  • RRP: $2,999

French door fridges

Beko GNE134750X 725L French Door Fridge

Beko GNE134750X

Need to fill a few hungry mouths? The Beko 725L French Door Fridge is described as a true family fridge, providing 456L fridge capacity and 269L freezer room. For busy parents who feel like they’re constantly running out of time, the Frost-Free System might make things a little easier by ensuring you don’t have to manually defrost items from the freezer. The function is also said to prevent ice from forming and taking up much needed storage space. There is also a filtered water dispenser, and an automatic ice cube machine and ice bank, to quickly refresh guests.

Other functions include:

  • Active odour filter
  • NeoFrost cooling technology
  • Active seal guard
  • Multi-Zone compartment.

The ‘GNE134750X’ model has a 2-star energy rating, and provides 456L fridge capacity and 269L freezer capacity.

  • RRP: $3,499


Beko FNE1074 94L Upright Freezer

Beko FNE1074

Check out the Frost-Free system in the Beko FNE1074 94L Upright Freezer, which is apparently designed to remove the need to defrost frozen food as well as prevent ice from building up and restricting storage capacity. The appliance provides 71L worth of freezer space and has a 2-star energy rating.

Some features include:

  • Active Seal Guard
  • 1 Full depth freezer drawer
  • 1 Half depth freezer drawer
  • Up to 5 years’ warranty available.

The ‘FNE1074’ model is available in white.

  • RRP: $649

Beko HSA46330 463L Chest Freezer

Beko HSA46330

Got plenty of things to chill? Consider the Beko 463L Chest Freezer, an appliance designed large enough to accommodate those hard-to-fit items. It also has an adjustable wire basket to organise contents and apparently simple-to-use temperature controls.

The ‘HSA46330’ model includes 451L of freezer room and produces a 3.5-star energy rating.

  • RRP: $999

Do Beko fridges beat the rest?

Whether you’re looking to buy a bar fridge under $400, or a freezer unit to complement your existing appliance, Beko has plenty of products on offer. Like your drinks ice cool? Check out Beko models which feature water and automatic ice dispensers, including the Beko BFR630DX Four Door refrigerator. But if you’re more concerned about storage capacity, then consider the Beko GNE134750X. It’s described as a ‘true family fridge’ and contains up to 725L worth of space. The brand similarly recommends the Beko BFR630DB for satisfying family-sized needs.

Canstar Blue research shows that Beko is one of Australia’s favourite go-to pick for fridges. It has earned respectable scores in categories such food freshness, value for money, and external design in our annual fridge ratings. Other popular brands include Mitsubishi Electric, Haier and LG. Follow the link below to compare several brands on customer satisfaction.

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In 2019, Australian customers gave Beko 3 out of 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction for refrigerators.

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