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When your current dishwasher isn’t performing well, you’ll start to value this time-saving appliance even more. So, if you’re in the market for a new unit, there are plenty of choices out there, including Chinese appliance manufacturer Midea. Offering a range of products for multiple rooms of the house, Midea’s range includes air conditioners, small appliances, fridges, as well as dishwashers to spruce up your kitchen. Read on to find out just what Midea has to offer when it comes to dishwashers.

Midea dishwashers

Midea Dishwashers

Within its line of dishwashers, Midea features the following types:

  • Freestanding
  • Benchtop
  • Slimline
  • Drawer

We’ll now cover a couple of examples from each range to help you find one that may be the best fit your kitchen and your household.

Midea Freestanding Dishwashers

Freestanding dishwashers are usually 60cm wide and have the freedom of being fitted almost anywhere where there’s a water connection and a drainage point.

Midea MDWF2SS Freestanding Dishwasher


This freestanding dishwasher (MDWF2SS) from Midea has 15 place settings with a cutlery rack and an adjustable top basket, giving you more space at the bottom for large pots and pans. There are eight programs to choose from including Auto, Quick Wash and Eco, plus a 24 hour delay start function, allowing you to switch on a cycle when you’re not at home or during off peak electricity times. It has a low noise level of 47 decibels, handy for when you plan on starting the washing cycle late at night.

Some key specs:

  • Energy efficiency rating: 4 stars
  • Water efficiency rating: 5 stars (consumes 11.8L/cycle)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 845 x 598 x 610mm

The Midea dishwasher also features auto load sensing technology, so the dishwasher thinks for itself to decide how much water will need to be used for the load. On its LED display, it will also show the time remaining for the cycle. Safety features include a child lock and an Aqua Stop system. This Midea freestanding dishwasher retails for $750*.

Midea MDWCW Freestanding Dishwasher

Midea MDWCW Freestanding Dishwasher

For something a little smaller, this model (MDWCW) has 12 place settings but is still packed with various features. It has six wash programs, including Intensive, Heavy, Eco, Glass 90min, Rinse and Quick wash, plus an additional extra drying function and an LED display.

Key specs:

  • Energy efficiency rating: 3 stars
  • Water efficiency rating: 4.5 stars (consumes 1.2L/cycle)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 845 x 598 x 610mm

Other design features mirror the model above, such as an adjustable top basket and cutlery basket, plus a delay start function so that you can plan the washing time around your daily schedule. In terms of noise levels, it’s stated to produce just 49 decibels during a cycle.

Midea Benchtop Dishwashers

If you’re short on space, or you’re renting, you might want a benchtop dishwasher, or what Midea calls a “mini” dishwasher. Designed with an internal water tank, this type of unit can fit on a benchtop and connect to your tap, so you might consider this option if you’re looking for something portable that you can take with you, such as for a caravan or RV, or when you can’t alter the plumbing in your kitchen.

Midea Countertop MDWB1BL Dishwasher

Midea Countertop MDWB1BL Dishwasher Black

Midea’s MDWB1BL countertop dishwasher is designed with six place settings and an LED display. It has a child lock for safety and comes in three different colours – white, silver or black (pictured). Expect eight wash programs, plus additional functions such as Strong Washing, Extra Drying and Express Washing.

Specs include:

  • Energy efficiency rating: 2.5-stars
  • Water efficiency rating: 3.5 stars
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 438 x 550 x 500mm

Similar to other dishwashers from Midea, you can program this model to start the cycle at a later time with its 24-hour delay feature and you won’t have to worry about the washer being noisy as it’s said to produce a low noise level of 49 decibels.

Midea Mini Dishwasher  MDWMINIC

Midea Mini Dishwasher  MDWMINIC

This mini dishwasher is much smaller than the countertop model mentioned above, with space for just three place settings. It doesn’t require any plumbing and is said to hold up to 5L of water.

Providing 730W-860W of power, this champagne model contains lower basket support and a wine glass holder. Other design features include electronic button control with an LED screen and a 24-hour delay start function with a time remaining display. It operates with a noise level of 58 decibels, which is slightly louder than other models from Midea.

  • Energy efficiency rating: 1 star
  • Water efficiency rating: 3 stars
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 557 x 530 x 555mm

There are six wash programs to choose from including a Quick Wash, Eco and Baby Care cycle, plus an extra drying function and a steam function. Accessories include a cutlery basket, water jug and a drain hose. The Mini Midea Dishwasher is alternatively sold in other colours including white, silver, black, blue, orange and champagne (pictured).

Midea Slimline Dishwasher

Slimline dishwashers are generally 45cm wide and are designed for smaller kitchens. While this type typically can’t wash as large of a load as a full-sized machine, it still provides the same amount of wash power, with Midea offering just one unit in this range.

Midea Freestanding Dishwasher 45cm MDW45FSS

Midea Freestanding Dishwasher 45cm MDW45FSS

Midea’s one and only 45cm dishwasher is designed with 10 place settings, an adjustable top basket and a cutlery tray. It operates with a reasonable noise level of 49 decibels and has an LED display. There are eight programs to choose from with features such as Auto wash, Alternative wash and Extra drying also included.

Specs include:

  • Energy efficiency rating: 3.5 stars
  • Water efficiency rating: 3.5 stars
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 845 x 598 x 610mm

Similar to other dishwashers from Midea, it’s designed with a child lock for safety and a 24-hour delay start function.

Midea Drawer Dishwashers

Drawer dishwashers are designed to function like any kitchen drawer. You can choose from a single or double drawer dishwasher depending on your household size.

Midea Double Drawer Dishwasher Stainless Steel MDWDDSS

Midea Double Drawer Dishwasher Stainless Steel MDWDDSS

Love to throw parties? Or just need something that can handle a large family? Then you might want to think about opting for a double drawer dishwasher. These generally have the same features as other regular models, but with double the space.

  • Energy efficiency rating: 3.5 stars
  • Water efficiency rating: 4.5 stars
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 820 x 600 x 570mm

For this particular unit, there’s seven place settings per drawer. You can also expect seven washing programs, a stainless-steel cavity with spray arms and a noise level of 47 decibels when in use. There’s also a double fan drying system and a half load function.

Are Midea dishwashers worth the money?

Midea’s dishwasher range costs between $600 and $1,600 depending on the model type and size of the dishwasher, putting it in the low to mid-price range in comparison to the rest of the market. Midea’s line up comes with a range of features you’d expect from any dishwasher, and various cycles to choose from such as quick and automatic. They also have pretty low operating noise levels with a delay start function available, so you can make use of the off-peak electricity tariffs. With a range of sizes on offer, Midea might have a dishwasher for you, especially if you’re looking for something portable or something that can squeeze in those small spaces.

However, most of Midea’s dishwashers have pretty average energy and water efficiency ratings. Keep in mind the lower the rating, the more expensive the machine will be to use long-term. So, it’s useful to be aware of how much electricity and water a unit uses per load.  For an efficient machine, the Midea MDWF2SS freestanding has a 4-star energy rating and a 5-star rating. Meanwhile, the brand’s Mini Dishwasher (MDWMINIC) has an energy efficiency rating of just 1 star, meaning you may like to look elsewhere if you’re after a more efficient model.

As with most major appliances, you’re investing for the long term, so it might pay to spend more upfront and recoup the costs with lower electricity bills later on. But if you can’t fit anything larger in your kitchen then you may need to settle with it despite the downfalls. Although you may think any potential downfall is better than washing the dishes by hand!

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*Prices taken from Appliances Online, correct as of July 2020.

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