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Review of Sunbeam Clothes Irons

Proudly Australian, Sunbeam produces an extensive range of small appliances, from coffee machines to food blenders. It apparently aims to create innovative and iconic designs across all product lines and its clothes irons certainly don’t fall short of that. Find out what’s on offer in this review from Canstar Blue.

Sunbeam Clothes Irons

All Sunbeam clothes irons are designed and engineered in Australia. There are several functionalities that you can find across most of its range, including a drip stop system that aims to eliminate drips and water stains, plus vertical steam for ironing hanging clothes or fabrics such as curtains and an anti-calc cartridge to help eliminate calcium build-up on soleplates. Some Sunbeam irons are also equipped with a safe store indicator, which is a heat strip that changes from red to black to show when the iron is safe to store.

Sunbeam ProSteam Range

Sunbeam’s ProSteam line ranges from about $40 in price and maxes out at $100. This series starts with fairly basic irons without any extra features, but still provides 2100W of power with all the necessary functionality. A big difference in the price comes down to the soleplate, with higher-end models using higher quality materials.

Sunbeam SR4100 ProSteam Polished

SR4100 ProSteam Polished

For something lightweight, simple and on a budget, you may like to try Sunbean’s ProSteam Polished iron. It covers the necessities including vertical steam, a drip stop function and provides 30g/min of continuous steam output as well as 60g/min of steam shot to help remove creases.

The ProSteam SR4100 model has a maximum heating power of 2100W and a polished aluminium soleplate, which claims to glide over all types of fabric. It is 1.5kg in weight and comes in a green colour with a 3m cord and 280ml water tank.

  • RRP: $39.95

Sunbeam SR4260 ProSteam Switch Iron

SR4260 ProSteam Switch

The ProSteam Swift iron is equipped with 2400W of power, an auto-off system and vertical steam. It is 1.35kg in weight, which is one of Sunbeam’s lighter clothes irons, and has a soft touch handle with a 2m cord length.  It provides 16g/min of continuous steam output and 85g/min steam shot function.

Sunbeam’s SR4260 model uses EasyGlide Soleplate with channelling, which Sunbeam claims to give better steam distribution. Several other features include a self-clean button, anti-calc and drip stop function. It comes in a blue and black colour.

  • RRP: $99.95

Sunbeam Aeroglide Range

The Aeroglide series uses Sunbeam’s ceramic “DimpleTech” Soleplate. Sunbeam claims that it produces maximum distribution with its dimpling design that draws in air and steam, reducing friction and providing a fast crease removal. There is currently one model in this range.

Sunbeam SR6370 Aeroglide Rapid Iron

The main features of the Aeroglide Rapid clothes iron is its DimpleTech soleplate, safe store indicator and a three-Way-Safety-Auto-Off system that automatically switches off the iron in 30 seconds if left unattended in a horizontal position or 15 minutes if in a heel rest position. It provides 2400W of power with a 150g/min steam shot function. It has a 2.5m cord and comes in a white in colour with blue and silver features. Sunbeam’s SR6370 is also equipped with a self-clean button, anti-calc cartridge, drip stop system and vertical steam.

  • RRP: $99.95

Sunbeam Verve Range – CeraFlow Soleplate Type

Sunbeam’s Verve range is its largest range and can be divided into two soleplate types – CeraFlow and Resilium. CeraFlow soleplates are ceramic soleplates that Sunbeam claims are extra tough for speed and durability. Two of the irons in this range are the Sunbeam Verve 62 Urban iron and Verve 57 Platinum iron.

Sunbeam SR6250 Verve 62 Urban

SR6250 Verve 62 Urban

For a clothes iron that is still towards the low-end of price but has a few extra features, you may like to consider Sunbeam’s Verve 62 Urban clothes iron. This model has 2400W maximum heating power with 38g/min of continuous steam output and 150g/min of steam shot.

Sunbeam has designed the Verve 62 Urban iron with patented Dual Steam Chambers and optimised steam pressure that Sunbeam claims help penetrate fibres and make the ironing process more efficient. It is also equipped with safe-store technology, an anti-calc cartridge, drip stop function and a fine mist spray. It comes in a light blue colour with a weight of 1.7kg and cord length of 2.5m. Sunbeam Verve 62 Urban irons has a 300ml water tank capacity and provides vertical steam if you need to do any touch ups while your clothes are on a hanger.

  • RRP: $59

Sunbeam SR6575 Verve 57 Platinum

SR6575 Verve 57 Platinum

The Sunbeam Verve 57 Platinum’s main features include patented Dual Steam Chambers similar to the above model, as well as its CeraFlow soleplate and a safe-store function where its heat strip changes from red to black once it has cooled down. It has a 38g/min of continuous steam output and 150g/min of steam shot.

The Verve 57 Platinum iron also provides 2400W of power and is 1.75kg in weight with a 2.5m cord. It does not include an anti-calc cartridge but has a drip stop function, fine mist spray and vertical steam. An additional feature to this model is a safety auto off switch for peace of mind if you forget to turn your iron off. It comes in a purple colour with a 300ml water tank capacity.

  • RRP: $139

Sunbeam Verve Range – Resilium Soleplate Type

The Verve range with Sunbeam’s Resilium soleplate tends to sit in a higher price category than the irons with the CeraFlow soleplate. Sunbeam claims the Resilium soleplates provide premium durability and scratch resistance for efficient glide ability that helps prevent rucking when ironing.

Sunbeam SR6856B Verve Extreme Steam

SR6856B Verve Extreme Steam

The key features of Sunbeam’s Verve Extreme Steam iron are its Resilium soleplate and a safety auto off switch, which also acts as a power saver. It provides 2400W of power and 38g/min of continuous steam output. Sunbeam claims its 80g/min “extreme steam shot” delivers high-pressure steam focused at the tip of the soleplate.

The Sunbeam SR6856B model is a heavier iron compared to the other Sunbeam models, weighing in at 1.87kg and has a 2.5m cord length. Several standard functionalities include the anti-calc cartridge, drip stop system, fine mist spray and vertical steam. It comes in a black colour with a 300ml water tank.

  • RRP: $129

Sunbeam Solus Range

Sunbeam’s Solus series is in the premium end of the spectrum. It includes several high-tech features that tend to bring up the price of the iron.

Sunbeam SR7001 Solus PerfectTemp

SR7001 Solus PerfectTemp

The Sunbeam Solus PerfectTemp iron is equipped with a digital thermostat that displays the exact temperature on an LCD screen and helps maintain constant temperature. It uses Sunbeam’s Resilium Soleplate, similar to the above model. It also has an ergonomic stream shot that Sunbeam claims to deliver high-pressure steam focused at the tip of the soleplate to help remove creases.

Sunbeam’s SR7001 iron weighs around 1.93kg and provides 2400W. It features an anti-calc cartridge, drip stop system and a safety auto off switch if the iron is left unattended. It also allows vertical steam as well as 40g/min of continuous steam output and 80g/min of steam shot. It has a 3m cord, a 300ml water tank and comes in a dark blue colour.

  • RRP: $139

Should I go home with a Sunbeam clothes iron?

Sunbeam has a wide range of clothes irons to suit a variety of budgets. Some key considerations when purchasing your next iron would be its user friendliness, which includes the cord length and water tank capacity as well as weight and soleplate durability.

Sunbeam’s ProSteam iron range includes several irons for those on a budget, but still aims to provide the necessary functionalities to help with the ironing process, such as its mist spray and steam shot functions. For something more advanced, you may like to consider Sunbeam’s Verve range that has high-tech features including the safe-store indicator or the Solus range with the digital thermostat.

With a number of clothes irons, both in the low price category and the high-end, you may find that Sunbeam has a number of irons to suit your ironing needs. You may like to consider online reviews before your make your purchase decision, to get an idea of how other consumers rate Sunbeam irons compared with other brands. Check out our customer ratings via the link below.

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