2023 EOFY Dishwasher Sales

The peak bargain time for new appliances is around the end of financial year, which falls in the month leading up to June 30. If you’re in market for a new dishwasher, because you’re moving into your own place for the first time, or your old scrubber has packed up, you could be in luck. To help you find a great deal, Canstar Blue has produced this quick guide to dishwasher sales this EOFY.

Who has the biggest EOFY dishwasher discounts?

Below are a number of dishwasher brands and models that are available to purchase throughout the EOFY period. Check out what deals you can score below!

Kleenmaid Freestanding Dishwasher

Kleenmaid Stainless Steel Free Standing Built Under Dishwasher – $1,395 (save $604)

This Stainless Steel Dishwasher features eight different wash programs with 24 optional variations. The machine is equipped with a Brushless DC whisper quiet motor, internal LED lighting, a self-cleaning filter system, Aqua Stop protection and delayed start times. This dishwasher also has a five-star water rating, using only 11.8 litres of water per wash.


Kleenmaid Built Under Dishwasher

Kleenmaid Stainless Steel Free Standing Built Under Dishwasher Black – $879 (save $720)

This Kleenmaid dishwasher features a black fingerprint-resistant design and is also equipped with a self-cleaning filter system, a 70° C sanitation cycle, Aqua Stop protection and a child lock. This model offers six different wash programs and can accommodate a maximum of 12 place settings.

Kleenmaid Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

Kleenmaid Semi Integrated Dishwasher Steel – $1,395 (save $604)

This semi-integrated dishwasher will utilise the same cabinetry as your kitchen cupboards. It can host a maximum of 15 place settings and is promised to be quiet with a Brushless DC motor. The machine features Aqua Stop protection, a self-cleaning filter system, a 15-minute super rinse cycle and delayed start times.

Kleenmaid Full Integrated Dishwasher

Kleenmaid Fully Integrated Dishwasher Steel – $1,395 (save $604)

This Kleenmaid dishwasher will integrate your cabinetry into its design. The machine hosts a variety of helpful features including Aqua Stop protection, a sliding detergent dispenser, delayed start times, a 30-minute fast wash program and an easy lift top basket. This dishwasher can also accommodate a maximum of 15 place settings.

Devanti Benchtop Dishwasher

Devanti Benchtop Dishwasher – $494.95 (save $62)

This Devanti dishwasher can sit on your benchtop to help you save space if you don’t have space for a traditional dishwasher. It hosts a variety of features including delayed start times, a removable filter, a removable spray arm, water softener, residual heat air drying, LED display and a water sensor. This dishwasher has seven different cleaning programs and can accommodate up to six place settings, ideal for smaller households.

Should you buy a dishwasher this EOFY sales time?

Looking out for bargains during the EOFY sales time is a good idea as many retailers are selling off their current stock to make room for the new during this period. So shopping around at this time might help you score that dishwasher you’ve had your eye on at a much cheaper price. However, it’s important to consider the energy efficiency ratings, as well as the size and features of any new appliance, not just the price. Before jumping into any purchase, you might like to consider how the brands mentioned above went in our annual consumer ratings for dishwashers, which you can find via the link below:

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