Portable Heaters Review & Ratings

Home Insulation Guide

Home Insulation Buying Guide

Posted by May 5th 2020

The Canstar Blue guide to home insulation. Keep the cost of cooling and heating your home down without blowing the power bill budget.

Caloray Disc Heater Review

Caloray Disc Heater Review

Posted by May 20th 2019

Can this new ‘non-glow’ heater keep you warmer this winter? Find out more about the unique ceiling-mounted disc heater by Caloray.

Dyson Pure Hot Cool link

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Review

Posted by May 20th 2019

What does the latest air purifier from Dyson offer beyond its futuristic loop design? We review the three-in-one purifier, fan and heater.

Gas Heater Buying Guide

What gas heater should I buy?

Posted by May 20th 2019

Gas heaters use gas as a fuel source, and range in price from $500 to over $1500. Find out if a gas heater is right for you with Canstar Blue.