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Samsung Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV: Canstar Blue Innovation Award Winner

The Australian climate is ideal for entertaining outdoors and thanks to advancements in television and display technology, you can now watch TV from the living room and the backyard and enjoy the same top-notch immersive viewing experience. It’s those advances that have delivered products such as Samsung’s The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV, which is quite possibly the ultimate solution for sophisticated outdoor living.

Samsung’s The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV range received Canstar Blue’s Innovation Excellence Award (Outdoor Entertainment) for 2021. This new award recognises smart innovations in home appliances and consumer electronics and is awarded based on Canstar Blue’s sophisticated rating methodology under which winners are scored on a range of factors, including whether the product is unique and how disruptive it is to its product category. Other factors considered are affordability, ease of use and impact on the average consumer.

What is Samsung’s The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV?

Samsung outdoor TV

This QLED weather-resistant TV is built specifically for outdoor entertaining in the Australian climate. It features state-of-the-art Quantum Dot technology for enhanced colour and contrast in a variety of lighting conditions in order to ensure a stunning viewing experience. Plus, it has a feature that combats the bane of TV fans’ existence – Anti-Glare technology to help prevent reflections and sunlight from obscuring on-screen action, meaning you can watch your favourite sports and shows without squinting at the screen or having to shuffle seats to view from a different angle.

The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV range also features Direct Full Array for clearer picture quality during both day and night. In tech-talk, the Terrace Outdoor TV is said to deliver three to four times the brightness of a TU8000 Samsung TV. There’s also an option to add The Terrace soundbar, which is weather resistant and features distortion-cancelling technology for crisp audio outdoors.

Samsung The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV prices

Here are prices for Samsung’s The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV models.

Model Size RRP
The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV (QA75LST7TAWXXY) 75-inch $10,999*
The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV (QA65LST7TAWXXY) 65-inch $7,999*
The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV (QA55LST7TAWXXY) 55-inch $5,999*

*Prices from Samsung, correct as of June 2021.

Why do we like Samsung’s The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV?

Samsung’s The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV is one of only a few television models specifically designed for the outdoors. What makes The Terrace range truly unique, though, is its weather-resistant durability, with an IP55 rating claimed to protect against water and dust. This is combined with the cutting-edge Anti-Glare and Quantum Dot technology that bring picture quality to the next level. Samsung’s The Terrace Outdoor 4K Smart TV also has a wide viewing angle so everyone can see the action, whether sitting on the outdoor lounge or flipping burgers on the BBQ.

On top of that, this outdoor TV range has all the same smart and connectivity features as Samsung’s indoor TV range, including Tap View, Multi View (which splits your TV screen in two), Intelligent Mode (which adjust brightness whether it’s day or night), Real Game Enhancer for gamers and more.

Another drawcard is free installation, which is particularly helpful for those who aren’t confident installing a TV outdoors, and a 100-day money back guarantee. You get to try The Terrace first and if you’re not 100% satisfied, Samsung will refund your money.

What are our Innovation Excellence Awards?

Canstar Blue outdoor entertainment award

Canstar Blue’s Innovation Excellence Awards use our unique expert rating methodology to compare submissions received from home appliance and consumer electronics brands throughout Australia. Canstar Blue’s Innovation Excellence Award winners represent a selected group of innovative products released within these fields over the most recent year. Canstar Blue’s Innovation Awards Methodology is available on request.


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