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Best Sushi Makers To Buy For DIY Sushi

Lockdowns and restrictions don’t have to put an end to your sushi date night. In fact, you can make your favourite raw fish Japanese dish at home with the help of a good sushi maker! While the art of making sushi does require patience, you don’t need to be a whizz in the kitchen to bring it to the table. That’s where sushi makers and rolling kits will do the trick.

How do sushi makers work?

Most sushi-making kits, also sometimes known as sushi bazookas, come with a sushi tube and bamboo (or plastic) rolling mat to help shape your rice mix into an ideal sushi roll, as well as utensils like a measuring or alignment guide, plunger, rice paddle, and chopping knife. Most sushi makers come with various tools to make different sushi sizes and shapes.

Best sushi makers to buy 2021

Here are some of the best sushi makers to buy online, based on price and features:

  1. Scullery Sushi Maker: $19.99 RRP*
  2. NOVBJECT 11-Piece DIY Sushi Maker: $30 RRP*
  3. Silicone Sushi-Making Kit: $30 RRP*
  4. Sushi/California Roll Making Kit: $34.90 RRP*
  5. Magic Roll Sushi Maker: $41 RRP*

Scullery Sushi Maker − $19.99

Scullery Sushi Maker

You can make restaurant-quality sushi rolls at home with this Scullery sushi maker. It features a training frame to help you get the right amount of rice for perfect sushi rolls, a roll cutting guide to cut perfectly sized sushi pieces, a rice paddle for easy scooping, as well as end caps for storage or to use as soy sauce bowls. This model is available to purchase online from Robins Kitchen.

NOVBJECT 11-Piece DIY Sushi Maker − $30

NOVBJECT 11-Piece DIY Sushi Maker

This sushi-making set features 11 pieces to help you make everything from rice paper rolls to sushi, gimbap, and more. It offers four easy-to-use sushi moulds to make heart, circle, square and triangle sushi. Just place the nori in the mould opening, fill it with rice, fold it and then press it to seal your sushi. This sushi maker kit is also BPA-free and comes with a premium non-stick sushi knife. This gadget is available on

Silicone Sushi-Making Kit − $30

Silicone Sushi-Making Kit

This Silicone sushi-making kit from Amazon comes equipped with everything you need to nail your homemade sushi including a rolling mat, rice paddle, sushi roll slicer and recipe book with 25 easy recipes to try! The silicone mat and non-stick rice paddle make sushi rolling a breeze and all utensils are easy to wash and dry.

Sushi/California Roll Making Kit − $34.90

Sushi/California Roll Making Kit

Creating perfectly shaped sushi rolls is easy with this kit from The Décor House. It comes with one sushi tube and a bamboo rolling mat. To get started, just fill the tube with rice and your chosen ingredients (i.e. tuna, salmon, etc.), then plunge the rice right through the tube onto a seaweed sheet and roll in the bamboo mat to seal each sushi roll. This sushi-making kit is also super easy to dismantle and clean.

Magic Roll Sushi Maker − $41

Magic Roll Sushi Maker

This Magic Roll sushi maker is ideal for both pros and beginners. It’s an all-in-one gadget that you can use to make pretty much any rolled foods including rice paper rolls and sushi. It also comes with a transparent lid so you can see your favourite dishes come to life and a recipe book inside the box. This model is dishwasher-safe and available to purchase on

What type of rice is used for sushi?

Rice in sushi

You can choose between short-grain white Japanese rice or medium-grain California rice to make homemade sushi. The packaging will typically specify that it’s ‘sushi rice’. Check out options from brands like Sunrice, Pandaroo and Kokuho Rose − all sold in major supermarkets. If you’re looking for the best quality sushi rice, it’s typically best to buy it from an Asian grocer. You can also use black rice which binds well and is naturally a bit sweeter than white rice.

What do you put inside sushi?

How to make sushi at home

Basics ingredients you’ll need to make sushi at home include sushi rice, seaweed sheets, sesame seeds, soy cause, as well as wasabi and pickled ginger (optional but delicious). Sriracha chili sauce is also a great add-on for extra spice. For sushi fillings, the choice is yours and options are endless. Some popular ingredients include:

  • Sushi-grade salmon or tuna (or smoked salmon)
  • Prawns
  • Crab
  • Scallops
  • Tofu
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
  • Asparagus
  • Capsicum
  • Green beans
  • Cabbage
  • Cream cheese

How to make sushi

Making sushi with a sushi maker is actually super easy. Start by cooking your rice at least two hours beforehand and add rice vinegar and salt to create a mix that will bind. You can also prep all your ingredients and fillings at the same time. Next, spread the rice mix onto your sheet of nori (seaweed) evenly and plop your fish or other ingredients into the centre, and then use the rolling mat to shape and seal your sushi roll. That’s it! Then repeat until you’ve got enough sushi to eat.

Compare Rice Brands

*Prices taken from respective retailers, correct as of August 2021.

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