How a water system can increase the value of your home

Considering renovating or selling your home? Or perhaps you’re just looking to make some upgrades to add value to the place. No matter your reason, a water system added to your home can increase its value with this feature becoming increasingly popular in real estate property listings differentiating properties that are more luxurious than others.

When it comes down to the basics, water is the source of life. Fortunately for most of us, Australia is home to an abundance of natural water bodies that provide access to safe drinking water. To make water safe for drinking, governing bodies often have to treat the water which means that certain chemical residues and remnants are transferred through our taps. Further food for thought also includes how governing bodies have determined the level of water safety as opposed to what you believe is safe for you and your family thus raising concerns about how pure the quality of water that you drink really is.

So how can you counter these concerns and ensure that the water you and your loved ones drink is pure and safe?

For one, you could start investing in bottled water, with the very quick and obvious realisation that the long-term costs will burn a hole in your pocket – not to mention the environmental impact single-use plastic causes.

A more practical solution to the problem would be to invest in a water filtration system that helps purify your water, puts less pressure on our environment, and adds value to your home.

What is a water system and how do they work?


A water filter system is responsible for filtering out all the unwanted products in your drinking water. Whether it’s a small filter inside your kettle or an impressive integration in your water taps on your sink, the end result is filtered water that is cleaner and purer than what entered it.

As a result of residues and unwanted products getting caught in the filter, your water tastes better which has reportedly encouraged water filter system owners to drink more often.

The best kind of water filter system is a system that combines two filters – physical and chemical. Physical filters help sieve out large particles while chemical filters deal with removing them.

How can you apply a water system to your home?

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There are many options of water systems to choose from, ranging from your simple jug to an entire home integration.

When looking to add value to your home, permanent fixtures make a better choice such as filtered water taps, under the bench water filter systems, bath and shower filter systems, or a whole home system integration.

Benchtop water filters are the most cost-effective water systems with the advantage of being small, stylish, compact, and powerful. The downside is that they are on top of the bench thus are in plain sight taking away some aesthetic value to your kitchen.

If you’re one for aesthetics, an under-sink water filter system will best suit you as it’s hidden under the sink while maintaining all the attractions of a benchtop water filter.

For those looking to add more flair to your home than just a kitchen water system, you should consider adding bath and shower filters which help remove more than 90% of chlorine from the water leaving your skin and hair healthier than before.

Should I install a water system?

Whichever water system you decide to install, the value of your home will increase on top of the added benefit of increasing your overall health and lifestyle. You could also consider adding an alkaliser to your water system to bump up the brownie points as medical professionals have reported water with a pH level between 8 to 9.5 improves your health and reduces illnesses.

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