Guaranteed Energy Discounts Explained

Posted by February 14th 2019

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of a guarantee, whether it comes in the form of an engagement ring, or an order confirmation email from the pizza place down the road. So, when it comes …

Double Up Energy Discounts Explained

Posted by February 14th 2019

Chicken salt and chips, meat pie and tomato sauce, Rhonda and Ketut – if there’s one thing Aussies know, it’s how to spot a good pair. So, if two is better than one, does that …

What is AGL Rewards?

Posted by February 7th 2019

As children, we’re punished for bad behaviour, and rewarded for good behaviour – and as adults, it’s really not much different. Lots of companies run rewards programs to recognise loyalty and essentially give you a …

How to get free movie tickets with Lumo Energy

Posted by February 5th 2019

If you’re like most Australians, you probably don’t think about your energy plan all too often. But what if your energy company also gave you movie tickets? Would it become something worth a second thought? Lumo …

Can you power your swimming pool with solar?

Posted by February 4th 2019

Owning a backyard pool is an Aussie dream, albeit an expensive one. Installation and purchase costs aside, a typical in-ground pool can account for 17% of a home’s electricity usage, potentially adding $800 to $1,200 …

Electricity Price Rises & Changes

Posted by February 14th 2019

Keep up to date with new electricity plans, rates and discounts with Canstar Blue. We compare energy prices across NSW, QLD, VIC and SA.

man working on power lines

Compare NSW Electricity Prices

Posted by February 14th 2019

Who is the cheapest electricity provider in NSW? Compare average costs between energy companies in NSW and find the best deal at Canstar Blue.


Compare South Australia Electricity Prices

Posted by February 14th 2019

South Australians pay through the nose for electricity, but there are good offers out there if you shop around. Review plans at Canstar Blue.

SEQ electricity providers

Compare Queensland Electricity Prices

Posted by February 14th 2019

Think you’re paying too much for electricity in Queensland? You’re probably right. Compare plans and prices from different providers.