Electricity Metering Charges Explained

Posted by September 18th 2018

Every home and business connected to the grid has an electricity meter to record their power use. It is generally the responsibility of retailers to install, read and maintain these energy meters, however this sometimes …

Electricity Demand Tariffs Explained

Posted by September 3rd 2018

What is a demand tariff? Canstar Blue explains how demand tariffs work and what you need to know to avoid the biggest bill shock of your life.


Compare South Australia Electricity Prices

Posted by September 14th 2018

South Australians pay through the nose for electricity, but there are good offers out there if you shop around. Review plans at Canstar Blue.

SEQ electricity providers

Compare Queensland Electricity Prices

Posted by September 14th 2018

Think you’re paying too much for electricity in Queensland? You’re probably right. Compare plans and prices from different providers.

man working on power lines

Compare NSW Electricity Prices

Posted by September 14th 2018

Who is the cheapest electricity provider in NSW? Compare average costs between energy companies in NSW and find the best deal at Canstar Blue.

Aerial view of Melbourne city at night.

Compare Victoria Electricity Prices

Posted by September 14th 2018

Who has the cheapest electricity prices in Victoria? Canstar Blue has compared plans, discounts and costs from the big providers to help you find a better deal.

The Costco of power supply: Energy retailer promises wholesale prices

Posted by August 30th 2018

One of Australia’s smallest energy retailers has launched what it calls the country’s “most transparent” power plan, with customers given access to Costco-style wholesale rates. Energy Locals, which currently operates in New South Wales, the ACT …

Canberra (ACT) Electricity Guide

Posted by August 30th 2018

Canberra does things a little differently to other parts of Australia when it comes to power. For starters, electricity prices are regulated – which means the government determines exactly what you pay (fitting for a …