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Fixed rate provider Tango Energy launches in QLD and SA

Posted by September 22nd 2021

An established Melbourne-based provider has made its debut in Queensland and South Australia, offering a deal that locks in electricity rates for a set period of time. Queenslanders and South Australians can now sign up to …

Electricity Supply Charges Explained

Electricity Supply Charges: Costs per Day

Posted by September 27th 2021

Finding the right energy plan for you means understanding your typical power usage, but it also involves picking a provider with a competitive supply charge. While you might try to cut back on how much …

kWh Explained

What is a kWh and ‘watt’ does it cost you?

Posted by September 27th 2021

You may have noticed on your power bill that you are charged per ‘kWh’ for electricity – but what does that even mean? It can be pretty tricky to wrap your head around some of …

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What is a good rate for electricity?

Posted by September 27th 2021

Not all energy plans are created equal when it comes to the underlying costs you’ll be paying for powering your home. That’s why it’s important that you’re able to identify a good electricity rate when …

Electricity usages charges explained

Electricity Usage Charges: Costs per kWh

Posted by September 27th 2021

Canstar Blue explains what an electricity usage charge is, where you will find it on your bill, and how to tell if you’re paying too much.

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Mandatory labels for electric vehicles in Queensland by October

Posted by September 21st 2021

Queenslanders that own an electric vehicle (EV) will soon be required to label their car under new safety regulations from the state government. As of 1 October 2021, all EVs including hybrid, as well as hydrogen …

Electricity Fees & Charges Explained

Electricity fees and charges explained

Posted by September 22nd 2021

If there’s one thing Aussies like less than energy companies, it’s their hidden fees and charges. Unfortunately for customers, most residential electricity plans usually include a few extra fees, however many of these are avoidable. …