Jared Mullane

Jared Mullane Jared Mullane is a Canstar Blue journalist covering the retail energy market. Whether it's electricity, gas or both, he's keen to share his insights and knowledge to help Aussies save money on household energy costs.

Tesla Electric Vehicle

A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Cars

Posted by May 20th 2019

Are electric cars the future of motoring? Learn about model types, batteries, charging stations, technology & more with Canstar Blue’s guide.

Energy Bill Comparison

Energy Bill Comparison

Posted by May 17th 2019

View power bills from six of Australia’s largest energy providers. Compare electricity invoices with Canstar Blue’s guide.

EnergyAustralia Anytime Saver

EnergyAustralia Anytime Saver Review

Posted by May 16th 2019

Review the rates, prices and discounts of EnergyAustralia’s Anytime Saver plan in your state. Compare energy plans with Canstar Blue.

Powershop App Review

Posted by May 8th 2019

Find out how the Powershop app can help you manage your energy account from your smartphone. Learn all about the app with Canstar Blue’s review.

Origin Energy App Review

Origin Energy App Review

Posted by May 8th 2019

Origin Energy joins a number of power providers in Australia investing in smartphone apps, releasing its own version back in 2017. Today, Origin customers can look after their account and bills from the convenience of …

EnergyAustralia App Reviewed

EnergyAustralia App Review

Posted by May 8th 2019

Does the EnergyAustralia app really help you keep on top of electricity usage? Find out with Canstar Blue’s review of EnergyAustralia’s app.

AGL Energy app reviewed

AGL Energy App Review

Posted by May 8th 2019

With so many energy retailers launching account management apps, it’s hard to know if these online tools are really worth downloading and engaging with. As the technology continues to advance, monitoring your electricity and gas …

Smart Meter phone intergration

How to get a smart meter

Posted by May 8th 2019

Learn how to get a smart meter at your property to track energy consumption. Find out if digital meters could help you save money on power bills.

Power Outage Guide

What you need to know about power outages

Posted by April 24th 2019

Discover everything you need to know about gas and electricity outages in Australia. Read our guide to learn what to do in a blackout.