Jared Mullane

Jared Mullane Jared is the energy editor at Canstar Blue, reporting on news and trends within the retail market. Equipped with a Bachelor of Journalism from Griffith University, Jared has a wide range of experience writing for financial comparison sites. Today, he is in regular contact with key stakeholders to deliver industry-leading stories packed with useful insights. Whether it’s base rates, sign-up incentives or good old-fashioned service, Jared’s keen to help Aussie consumers find a better deal on their electricity, gas or solar. Jared also has an interest in electric vehicles, emerging energy technologies and off-grid capabilities. Aside from staying on top of headlines across the energy sector, Jared’s a proud father and family man who enjoys watching the rugby league and reading history.

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Compare Cheapest Electricity Plans in NSW

Posted by October 26th 2021

Who is the cheapest electricity provider in NSW? Compare average costs between energy companies in NSW and find the best deal at Canstar Blue.

Dishwasher drawer open with cutlery and plates

The real cost of using your dishwasher

Posted by October 25th 2021

Are dishwashers any cheaper than washing dishes by hand? Canstar Blue breaks down the real cost of using a dishwasher.

Solar panels on Australian roof with trees in background

Solar feed-in tariff changes in Australia

Posted by October 22nd 2021

If you’re like most Australians who installed a solar energy system, you did so with the aim of reducing your electricity bills. The solar feed-in tariff (FiT) you receive from your energy provider is key …

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Expert Picks: Best Value Energy Plans VIC (Oct 2021)

Posted by October 22nd 2021

There has been a lot of confusing changes to the Victorian energy market over the years, including the way power companies advertise their products. This can make finding the right electricity plan a little difficult, …

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Expert Picks: Best Value Energy Plans NSW (Oct 2021)

Posted by October 22nd 2021

Despite recent changes to how energy providers can advertise their plans, comparing and finding the best deal for your circumstances is still quite tricky. But with huge savings potentially on offer, it pays to do …

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Expert Picks: Best Value Energy Plans QLD (Oct 2021)

Posted by October 22nd 2021

The South East Queensland electricity market has undergone a swathe of regulatory changes, most notably with the introduction of ‘fairer’ default energy pricing. These changes may have set a new reference point for pricing; however, …

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Expert Picks: Best Value Energy Plans SA (Oct 2021)

Posted by October 22nd 2021

South Australians are slugged with some of the highest energy prices in the country. Even in the wake of industry reforms designed to make comparing electricity plans ‘fairer’ and easier for customers, the playing field …

Energy cost of washing machine

Washing Machine Running Costs

Posted by October 25th 2021

How much does it cost to do a load of washing? Canstar Blue takes a close look at what your washing machine adds to your electricity and water bills.

Home with solar panels on roof

Solar Feed-In Tariffs NSW

Posted by October 22nd 2021

To cut a long story short, solar feed-in tariffs (FiTs) are similar to the ‘Return and Earn’ scheme in New South Wales, where people return containers in exchange for a refund. However, instead of being …