Jared Mullane

Jared Mullane Jared Mullane is an energy journalist at Canstar Blue, reporting on news and trends within the retail market. Whether it’s base rates, sign-up incentives or good old-fashioned customer service, Jared aims to help Aussies find a better deal on their power. His candid approach to an often-convoluted industry can be credited to his background in journalism. Aside from what’s making headlines, Jared also has an interest in electric vehicles, household energy efficiency and off-grid technologies.

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The best kept secret helping Queenslanders save on energy bills

Posted by March 2nd 2021

It’s the best kept secret in Queensland energy, saving households hundreds of dollars a year. But fewer than 10,000 Queenslanders are actually aware of it. We’re talking about the small energy companies offering some of the …

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Queensland energy prices have crashed – time to cash in

Posted by March 1st 2021

Annual electricity costs in South East Queensland have tumbled by almost $200 over the last two years, Canstar Blue analysis shows. Prices up to 31 per cent less than the Reference Price are on offer to …

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NSW energy prices are falling – now’s the time to save

Posted by March 1st 2021

More than 35 retailers, unprecedented price competition, and a significant reduction in the regulated tariff means there’s never been a better time for New South Wales households to start saving on their energy bills. However, official …

House with solar panels and QLD solar feed-in tariffs

QLD Solar Feed-In Tariffs

Posted by March 1st 2021

From Coolangatta to Cairns and Toowoomba to Mt Isa, Queensland is a hotbed for sunshine, which explains why solar installations are through the roof right now. While there’s little debate over the benefits of solar …

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NSW Solar Feed-In Tariffs

Posted by March 1st 2021

To cut a long story short, solar feed-in tariffs (FiTs) are similar to the ‘Return and Earn’ scheme in New South Wales, where people return containers in exchange for a refund. However, instead of being …

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Default Market Offer prices set to plummet in 2021

Posted by February 18th 2021

Aussies on costly standing offer plans are set to see their power bills fall after the energy regulator released its draft pricing proposal for the Default Market Offer (DMO) in 2021-22. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) …

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GloBird Energy price drop bonanza in NSW, VIC and SA

Posted by February 15th 2021

GloBird Energy has emerged as South Australia’s cheapest electricity provider, while also dropping prices in NSW and re-introducing two value-packed plans in Victoria. The GloSave deal in SA comes with generous discounts for paying on time …

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Victoria Solar Feed-In Tariffs

Posted by March 1st 2021

There are so many reasons to install solar panels in Victoria, but most people just want to know how much they’ll be able to save on energy bills. Despite a plethora of contributing factors to …