Jared Mullane

Jared Mullane Jared Mullane is an energy journalist at Canstar Blue, reporting on news and trends within the retail market. Whether it’s base rates, sign-up incentives or good old-fashioned customer service, Jared aims to help Aussies find a better deal on their power. His candid approach to an often-convoluted industry can be credited to his background in journalism. Aside from what’s making headlines, Jared also has an interest in electric vehicles, household energy efficiency and off-grid technologies.

Energy Customer Hardship Policies Explained

Posted by October 14th 2019

Experiencing financial hardship and struggling to pay your energy bills? Learn about your rights as a consumer in this Canstar Blue guide.

Single Rate Tariffs Explained

Single Rate Tariffs Explained

Posted by December 4th 2019

Find out what a single rate tariff is and if this type of energy plan structure is right for you. Learn everything you need to know about single rate tariffs.

Halogen Light Bulbs Explained

Posted by October 3rd 2019

Are halogen light bulbs the most efficient when it comes to your home? Learn about pricing, specs and more in this Canstar Blue guide.

Red Energy Qantas Points

How to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points with Red Energy

Posted by November 28th 2019

Red Energy has teamed up with Qantas to offer two new electricity and gas products that bring bonus Frequent Flyer points. With the Qantas Red Saver and the Qantas Red Plus, customers can accumulate up …

Incandescent Bulbs Guide

Incandescent Light Bulbs Explained

Posted by October 2nd 2019

Incandescent light bulbs have been illuminating homes since the late 1800s, but is this globe past its heyday? Find out with Canstar Blue.

Switching Gas Suppliers Guide

Posted by September 26th 2019

Whether it’s natural gas or LPG, find out how switching gas suppliers may help you find a better deal. Learn more with Canstar Blue.

How to get free Kayo for a year with Alinta Energy

Posted by November 28th 2019

Alinta Energy has released a new electricity deal tailored to sporting fans, with the introduction of the ‘Sports Pack Energy Plan’. The electricity and gas retailer has teamed up with online streaming service Kayo to offer new …

Ways to Save on Electricity

9 Ways to Save on Electricity Costs

Posted by December 4th 2019

Reduce your electricity usage and save. Canstar Blue has 9 simple tips to help reduce your next electricity bill.

Alinta Energy No Fuss

Alinta Energy ‘No Fuss’ Review

Posted by November 28th 2019

Compare rates, prices and terms of Alinta Energy’s No Fuss plan in your state. Find out if this electricity and gas plan is right for you.