Kelseigh Wrigley

Kelseigh Wrigley Kelseigh Wrigley is an energy content producer at Canstar Blue, covering all things consumer related. As a qualified journalist, Kelseigh aims to light the way for everyday Aussies, helping them find a better deal on their energy plan. Whether it's value for money, new incentives, deals on gas or solar, Kelseigh is keen to help customers put money back in their pockets.

LPG cylinders in cage

What is LPG?

Posted by June 23rd 2021

While the classic white gas canister is a familiar sight at family gatherings, camping trips and Bunnings’ sausage sizzles, many of us may not know what LPG is or how this gas is sourced in …

Windmills on the hillside

Powershop rolls out carbon neutral plan with new ways to pay

Posted by June 22nd 2021

One of Australia’s greenest energy retailers has switched the way its customers pay for power across the east coast, now offering a simpler approach to billing, previously only available to Victorian customers. Powershop’s 100% Carbon Neutral …

Calculator next to money and a notepad

Queensland energy prices have crashed – time to cash in

Posted by June 18th 2021

Annual electricity costs in South East Queensland have tumbled by almost $200 over the last two years, Canstar Blue analysis shows. Prices up to 31 per cent less than the Reference Price are on offer to …

People removing solar panels from roof

Recycling Solar Panels in Australia

Posted by November 15th 2021

While the solar boom of the early 2000s is now well and truly behind us, some Australians are finding their solar panels’ performance slowing down, and the question of where to recycle these systems are …

Light bulb and piggy bank

NSW energy prices are falling – now’s the time to save

Posted by June 18th 2021

More than 35 retailers, unprecedented price competition, and a significant reduction in the regulated tariff means there’s never been a better time for New South Wales households to start saving on their energy bills. However, official …

Solar Panels on Australian Roof

LG launches new solar range fit to endure Aussie climate

Posted by November 15th 2021

Soaking up the benefits of solar in Australia just got a whole lot easier as LG Electronics launched its new range of panels, claiming to be a good match for our climate down under. The LG …

Coal truck in mining area

Electric vehicles tipped to boost struggling NSW coal industry

Posted by June 10th 2021

A New South Wales government report has revealed that the state’s coal mining industry could disappear in the next two decades as global demand for the commodity shrinks due to lowering emissions targets worldwide. An uptake …

Australian cash notes

Why now’s a good time to compare energy deals

Posted by June 10th 2021

There are few times more likely to see Aussies scrutinising their household bills than in June, when both tax returns and winter heating costs are looming. There’s another good reason to be particularly bill-conscious mid-year, …