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Expert Guide: EnergyAustralia Business Energy Review and Ratings

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EnergyAustralia is one of Australia’s largest energy retailers, offering a variety of natural gas and electricity plans across the country.

The provider claims it is committed to providing energy services which help to keep running costs low, offering a number of energy management tools particularly targeted at its business customers. With renewables and energy efficiency as a major focus for EnergyAustralia, it stands its ground as a leading retailer in the market, but are its services right for your business? Find out with Canstar Blue.

EnergyAustralia Business Energy Plans

EnergyAustralia provides a range of electricity, natural gas and solar products for small and large businesses, including industrial-sized corporations. As a reputable business energy provider, EnergyAustralia claims to offer online management services, competitive deals and tailored products to increase energy efficiency. Find out some of the finer details of its business electricity plans below.

EnergyAustralia Business Balance Plan

The Business Balance Plan is a variable rate deal with a two year benefit period. This product offers no exit fees, a three-month billing cycle and online payment options. Given this deal doesn’t lock in prices, business customers should be watchful of the rates on their bills, however if rates do change, EnergyAustralia should let you know in advance.

EnergyAustralia Basic Business

The Basic Business plan is EnergyAustralia’s simplest electricity plan, offering standard rates with no discounts for businesses. Also referred to as a default offer, this product offers variable rates and no exit fees with an ongoing benefit period. Bill-payers can expect a three-month billing cycle, with online payment options available.

Business Carbon Neutral Flexi Plan

As the name suggests, the Business Carbon Neutral Flexi plan is the provider’s more environmentally-friendly option. This deal offers variable rates and offsets any carbon emissions from customers’ electricity usage at no additional cost to your bill. EnergyAustralia’s carbon offsetting for business customers is done through the purchasing of carbon units from projects which meet the eligibility requirements of the government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. 

EnergyAustralia Business Gas

EnergyAustralia’s business natural gas plans are very similar to its electricity options. We listed these details below.

EnergyAustralia Business Balance Plan Gas

The Business Balance Plan Gas product is EnergyAustralia’s two-year, variable rate offering. Like most of the plans on offer, this gas plan also comes with no exit fees, online payment options and a bi-monthly billing cycle.

EnergyAustralia Basic Business Gas

In line with its name, the Basic Business Gas product is EnergyAustralia’s bare-bones deal, with variable rates on an ongoing contract. You can still expect no exit fees, monthly billing and online payment options on this plan too.

EnergyAustralia Business Solar

EnergyAustralia also offers solar panel and battery installation for larger industrial and commercial businesses. Working with its partner company Cherry Energy Solutions, EnergyAustralia can tailor a solar solution for your business based on your usage and supply demands. Grants and incentives towards solar installation and maintenance can also be accessed through this option.


EnergyAustralia Business Energy Services

EnergyAustralia also offers a variety of services to help its small and large business owners maximise energy usage whilst minimising costs. These include:

  • Multi-site business care
  • LED lighting
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Demand Response
  • Commercial & Industrial Energy Monitoring
  • My Account Large Business
  • Business GreenPower

Multi-site Business Care

EnergyAustralia’s multi-site business care is a service designed to help large businesses with up to 10 sites or more. This service claims to provide dedicated account management in order to determine the best energy usage for your business. By providing tailored plans and assistance in self-generated energy, EnergyAustralia states it can determine areas where businesses may be able to reduce consumption and avoid high peak times. Under this service, EnergyAustralia can also consolidate a monthly invoice summary for all work sites, allowing a full overview of the expected energy costs of each site in one document.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is another area in which EnergyAustralia can assist businesses in saving energy and costs. In partnership with specialist commercial lighting group, Cherry Energy Solutions, EnergyAustralia can provide effective lighting solutions which not only save energy consumption, but improve the safety and durability of your workspace. These solutions are all Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) and Essential Services Commission (ESC) approved and compliant with the Regulatory Compliance Marks in Australia.

Power Factor Correction

Like most business energy providers, EnergyAustralia also offers power factor correction services. This service works by providing tailored equipment to help maximise energy production, while reducing the demand on the electricity grid. As most businesses are charged extra for the demand and pressure their energy usage places on the grid, power factor correction units ensure businesses are making the most of their energy usage, without breaking the bank. EnergyAustralia offer installation of power factor correction units to help minimise energy waste and costs.

Demand Response

EnergyAustralia also offers assistance in demand response through its initiative ‘ResponsePro’. With ResponsePro, businesses are able to participate in demand response – a process where customers receive financial incentives for reducing their energy consumption during high electricity demand times – with minimal set-up costs. To participate, businesses simply resort to back-up generational power, such as batteries, and reduce energy consumption of higher usage machinery for a period of time, typically between one and four hours. As a reward for doing so, business customers will receive a financial incentive on their invoice for the decrease in demand placed on the grid.

Commercial & Industrial Energy Monitoring

This service from EnergyAustralia allows businesses to access insights to help optimise energy consumption. Through the online portal ‘InsightsPro’ large businesses can access timely energy consumption data and costs estimates, allowing them to set-up alerts of abnormal consumption, avoid peak demand times, identify offline systems and conduct predictive maintenance. The analytical tools available on InsightsPro essentially allow businesses to make more informed energy decisions.

My Account Large Business

The My Account Large Business online portal is another service that EnergyAustralia provides to its customers that helps them manage their energy usage. This online portal allows businesses to easily download invoices, average daily consumption profiles and meter data for specific date ranges. My Account Large Business also provides the option of online payment for bills, with explainers and guides also available to breakdown your billing costs.

EnergyAustralia Business GreenPower

GreenPower is also an initiative available to EnergyAustralia’s small and large business customers. As an accredited GreenPower provider, EnergyAustralia give the option of 10%, 25% or 100% GreenPower on all of its business energy plans, however these do come at an additional weekly cost. GreenPower can help businesses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by allowing their energy provider to purchase and invest in renewable energy sources, like solar farms, wind turbines and hydro damns.

Contact Information and Details

If you would like to speak to someone at EnergyAustralia directly regarding business energy, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Small business customers: 1800 146 749
  • Faults and Emergencies: 133 466
  • Solar for businesses: 1800 687 728
  • Large business customers: 1300 362 466
  • Multi-site business help: 1800 116 762
  • Postal address: SME Sales Team, EnergyAustralia, Locked Bag 14060, Melbourne City Mail Centre, VIC, 8001

Where does EnergyAustralia offer Business Energy?

If you’re wondering what business services EnergyAustralia is offering in your state, look no further than the table below. We summarise what you can expect to find if you’re thinking about switching your business to EnergyAustralia in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, ACT and WA.

State Electricity? Gas?

How do customers rate EnergyAustralia Business Energy?

Small business electricity customers across Australia gave EnergyAustralia 4 out of 5 stars for overall satisfaction in our 2023 customer ratings report.

EnergyAustralia Business Electricity Provider

Canstar Blue
Award: Overall Satisfction

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EnergyAustralia Business Energy FAQs

About EnergyAustralia

Formally known as TruEnergy, EnergyAustralia was first established in 1995. As one of the biggest energy retailers in the country, this retailer provides electricity and gas to customers in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT, with electricity also on offer in south-east Queensland.

What business services does EnergyAustralia offer?

Here’s a list of services EnergyAustralia offers to its small and large business customers:

  • Multi-site business care
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Power factor correction units
  • Demand response control via online portal
  • Commercial and industrial energy monitoring
  • Online energy monitoring software
  • Sustainable energy tips and tricks

Is EnergyAustralia right for my business?

Electricity is often the largest overhead for most businesses so finding the right plan is extremely vital. While EnergyAustralia is one of the most reputable companies in the energy retail market, it’s always best to contact the company directly for a personalised quote before making a purchase decision. It always pays to compare business electricity providers when looking for a suitable deal.