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Which soft drink is top of the pops for Aussies?

Soft drink may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are plenty of us who don’t mind a bit of fizz as a way to compliment a meal, or to quench your thirst on a hot day. But like many things on the supermarket shelves, there’s plenty of debate about which is the best. To help make sure that any soft drink debates you have don’t spill over, we’ve surveyed about 3,100 Australians to find out just which brand they prefer, if they drank soft drink at all. We’ve poured over the results, with one brand a clear winner.

Australia’s favourite soft drink brand


When asked which soft drink brand they favour, Coca-Cola proved a clear winner for Australians:

  • Coca-Cola: 30%
  • Schweppes: 11%
  • Pepsi: 10%
  • Bundaberg: 8%
  • Kirks: 4%
  • Coles: 3%
  • Woolworths: 2%

4% of survey respondents listed another brand, while 30% of all respondents said they don’t drink soft drinks at all. Of those that do knock back a glass or two, 20% said they drink soft drink every day, while 20% have tried to give it up. 26% said that they feel guilty for drinking soft drink, while 31% buy the sugar free varieties because they think they’re healthier.

Australia’s favourite soft drink flavour

Fizzy drinks

Are you a fan of a simple lemonade, or do you have a craving for something different to refresh after a long day? The top soft drinks flavours of Australians are listed below:

  • Cola: 46%
  • Lemonade: 14%
  • Ginger ale: 10%
  • Orange:4%
  • Creaming Soda: 3%
  • Vanilla: 3%

Tonic, Lemon Lime and Bitters, Pasito, sarsaparilla and soda water each scored around 2%, with 15% of survey respondents siding with a flavour not listed above.

Cola was the favourite flavour across all age groups and demographics, with lemonade and ginger ale consistently making up the top three for each age group.

While there are plenty of brands and flavours available on shelves for shoppers to choose from, it looks like Aussies are well and truly stuck in their ways when it comes to soft drink.

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