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Woolworths launches a digital wallet for shoppers

No Wallet? No Worries. Woolworths shoppers can now pay for groceries using a digital wallet linked to their Everyday Rewards card.

The supermarket’s new digital wallet offering called ‘Everyday Pay’ is currently still in the trial phase in select locations, but will likely be rolled out nationwide imminently.

The digital wallet will be available via the Everyday Rewards app (as a digital copy of your Everyday Rewards card) and will allow shoppers to collect rewards points and make payments at checkout.

You’ll be able to add your credit or debit card to your Everyday Rewards app, as well as gift cards. You also get the option to select the digital wallet as your preferred payment option when adding your Everyday Rewards card to your phone.

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How to add your Everyday Rewards card to your phone

If you’re an Everyday Rewards member with an iPhone 6 (or later) or an Android phone (Lollipop 5.0 or later), you can simply head online to Everyday Rewards, enter your details and your card will be sent to you via SMS.

Once your Everyday Rewards is added to your phone:

  • Choose ‘Automatically Select’ to set Everyday Pay as your preferred payment option, so you won’t have to open your Apple Wallet to tap and pay
  • Select ‘Automatic Updates’ to have your points balance and other details automatically refreshed

How to collect your Everyday Rewards points at checkout

  1. Look for the Everyday Rewards prompt on the PIN pad at checkout
  2. Unlock your phone and hold it to the PIN pad until Everyday Pay comes up
  3. Wait to see the blue tick which means your points have been added
  4. Make your payment via Everyday Pay

Woolworths says the new digital wallet would help streamline checkouts and speed up shopping times for customers making card payments. Check with your bank to see if your payment card is eligible.

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