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Electric Shaver vs Razor: What’s the difference?

Whether you’re shaving a beard, legs or even your head, deciding between an electric shaver and a razor can be a tough choice. It ultimately comes down to individual preference, but it doesn’t hurt to know what’s out there. Whether you’re more of a traditional clean-shaven person, or happy with something with a touch more length, this guide can help you understand the ins and outs of razors and electric shavers.

A quick guide to razors

There are two main types of razors – disposable cartridge razors with a three to five blade variety and safety razors, smaller steel devices that hold double edged razor blades. Multi-blade disposable razors can cause skin irritation and ingrown hairs as opposed to the double blade razors that can give a clean and close shave. However, the difference between a disposable razor and a safety razor are relatively slim.

Benefits of using a razor

There are a number of pros associated with using traditional razors:

  • A closer shave 
  • More control over where the blades move on your body
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Easier to use and maintain
  • Don’t require batteries or charging

Although there are benefits to using a razor, a couple of drawbacks include needing to wet or lather your face before using, which means added costs associated with shaving creams or balms. Another issue may be getting small nicks and cuts using an open blade, but this can be avoided by using a little more time and precision and not rushing. 

How much do razors cost?

Razors for men and women can start at just $2.50 and reach upwards of $30 depending on the number of razors in packs, the design and the brand. Name brands will sit at the higher end of the price range, whereas home brands will generally be cheaper and of a lesser quality. 

A quick guide to electric shavers

Electric shavers have become an increasingly popular appliance used for shaving. They come in a number of designs, the main two being foil and oscillating. A foil shaver uses a blade-covering foil to provide a closer shave and the oscillating shaver uses a rotating blade that provides an even shave, however not as close. Overall shavers don’t provide as clean or close a shave as a razor, but they are more convenient and much safer to use. 

Benefits of using an electric shaver

The main benefits of using an electric shaver include:

  • Harder to cut or nick yourself
  • Require less technical skill or expertise while shaving
  • Much quicker and simpler to use
  • Saves time on shaving

Some of the drawbacks to using an electric shaver include a less precise shave and potential irritation to the skin if you’re prone to razor burn or rashes. Because there are multiple blades moving back and forth, they can irritate the skin and cause razor burn, so they may not be a recommended product for some with extra sensitive skin. 

How much do electric shavers’ cost?

Electric shavers come in a variety of models and sizes, so the price range is quite broad from $20 to $600. You can choose from pocket sized shavers that are easy to take with you when you travel, or larger shavers that offer more features and benefits. 

Should I choose an electric shaver or razor?

Although they both have their individual benefits and setbacks, whether you use an electric shaver or razor will come down to individual preference. For some a closer shave is preferred if you have the time, and for others that lack time and only require some maintenance an electric razor may be the best choice. Compare electric shavers to see which may be the best choice for you.

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