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Posted by Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito January 15th 2019

Billabong BBQs Review & Guide

Fire up the grill with Billabong’s hot selection of barbecues available at Barbecues Galore. The brand is described as an ideal place to start roasting for home chefs, with popular cooking methods such as Low & Slow. Beginners might also find the product range hard to resist, with a number of starter packs and smaller barbecues on the table. Some of the products include kettle BBQs, offset smoker models and a two-burner on trolley BBQ. Check out our guide below to see a number of the barbecues available and their prices.

Billabong BBQs

Billabong is generally a budget-friendly barbecue brand, which seems to specialise in models for BBQ beginners, or those looking to keep things fairly simply. But just because the prices are cheap, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a budget barbecue. If you’re looking for a basic BBQ for those summer afternoons in the garden, Billabong is likely to have something for you. Its BBQs include:

  • The Billabong Tabletop Kettle BBQ: $60.95
  • The Billabong Kettle BBQ: $159
  • The Billabong 2 on Trolley BBQ: $249
  • The Billabong Offset Smoker Bundle $262.80

Billabong Tabletop Kettle BBQ

billabong tabletop kettle bbq review

Don’t have enough space for a full-sized barbecue at home? The Billabong Tabletop Kettle model is a bite-sized unit you can fit pretty much anywhere. Featuring a firebox with a high temperature painted steel design, the unit sits on a stand and offers approximately 335mm worth of cooking space. Some of the features are said to include:

  • Kettle style barbeque
  • Runs on charcoal
  • Chrome Plated Steel cooking grill
  • Removable windshield
  • Upper and lower air vents
  • Easy assembly

The Billabong Tabletop Kettle comes with a 1 year warranty on its Firebox, as well as other parts.

  • RRP: $60.95

Billabong Kettle BBQ

Billabong Kettle BBQ

Love the Billabong Tabletop Kettle, but need more room to sizzle? The Billabong Kettle style barbecue is a large alternative, offering convenient features like a large removable ash catcher and a bottom storage shelf. It also has two wheels attached to move the unit around.

  • Main cooking area measuring approximately 538mm
  • Charcoal BBQ
  • Porcelain Enamelled Steel
  • Mild Steel fire grate
  • XL temperature gauge.

The Billabong Kettle BBQ includes a 1 year warranty on the Firebox and all other components.

  • RRP: $159

Billabong 2 on Trolley BBQ

Billabong 2 on Trolley BBQ

Want a barbecue that will keep the juices in, and prevent any cooking fat from leaking out? The brand claims the Billabong 2 on Trolley is pressed from one sheet of metal, which apparently helps the body of the barbecue stay strong and durable. This is said to prevent any cooking fat from leaking out like other lower priced models on the market.

The Billabong 2 on Trolley might be something to consider if you want a pretty versatile Billabong barbecue. The integrated warming rack is designed to add extra cooking space, or allow roasting capabilities. Other features include:

  • Uses LPG fuel
  • Cast Iron cooking grill
  • Freestanding unit.

The Billabong 2 on Trolley includes two main burners, with each burner using 9.5 Megajoules.

  • RRP: $249

Billabong Offset Smoker Bundle

billabong bbq bundle

New to the world of barbecuing? Or are you just hungry for a barbecue that will give you value for your buck? The Billabong Offset Smoker Bundle has a couple of features to satisfy the curious cook at home.

The bundle includes the Billabong Pro Smoke Charcoal Chimney Starter, plus a useful tool for people who have difficulties with firing up their BBQ charcoal. The pack even includes a Stubbs BBQ Spice Rub for people who also need a little help in the taste department. If you’re just starting out in the world of Low & Slow barbecuing, you might also be happy to know the Billabong Offset Smoker is apparently easy to transport. So, you can simultaneously cook and entertain for hours.

Some features include:

  • Durable steel lid and firebox
  • Vitreous enameled steel grills
  • Chrome warming rack
  • side shelf
  • Temperature gauge.

The Billabong Offset Smoker Bundle Pack is similarly available for a slightly lower price.

  • RRP: $262.80

Does Billabong grill other BBQ brands?

Start sizzling with Billabong’s range of budget-friendly barbecues. The product selection includes a small number of kettle units, offset smoker models, and a two-burner on trolley BBQ. Billabong seems to be a particularly hot option for beginners, especially with starter packs like the Billabong Pro Smoke Charcoal Chimney Starter. Compared to some units on the market, models like the Billabong Kettle and Billabong Kettle Tabletop are also smaller in size. This might encourage new cooks to take up more barbecuing due to a potentially less intimidating setup.

Billabong has earned a respectable rating in our customer satisfaction surveys. It has received consistent results across categories such as value for money, cooking performance, ease of cleaning and durability. Other brands to compare and consider include Ziegler & Brown, Weber and Jumbuck. Hit the link below to visit our latest ratings report.

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