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A brand from Nature’s Organics, Earth Choice has taken off with a wide range of eco-friendly and affordable home cleaning products, found in major supermarkets and local retailers. The full product range uses plant and mineral based ingredients and is accredited as cruelty free by CCF (Choose Cruelty Free), Australia’s peak body for certifying products free from animal testing.

One of Earth Choice’s key values is environmental sustainability and it produces cleaning products that are grey water and septic system safe. Here is a guide to the full range of Earth Choice cleaning products to help you decide if it’s the right brand for you and your home.

Earth Choice Bathroom & Shower Cleaner

Earth Choice Bathroom and Shower

The plant and mineral-based Earth Choice Bathroom & Shower Cleaner contains no chlorine or solvents and claims to combat build-up of dirt and grime. Earth Choice recommends using it for various surfaces from tiles and shower curtains to spas and bench tops. You should read the product label for a full list of surfaces and spot test on inconspicuous areas before use. Standard size is a 600ml spray bottle.

Earth Choice Floor Cleaners

For a plant based antibacterial floor cleaner that aims to remove dirt and grime, you may like to give a try to Earth Choice Floor & Surface Cleaner. It can be used undiluted on surface or diluted in a bucket for floors. Standard size is a 1L recyclable bottle.

Earth Choice Wooden Floor Cleaners

Earth Choice Wood Surface Cleaner

To help leave wooden surfaces hygienically clean, the Earth Choice Wooden Floor & Surface Cleaner has antibacterial properties with no petrochemicals, alcohol, ammonia or phosphates.  It is not recommended to use on unfinished or unsealed wood surfaces. Standard size is a 750ml bottle.

Another option for wooden materials is Earth Choice Wood Cleaner & Polish. It is designed to clean, protect and restore shine, while leaving behind a fresh citrus fragrance. It is formulated without any alcohol, ammonia or phosphates and is available in a 250ml spray.

Earth Choice Toilet Cleaner (Aqua Fresh, Wild Lavender)

Coming in a choice of two fragrances – appealing Aqua Fresh and the fragrant Wild Lavender – Earth Choice Toilet Cleaner promises to disinfect and clean your toilet without any harsh chemicals. It’s free from petrochemical cleansers and chlorine. This product comes in a 750ml bottle, made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

Earth Choice Multipurpose Cleaners

Earth Choice Multipurpose Cleaner

Naturally plant based ingredients in the Earth Choice Multi-Purpose Spray claim to help create a fresh and hygienic clean. It promises to remove dirt & grime while leaving behind a fresh, citrus scent.  It is competitively designed to wipe away the mess on your bench tops and cook tops as well as showers, toilets and tiles.

  • Earth Choice Kitchen Cleaner is specifically intended for kitchen cleaning, aiming to get rid of grease, dirt and grime. You may like to give a try to Earth Choice Kitchen Cleaner to clean your kitchen bench tops, stovetops & fridges and leave your kitchen smelling citrus fresh.
  • Earth Choice Glass Surface& Window Cleaner is designed for glass, chrome, stainless steel, laminate, mirrors, appliances, counter tops and fixtures. It is plant based with no chlorine or ammonia, aiming to clean dirt & grime and leave surfaces streak free.

Standard size for all cleaning sprays above is a 600ml recycled plastic bottle.

Earth Choice Cream Cleanser

Also designed for a variety of uses, Earth Choice Cream Cleanser is created with natural limestone and plant derived surfactants for a clean without nasty chemicals. It can be used for cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces, vitreous china, benches and baths. It claims to clean without surface scratching or chemical odours and is available in a 375ml bottle.

Earth Choice Dishwasher Detergents

Earth Choice All in One Dish Tablets

Earth Choice Dish Tablets

There are two varieties in the dishwasher tablets range – the core Earth Choice All in One Dish Tablets and its improved All in One Dish Tablets with Patented Stream Tab Technology. The original All in One Dish Tablets claims to cut through tough food residue and remove stains caused by grease and oil. This product is available in a 14 pack.

Earth Choice All in 1 Dish Tablets with Patented Stream Tab Technology has an in built Rinse Aid and is said to be odour neutralising with deep soaking action. Its plant and mineral based formula also claims to provide a superior clean to remove food residue and stains. This product is available in a 42 pack.

Both Dish Tablets use a dissolvable wrapper for a convenient use and are formulated to help reduce harmful impact on our environment. It is biodegradable to Australian standard and made from recyclable packaging.  For decorated glassware, silver and hand painted china it is recommended to wash by hand.

Earth Choice Dishwasher Powder

In the powder range, Earth Choice Dishwasher Powder is formulated similar to its tablets. It uses plant based ingredients, which are grey water and septic safe. It is designed for removal of food residue, stains & grease and is available in a 1kg recyclable bottle.

Earth Choice Dishwashing Liquid

Earth Choice Dishwashing Liquid

For a hand washing solution, Earth Choice offers standard and concentrated options for its dishwashing liquids. Earth Choice Dishwash Liquid aims to give value for money and comes in a Lemon Fresh scent. Its plant based ingredients claim to be tough on grease yet gentle on the environment and your hands. This product is available in a 1L recyclable plastic bottle.

Earth Choice Dishwash Concentrate

For a variety of fragrances you may like to give a try to Earth Choice Dishwash Concentrate. It is specially formulated with a concentrated formula for just a small squeeze that claims to cut through grease and baked on food. The refreshing fragrances are:

  • Green Tea & Lime
  • Lemon & Basil
  • Pomegranate
  • Naturally Naked
  • Blood Orange & Pomegranate

Naturally naked variant is fragrance and dye free to be gentle on skin. It contains Aloe-Vera extract to help soften hands during use and its plant based formula makes it completely vegan friendly.

Earth Choice Dishwash Concentrates are available in a 500ml bottle. Green Tea & Lime and Orange Zest fragrances are also available in a larger 900ml bottle.

Should I use Earth Choice cleaning products?

When deciding which cleaning brand to choose, there may be several factors to consider from value for money to environmental friendliness of a product. Earth Choice certainly aims to bring environmental sustainability and affordability across its full range. It also offers plenty of choice, with fragrances and packaging sizes. The downside to Earth Choice is that mineral and plant based ingredients might not always the strongest cleaning agents, but are ones that are better for the environment. This does not mean its products are not effective; it simply means its products provide as much cleaning as they can without causing damage to our planet. If reducing your environmental impact is important to you, Earth Choice might be the brand for you. If you would like to see how Earth Choice is rated by other Australian consumers, you can head on over to our comparison ratings.

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