Why a Rover lawn mower could be your new best friend

If you ever used to play red rover – or British Bulldog – at school, then you’ll know how good running on freshly-manicured grass felt, much to the groundsman’s ire. Chances are you were running on grass mowed by a Rover mower. Rover has a long-standing presence in Australian homes, having been here for 60 years. A lot’s changed in those 60 years, and mower technology has come a long way – has Rover stood the test of time? They have a comprehensive range of mowers to suit a variety of budgets and homes, so how do their models stack up?

What’s in the Rover lawn mower range?

Rover is an established mower company that makes mid-high end lawn mowers. Let’s have a look at their range.

lawn mover roverRover lawn mowers under $500

At a touch under $500 ($499 RRP to be exact), the Hi Wheeler is the standout in this price bracket. Featuring a 190cc engine and a 53cm-long deck, the Hi Wheeler (pictured) packs a punch to push through tough grass. To make things easier, this model features large rear wheels, which can aid in better handling on uneven ground. If you’ve got a hilly or lumpy yard, then this bad boy may be for you. It has a large rear mesh catcher, and Rover says the Hi Wheeler is ideal for yards around ½ to 1 acre. Considering most suburban blocks are smaller than this these days, a model like this will likely make short work of your yard and be begging for more work. If this model sounds a bit too hardcore for your needs, then you may want to consider these other models under $500:

Model Blaxland Flinders
Engine Size 159cc 159cc
Deck Size 46cm 46cm
Ideal Lawn Size ½ to 1 acre ½ to 1 acre
Other Features Rear discharge mesh catcher Rear discharge plastic catcher with mulching option
Price RRP $379 $449

Source: Rover website

Rover lawn mowers under $800

If your budget can stretch a little bit further and you desire a more high-end mower, then these friendly fellows may be for you. The standout model in this range is the Pro Cut 50. Retailing for $799, it packs in a whopping 196cc engine with a 51cm deck, of which is made of strengthened alloy for added durability. It also features a ‘vari-tilt’ system, which changes the cutting angle to go easily between cutting and mulching. It features a ‘Mulch n Catch’ rear discharge catcher so you can either catch the grass or mulch it. Handy! It’s rated for blocks around one acre, but if you don’t need a mower that’s cut out for a larger block then consider these options under $800:

Model Macquarie Oxley Challenger Regal MnC Regal Key Start Regal MnC Self Propelled
Engine Size 173cc 140cc 173cc 159cc 159cc 159cc
Deck Size 46cm 46cm 46cm 45cm 46cm 46cm
Ideal Lawn Size ½ – 1 acre ½ to 1 acre ½ to 1 acre < 1/2   acre ½ to 1 acre ½ to 1 acre
Other Features Mulching option Mulching option Self-propelled, mulch and catch Mulching option, reinforced alloy deck Key ignition start Mulching option, reinforced alloy deck
Price RRP $529 $569 $599 $599 $799 $799

Source: Rover website

lawnmower roverRover lawn mowers under $1,000

If you fancy yourself as a burgeoning lawn enthusiast then look no further than these Rover models that step it up a notch in the lawn-mowing game. The standout model in this price range is the Pro Cut 560. This is the mower that strikes fear into your teenager when you say you’re going to cut his hair with the lawn mower. Boasting a massive 196cc engine, it’ll make light work of a lot of suburban blocks, and even some of those semi-rural ones. Its self-propelled feature makes mowing a breeze, and it’s best suited for blocks around one acre. With a massive 56cm alloy deck, it’s a hardy bit of kit and could survive various dings and scratches, and still fare well. As a bonus, it features a mulching option so you’re not left with annoying grass to dispose of. At $999 there’s no doubt it’s a higher-end mower, and if you’re not serious about cutting grass, then perhaps take a look at these other models:

Model Pro Cut 50 Self Propelled MnC Regal Self Propelled MnC
Engine Size 196cc 140cc
Deck Size 50cm 46cm
Ideal Lawn Size 1 acre ½ to 1 acre
Other Features Mulching option, self-propelled Key ignition start, self-propelled, alloy deck
Price RRP $899 $899

Source: Rover website

Rover lawn mowers over $1,000

rover lawnmower
At the cream of the crop of Rover’s range, these two-cylinder mowers are serious bits of grass-cutting kit. You’ve probably seen these reserved for the local footy oval or at the local primary school. Cylinder lawn mowers make short work of larger lawns with tougher elements to them – coarse grass, weeds, and moss. The two models in Rover’s line-up for cylinder mowers are the ‘Classic’ and ‘Kensington’ – the latter of which resembles more a queen’s chariot than a lawn mower. Let’s compare them below:

Model Classic Kensington
Engine Size and Torque 87cc, 4.5nM 118cc, 7.3nM
Cutting Width 43.2cm 43.2cm
Catcher Volume 40L 62L
Mulching? Yes Yes
Cutting Height 6mm – 32mm 6mm – 32mm
Cutting System 5-bladed cylinder, 66 cuts/metre 6-bladed cylinder, 79 cuts/metre

Source: Rover website

Are Rover lawn mowers worth the money?

If you’re sick of Rover getting his ball lost in the long grass, then a Rover mower might prove to be just the tool you need. All models feature powerful motors with large decks and catchers to make light work of many suburban lawns in Australia. However, this reliability and ruggedness comes at a price – Rover is not a budget brand. With only a handful of lawn mowers under $500, Rover is best suited for someone who fancies themselves as a lawn enthusiast. Moreover, if you live in a house on a small block, or a townhouse, then choosing something smaller and cheaper may be more your style. Overall Rover mowers are tough and reliable, but you pay the price for quality.

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