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How to check your Vodafone balance

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Whether you’re a postpaid or prepaid customer, the last thing you want to do on your mobile plan is blow through all your inclusions.

Without data, you can’t use social media on the go, not to mention check emails or watch YouTube – you’re basically restricted to calls, texting (provided calls and texts are unlimited), and any other data-free inclusions your provider has given you. And without prepaid credit, you’re limited to just answering calls, or only using your phone’s apps over WiFi.

Thankfully most telcos offer solutions to this problem, including Vodafone. If you’re worried about the data or credit left on your Vodafone phone plan, don’t worry – there’s plenty of ways to check out your balance or recharge your service on the go.

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How do I check my Vodafone balance?

Vodafone has an array of ways for you to check your prepaid or postpaid Vodafone balance, perfect for all users. Whilst there are third party apps that you could use, it’s best to go directly through Vodafone for the most accurate and up to date information.

My Vodafone App

My Vodafone allows you to check your data and account usage easily on the go without texting or calling any numbers, and is free to install onto your phone. You can also pay your postpaid phone bill here, or recharge your prepaid phone plan.

Web Browser

Logging into My Vodafone online through the Vodafone website on your computer or phone browser allows you to check your data usage, update your prepaid plan or pay your postpaid phone bill.

Call 1512, or text “BAL” to 1511

If you dial 1512 from your phone, you can follow the prompts to hear your plan’s credit or data balance. If you text ‘BAL’ to 1511, you’ll get a text back about your Vodafone prepaid balance, confirming how much data and credit you have left within your current expiry period.

If you’re on a Vodafone prepaid service, you can use all of these methods to recharge your service. However, you’ll need to have a credit or debit card saved to your account for express text or phone recharges.

Vodafone prepaid plans

The following table shows selected published Vodafone Combo Plus prepaid plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest. Use our phone plan comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

What can I use the My Vodafone app for?

Vodafone customers can enjoy self-service recharges and help via My Vodafone, an app that allows you to track your data and plan usage. This app is available to customers with a Vodafone plan or SIM card, and is probably one of the more useful solutions to monitoring your data or prepaid plan balance.

Prepaid or postpaid, My Vodafone should be able to track your usage, and also gives you the ability to top your prepaid plan or pay your postpaid bill from within the app. You can download the app on your iPhone or on your Android device. Using My Vodafone does not use any data, though downloading from the Play Store or App Store will.

If you’re on a prepaid plan, and you’re looking to recharge your data on the go, the My Vodafone app is a great solution. Unlike the calling and texting services Vodafone offers, the app allows you to delete your card information and re-enter it every time, without needing to permanently register a card to your account.

The My Vodafone app is great for a lot of reasons, but here’s just a few:

  • Allows you to check your mobile data usage and your plan benefits
  • Lets you recharge your prepaid plan, or pay your postpaid plan bill
  • Displays recent payments, and manages your payment information
  • Allows you to purchase any additional add-ons or data
  • Lets you turn international roaming on or off

Vodafone postpaid plans

The following table shows selected published Vodafone postpaid plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

How do I best manage my data usage?

Prepaid inclusions and recharges

Vodafone has some very forgiving data plans across both postpaid and prepaid offerings. On every Vodafone Combo Plus prepaid plan, you get unlimited standard national calls and texts, but keep in mind that Pay And Go plans don’t include these features – instead, you’ll need to make sure your credit balance can cover any calls or texts you plan to make.

Prepaid plans are fairly low-risk and contract-free, as you pay for the service before you receive it. If you sign up for a prepaid plan and enable automatic recharging, you can also be eligible for data bonuses depending on what’s on offer when you activate your plan.

Postpaid inclusions

For postpaid customers, Vodafone is also one of the two telcos in Australia that offer unlimited data on postpaid plans (the other being Telstra) on some of their plans. This means that once you go through the full-speed data coupled to your phone plan, you’ll still have unlimited data for the rest of your billing cycle, but it’ll be speed capped at 2Mbps.

As Vodafone’s SIM-only plans are all mow month-to-month, you can return your SIM card within 30 days of purchasing and receive a full refund (excluding any add-ons) if the quality of the service does not meet your satisfaction.

All this said, it still pays to be data-savvy and have some awareness of the gigabytes you’re using on your plan. You might be using more data than you think!

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