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As one of the biggest telcos in the world, Vodafone has a product range as diverse as it is comprehensive. As one of the three network providers in Australia, Vodafone competes with Optus and Telstra, plus a host of small mobile carriers nipping at its heels in the value stakes. Shaking off a dodgy reputation from the past, Vodafone has certainly modernised its plan range and is now hard to beat, whether you’re looking for new handset deal, postpaid or prepaid terms.

People are hungry for more data, calls and texts, and all round better value. So how does Vodafone compare to its mobile rivals? Here, we review Vodafone’s comprehensive plan range and cast some thoughts on where you’ll find the best deals. This is your one-stop-shop on all of what Vodafone has to offer.

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What phone plans does Vodafone offer?

Like Optus and Telstra, Vodafone offers a monumental range of mobile phone plans to suit every budget – there are more than 30 of them in total! Here’s a quick rundown of what Vodafone offers, split into three key categories:

  • Unlimited data from $60
  • Prepaid plans from $30
  • Postpaid SIM only plans from $30
  • Phones on a plan from $40

So, with a massive range of plans, without any further distractions, let’s get straight into it, if you’re not confused already.

Vodafone Unlimited Data Phone Plans from $60

Vodafone has introduced its first ‘unlimited’ data phone plans, which eliminates excess data charges for good. Basically, you’re set to receive a certain amount of ‘full-speed’ data, which is then slowed to 1.5Mbps thereafter. 1.5Mbps is said to be good for basic browsing, social media and some l0w-res streaming, but may struggle with other applications.

  • Plans start at $60 for 30GB, $80 for 40GB, and $100 for 100GB, with full-speed data bonuses often thrown in, too.

These plans come on a 12-month, postpaid basis, however you can add a device repayment over 12, 24 or 36 months as well. This flexibility is sure to appeal to a lot of customers.

Vodafone Prepaid Plans from $30

Vodafone’s most basic prepaid mobile plans are some of the cheapest and most flexible. For bog standard prepaid plans, prices start at $30 with which you get unlimited calls & texts as standard, plus 3GB data. This comes with a standard 28 day expiry period, but the dearer plans interestingly come with a 35 day period. This could be good for those who can’t quite use all their data over 28 days but still find that 3GB is too little. Below indicates how these plans line-up, keeping in mind you can either get more data or more international credit depending on which path you choose.

Long Expiry Plans

These are the hassle-free plans that you can simply ‘set and forget’ with their 365-day expiry. These are especially useful if you don’t use your phone that often, or if you’re adamant of having the freedom to only pay for what you use.

  • As for how much you can get with your pennies, calls are billed at 20c per minute for standard national ones, standard international calls start at 2c/minute, and no flagfall for either.
  • Texts are 20c each for Australia and overseas, and data is billed at 2c per megabyte.

These rates are a break from the usual ‘90c a call’ rates of other telcos, and recharges are $30, $40 and $50 in cost, which means that your dollar can go farther with these plans. While these plans likely won’t suit the demanding user used to browsing social media, YouTube and the like, they may suit either a spare phone, a phone for the elderly or someone who can get by without their mobile.

‘MyMix’ Plans

These plans are great if you’re unsatisfied and can’t seem to find a plan that quite fits the bill. Seeing as there are many different ways to customise your own phone plan.

  • You can choose your data, call and text limits, as well as international credit limits, and even your expiry period from 7 to 90 days
  • A 28 day plan with 1GB, unlimited calls & texts with no international minutes costs $25

Another bonus is that the MyMix plans also have cheap international call rates. It pays to have a play with the plan builder.

Vodafone SIM Only, Month to Month Plans From $30

This is where Vodafone presents itself most simply. In total there are six plans, but a couple are at the same price points, so at some stage you’ll reach a crossroads and have to ask yourself:

  • Do I want more data? Or…
  • Do I want more international calling inclusions?

This is an interesting set of plans, because Vodafone gives you the freedom to choose same-price plans based on your international calling or data needs. Besides calling internationally, Vodafone also lets you have roaming from as little as $5 extra per day, so there’s no messing around trying to find out the best phone plan in a foreign country.

As mentioned plans start at $30 and work their way up to $100. For 100 big ones, however, you do receive a massive 25GB data. Overall Vodafone has beefed up value when it comes to calling abroad, so if you’re an expat or have loved ones overseas, these could be the plans for you. Alternatively, if you can stand to sacrifice international calls you’ll receive some data bonuses in return.

Vodafone SIM Only, 12 Month Plans From $30

Now for the plans we’re most likely familiar with, Vodafone has come to the table with some seriously beefy inclusions if you’re willing to commit to a 12 month postpaid contract. You might find they resemble the month to month plans a lot, but there are a couple of differences.

The $30 plan is a great introduction, and could be one to sway you to commit to a year with Vodafone. You’ll get 2GB data, with unlimited calls and texts. Once again you can choose between ‘Data’ or ‘Global’ plans – the former coming with extra data, and the latter coming with more international credit. The floor is yours.

Vodafone also periodically releases deals with these plans. Such deals include even more data than standard, data-free music streaming, extra subscriptions and more. Below is a taste of how the plans look, keeping in mind that you will be tied into a 12 month contract.

Vodafone Phones on a Plan from $40

Ah finally, the plans that have the opportunity to be bundled with a mobile phone. This is where you can bundle in the new iPhone 8 and pack in some hefty inclusions, ranging in price from $40 a month to over $100.

  • Once again you get the choice of either a Data plan or a Global plan.
  • Vodafone has separated phone from plan, meaning the actual plan itself does not come with a lock-in contract, but the phone repayment can be paid off over 12, 24 or 36 months.

iPhone 8 plan prices start at under $70, but keep in mind you’ll be paying the handset off over three years. 12 month plans are considerably more expensive per month but you can rest assured knowing your phone will be paid off sooner. Below is a snippet of how Vodafone’s iPhone 8 plans look:

How does Vodafone compare to other providers?

Vodafone, with all of its plans, has a pretty good chance of competing well against the competition. Let’s see how it compares.

Vodafone Prepaid Plans Compared

The easiest plans to compare here are the 28-35 day plans. These plans come with unlimited calls & texts as standard, which is a nice feature. Prices start at $30 for 3GB, which is decidedly lacklustre against other providers such as ALDI Mobile, Kogan Mobile and Amaysim. Kogan Mobile even operates off the Vodafone network. Kogan seems to lead the pack with 6GB for under $30. At the upper end of the spectrum, Vodafone benefits from increased data and longer expiry periods, but MVNOs such as the ones mentioned above often provide more ‘bang for buck’.

As for long expiry plans several providers offer similar plans. Amaysim and ALDI crop up once again with some of the cheapest rates in the business, while Virgin Mobile also has pretty competitive options. Prices start at $10 but can easily cost more than that. The best bit is Vodafone is not alone in offering 365 day plans, and once again MVNOs such as Amaysim and ALDI come to town with some pretty cheap rates that are worth a look into.

Vodafone Month-to-Month Plans Compared

These are some of the easiest plans to compare, but they also face the stiffest competition. Vodafone once again somewhat struggles to compete alongside MVNOs that piggyback off the big providers’ networks. Such providers to look out for are Moose Mobile, Jeenee Mobile and SpinTel. Moose Mobile is one of the cheapest to offer 2GB data, while SpinTel goes one better and is one of the cheapest to offer 5GB at under $25! All these three operate off the Optus network. This is also a chance to reflect on how moving away from the bigger providers and onto a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) such as Jeenee Mobile can save you money. You might be surprised at the value on offer.

Vodafone 12 Month Plans Compared

This is where the larger telcos start to become more noticeable due to their pervading stronghold in the contract market. Here it seems that Vodafone competes alongside big bopper Optus, which offers some interesting plans with bonuses, discounts and deals from time to time. Jeenee Mobile once again is tough to beat, with a 2GB phone plan for under $15. TeleChoice is another provider worth a look into with 6GB of data for under $30. Once again it’s the MVNOs wreaking havoc on the competition, and Vodafone somewhat struggles to keep up.

Vodafone Phones on a Plan Compared

This is where the Big 4 starts to pull away from the competition. With their premium phone contracts, Vodafone, Telstra, Optus and Virgin all compete in their own bubble. If you want a high-end phone such as the iPhone 8 bundled with a plan, you virtually have no choice but to go with one of these guys. While all the plans here are pretty tit-for-tat, you’ll have to look out for inclusions such as free music streaming or other perks like bonus data and the like. These are the bargaining chips that the providers use to set themselves apart.

  • Vodafone has interestingly separated phone from plan, meaning you can change your plan as you see fit, and only be locked in for either 12, 24 or 36 months paying off the handset

Vodafone comes in as one of the cheapest to offer the iPhone 8 64GB, but keep in mind this is over a 36 month contract. Virgin’s 24 month contract is also enticing at the budget end, while Optus and Telstra generally cater towards the higher end. Watch that budget, though; many phone plans cost well over $100 a month.

So, what’s the deal with Vodafone?

Vodafone offers a huge range of plans – probably too many in fact! But hopefully you will have gained a clearer picture about what they have to offer, and have hopefully identified a potential plan for you if you’re set on the ‘Big Red’ telco. Vodafone competes well with Optus, Telstra and Virgin – the only real differences you’ll need to look at are the type of phone you want bundled (if any) and what extras you want (i.e. extra data or extra Frequent Flyer points).

However, Vodafone does get pipped by some low-cost MVNOs who piggyback off the main networks and offer extra data for fewer dollars. If you’re not adamant on bundling your plan with a phone, preferring the SIM only approach to life, then your world is opened up to a suite of great value phone plans. The moral of the story is to shop around, because you could end up saving big bucks over the course of a year or two.

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In 2017, Australian customers gave Vodafone 4 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction for handset phone plans.

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