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The iPhone X is the latest and greatest iPhone yet, but how are you going to get one? Pronounced the ‘ten’, the X starts at about $1,500 outright, which you could then theoretically bundle with a SIM-only plan, but if that figure is a tough pill to swallow then a phone on a plan may be a bit easier on the hip pocket. Read on for what Australia’s phone providers are offering.

iPhone X Plan Prices

The big four providers in Australia to offer phones on a plan (Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Optus and Telstra) have come to the table with a huge variety of phone plans. The iPhone X (64GB) is the cheaper of the two iPhone X models and the telcos’ cheapest offers are as follows:

  • Virgin Mobile: $92 a month in total (24 months)
  • Vodafone: $73.86 a month in total (36 month phone repayment)
  • Optus: $90 a month in total (24 month lease plan)
  • Telstra: $102 a month in total (24 month lease plan)

As you can see, the big phone with lots to give also attracts a big phone plan price, with some of the most premium plans costing over $200 a month! See below for a more detailed insight into what the big providers are offering. For now, this is how their cheapest deals line up:

Virgin Mobile iPhone X Plans

All of Virgin Mobile’s iPhone X plans come with unlimited calls and texts as standard. What you are paying for is essentially the amount of data you get, plus international credit. Prices start at about $90 a month but quickly rise to over $100 per month. All are on a 24 month contract.

  • $40 Plan – $92 per month
  • $45 Plan – $97 per month
  • $55 Plan – $99 per month
  • $70 Plan – $109 per month
  • $80 Plan – $113 per month
  • $100 Plan – $123 per month

Note that these prices are for the 64GB model only. Being that there are only two storage options – 64GB & 256GB – the iPhone X bundles evidently add up pretty quickly. The prices for the iPhone X 256GB model are generally $10 or so extra per month.

As you can see, prices for the handset repayment generally get cheaper if you hop into a more expensive plan. The $100 plan comes with a massive 24GB data, which is enough to make short work of any bus commute and can even tackle some Netflix watching. As we’ve seen with iPhone 8 plans, Virgin Mobile is generally one of the cheaper operators, and it may not be a surprise to see it remain so even with the dearer iPhone X bundled in.

Below you can see that to get a heftier amounts of data, customers need to be willing to spend well over $100 a month, while light users can still expect a minimum of $90 a month.

Vodafone iPhone X Plans

Vodafone is an interesting concept because the telco has separated the phone repayment from the plan price. What this effectively means is that the only contract you are tied into is the phone repayment – its ‘Red’ plans are month-to-month and can be chopped and changed as your needs change. This results in a huge variation of phone plans, but the crux of it is:

  • The cheapest total plan configuration is a $43.86 phone repayment over 36 months tied into a $30 Red plan. With this you get unlimited calls & texts and 2GB data.
  • The equivalent plan with the phone paid off over 12 months will cost over $160 per month in total.
  • The most expensive plan costs over $230: $100 phone plan married to a phone repayment of over $130 (12 month phone repayment).

As you can see, 12 month plans are paid off sooner but you will be paying more per month. It all comes down to what you can afford. For a more traditional 24 month plan, this configuration costs just under $96 a month. With Vodafone, plan repayments come down to striking a balance of what you can afford and selecting a phone repayment length you are comfortable with. The flexibility to choose a different Red plan is noteworthy as needs may change over time.

Optus iPhone X Plans

Optus is one of two providers – the other being Telstra – to offer what’s called a ‘lease’ plan. This can be confusing when pre-ordering because it sets its plan builder to ‘leasing’ by default. Leasing essentially means you have to give your phone back at the end of your term, or upgrade after a year for a nominal fee. This is great for iPhone geeks who like to get the latest every year, but maybe not so great for those who plan to have their iPhone X for a good while.

  • The cheapest lease plan is $90 a month in total ($45/$45 plan and phone repayment), for which customers receive unlimited calls & texts plus 2GB data.
  • The equivalent plan where you get to own your phone is $100 a month, by comparison.
  • The most expensive ‘own your phone’ plan is $149 a month in which customers get a massive 200GB data.

Optus, as one of Australia’s largest telcos, has a series of tasty bonuses tacked onto phone plans, which get more enticing as plans increase in price. Optus offers data-free music streaming for many services such as Spotify. Optus Sport and National Geographic streaming is also included in many plans. Optus has a rich medley of phone plans, and has many extras to entice new customers.

Telstra iPhone X Plans

As expected, the ‘network without equal’ has some of the dearest entry-level iPhone X plans. Prices start at over $100, in which customers receive a relatively paltry 2GB data. Telstra is another telco to offer ‘lease’ plans and similar deals apply, such as cheaper phone plans or data bonuses.

  • Leasing a Telstra phone plan usually takes off either $10 a month, or adds some extra data onto your phone plan.
  • Prices max out at $179 a month in which customers receive up to 120GB data.

Perhaps the most notable thing about Telstra, however, is its range of bonuses. It’s partnered with Foxtel Now to deliver up to three ‘Starter Packs’, which are worth $10-$15 per month each by themselves. Also included with many plans are Apple Music memberships, Telstra Air data, data-free NRL & AFL streaming and much more. Telstra may be one of the costlier providers but its range of bonuses may more than make up for it.

Don’t forget about SIM-only plans

While this page will compare the handset phone plans offered by the big telcos, remember that you can instead purchase the iPhone X outright and opt for a SIM-only deal instead. If you can afford the upfront cost, your world will be opened to some great-value, no lock-in contract, SIM-only deals. For example, if you want around 2GB of data per month along with unlimited talk & text, this is what you will find:

Is an iPhone X plan worth it?

The big four telcos have finally shed some light about their iPhone X plans. You will be paying around $90 a month at least for the most basic plans, but well over $100 a month in many other cases. Keep an eye out for Vodafone’s cheaper offerings under $80 – they are on a three year contract.

Nevertheless, the $80+ monthly price tag could be a big hit to the wallet for many people, and many may be wondering if purchasing outright is better value.

  • iPhone X phones outright start at around $1,500. If you don’t want to spend quite so much, have you considered the iPhone 8 instead?
  • While this may be a bigger initial hit, it may work out cheaper in the long term to opt for this route and find your own SIM-only plan with unlimited talk & text plus 2GB costing under $20 with the cheapest providers.

This way you will be less likely to be on a lengthy contract, with more freedom to move around. If you can stomach the high upfront cost, purchasing outright is a viable option, but this obviously varies with your own needs, so you’ll have to do your own research.

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