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If you’re an Australian senior or pensioner and money’s tight, or you’re simply looking to save yourself a few bucks, an easy way to free up some room in the budget is to take a fresh look at your mobile phone plan. Our research indicates that Aussies are paying well over $40 a month for their postpaid SIM only deal and over $70 if they are repaying a phone as well. Chances are if you haven’t taken a look at your phone plan lately, you could be paying too much. Take a look at some cheap prepaid phone plans that could be suitable for seniors and pensioners in Australia below.

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Mobile Phone Plans for Seniors & Pensioners

If you’re a senior you may not be using your mobile phone as much as the younger crowd, and if you’re a pensioner you may be looking to save a few pennies. It seems like mobile phone plans are only getting more expensive, and while that’s true for the latest iPhone plans, there are some cheap prepaid plans to be found. Avenues to look at are:

  • Cheap prepaid plans under $20
  • Cheap ‘pay as you go’ (PAYG) plans with long expiries from $10

While you won’t get all the bells and whistles with these plans, you will get calls, texts and data. Review your options below, and where to find the SIM cards.

Cheap Prepaid Mobile Plans for Seniors & Pensioners

For less than $20 these days there are providers packing quite a lot in. 1GB of data can be found easily, while unlimited calls & texts come with some providers.

  • OVO Mobile includes 1GB, $200 call value and unlimited texts for less than $10. OVO SIM cards are available in many 7/11 stores. OVO runs on the Optus network.
  • Amaysim offers unlimited calls & texts plus 1GB for just $10! Plans are over 28 days, and run on the Optus network. Amaysim SIM cards can be found in Coles & Woolworths. Amaysim also lets you choose your mobile number to something memorable for $0 or for $30 for some numbers.
  • LycaMobile also offers unlimited calls & texts plus 1GB for $10. LycaMobile uses the Telstra network. LycaMobile is available in many Coles & Woolworths and convenience stores.
  • ALDI Mobile offers a $15 plan with unlimited calls & texts and 1.5GB of data for $15. The $5 upfront fee includes $5 credit for when you need it. ALDI SIMs are available at all ALDI stores and use the Telstra network.

No matter what you’re after or where you live, there is likely a competitive SIM card phone plan in the local Coles or Woolies – or 7/11. This makes it easy to purchase and plans are easy to recharge. Unfortunately, it can be a hard task finding plans with JUST calls & texts (no data) these days, but with unlimited plans costing as little as $10 these days, having that extra bit of data could still come in handy.

Cheap Long Expiry Mobile Plans for Seniors & Pensioners

If you’re not a heavy user and don’t want to recharge every month, it can be tempting to hop onto a long-expiry plan, commonly labelled ‘pay as you go’ or ‘PAYG’ plans. These plans often don’t expire for 60 days or more, with some lasting an entire year. This enables you to add credit as you see fit, with cheap rates on offer.

  • Amaysim has a $10 starter pack that lasts 365 days: Calls are 15c/minute, texts 15c each, MMS 49c and data 15.4c/MB.
  • ALDI Mobile has a competitive plan that also lasts 365 days. $15 or $30 recharges are available. Calls are 12c/minute, texts 12c each, MMS 35c each and data is 5c/MB.
  • Telstra has many plans with expiries lasting from 45 days to 365 days. Calls are 30c/minute, 30c per text, 35c texts to international numbers, 10c/mb data.
  • Optus has long expiry plans starting at just $10, and this plan lasts for 45 days. Plans can then last up to 365 days. Credit rollover applies up to $500 worth. Calls are 20c/minute, texts and MMS are 20c each, and data is 5c/MB.

All in all, the bigger players aren’t the only players in the long life game. Other providers such as ALDI Mobile and Amaysim offer competitive rates. With some telcos you’ll have to watch out for hefty data charges – 15c/mb may not seem like much, but can certainly add up! One refresh of your Facebook and you could have spent $5!

iPhone Plans for Seniors

While many seniors and pensioners will be looking for a cheap and cheerful prepaid option, you may be more interested in getting your hands on a shiny new smartphone, with the iPhone X typically the hottest ticket in town. While you can buy the handset outright and take your pick of SIM-only deals, you can also sign up to a plan whereby you can pay off the cost over 12, 24 or 36 months. If that sounds of interest to you, here are the cheapest online deals for the iPhone X (64GB) from Australia’s big four telcos:

What are my phone options if I’m a senior or pensioner?

With big data phone plans and big money contracts, it’s easy to think that seniors and pensioners are left out of the mobile phone plan equation in Australia. However, this isn’t necessarily so – there are many low cost options out there.

  • If you’re after a regular phone plan, unlimited calls & texts plus 1GB data is available for less than $15 a month.
  • PAYG options can offer cheap rates with a 365 day expiry, making an ideal plan for light users who like the freedom to recharge when they please.

Just because you’re going grey or looking to save some money doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome value mobile phone plan. Let the kiddies have their $100 a month phone plan – enjoy cheap plans that pack a lot in for less than $20. It pays to shop around to find the best deal for you, knowing that many SIM cards are available in Coles, Woolies, 7/11 and ALDI.

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