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Nectr launches Buy Now Pay Later solar and battery plans

Nectr has launched a collection of Buy Now Pay Later solar and battery installation plans in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

Aimed at helping Aussies ‘future-proof’ their home energy consumption, the electricity provider is offering three solar energy solutions, each equipped with competitive rates, shorter contract periods and premium products.

Andrew Butler, the managing director of Nectr, said these new solar, battery and bundles should make customers less reliant on grid electricity.

“Our research shows that when it comes to investing in solar panels or household battery, upfront cost, having control over the energy that’s generated, and competitive rates are key considerations for Australians,” he said.

“We have developed our Buy Now Pay Later plans in direct response to this consideration so that households can easily reap the benefits of renewable energy – investing in the planet, and their financial future.”

Mr Butler also suggested these options may act as a practical solution for consumers who are enduring the current energy crisis and looking to reduce their power bills long term.

Three options are currently on offer; the Nectr Bee Solar, Nectr Bee Solar and Battery, and Bee Battery AddOn, each of which accommodate to different needs, whether that be with an initial install or through taking steps towards full independence from the grid.

All options come interest-free, with no upfront costs or finances. Nectr also claims that customers will be able to pay off the investment within a competitive timeframe of three to five years.

Mr Butler added: “Making the switch to renewable forms of energy has never been simpler. By offering our interest free Buy Now Pay Later plans, and household-centred calculations of per-annum savings, Nectr is on a mission to empower customers with affordable greener energy solutions.”

Each solar plan will also be coupled with a fixed rate, carbon offset energy plan for the duration of the contract.

This offer is now available via the Nectr website. For full terms and conditions, it is best to contact Nectr.

What do you get with Nectr’s Buy Now Pay Later solar plans?

Nectr is offering three Buy Now Pay Later solar plans. Each of these three options tailors to different households and energy needs. At the time of publication, they are:

  1. Nectr Bee Solar: This option is best suited to residents looking to kick-start their home solar journey and offers a solar panel and inverter installation by a CEC-approved retailer/installer. This offer has a three-year benefit period in which the solar installation is paid off in equal instalments over the contract period. Nectr Bee Solar is bundled with a competitive, fixed rate, carbon offset plan, with rates said to be up to 24 per cent less than the Reference Price (depending on the state and distribution network).
  2. Nectr Bee Solar and Battery: This option is marketed towards customers interested in a new solar panel system and solar battery The Nectr Bee Solar and Battery plan offers similar features to the original Nectr Bee Solar plan, however, this offer comes on a five-year benefit period.
  3. Bee Battery AddOn: This plan is suited to residents who already have solar panels installed and are looking to add a battery. Bee Battery AddOn also comes with a five-year benefit period.

Nectr Bee Solar offers solar panel options in three different sizes, ranging from 6.6 kilowatts (kW) to 13.3kW. The Nectr Bee Solar and Battery offer however, caps its solar system size at 7.8kW.

For more information on this offer, it is best to visit the Nectr website.

Is Nectr any good?

Nectr is a Sydney-based electricity provider that sells power in New South Wales, south-east Queensland, South Australia and the ACT. It first joined the Australian energy market in 2019 and is backed by Hanwha Energy Australia, a South Korean conglomerate of solar manufacturer Hanwha Group. The retailer’s main focus is on offering competitively priced carbon offset and GreenPower energy plans. Its 100% Clean plan includes an opt-in product that’s certified Climate Active Carbon Neutral, thanks to its is buying of carbon offset certificates/units from both local and international projects.

Nectr also recently won a Canstar Blue Green Excellence Award for its flagship ‘100% Clean’ electricity offer.

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