Akasol neeoQube Solar Battery System Review

Australian distributor Solar Energy Australia describes German company Akasol’s neeoQube and neeoSystem energy storage systems as “intelligent, lithium-ion storage solutions for your home solar power system”.

Solar Energy states that the neeoQube and neeoSystem are capable of being “added as an upgrade to almost any PV system”, and are “available in multiple configurations to suit any household energy requirement”.

The systems are designed to efficiently manage daily household power requirements, reducing dependence on energy providers.

“neeoQube and neeoSystem are designed to cleverly store excess power created during the day, so you can use it any time you like, even at night,” Solar Energy states. “Until now, grid-connected solar power could only be consumed during daylight hours. With the integration of energy storage, your household’s solar PV is fully utilised throughout the day and into the evening – maximising your return on investment.”

What sort of technology do the systems use?

Solar Energy Australia states that the neeoQube and neeoSystem battery technology utilises “a unique combination of lithium-ion chemistry, low-impedance cell design and specialised manufacturing processes to give performance advantages over other available technologies”.

“The automated manufacturing process of the cells ensures the highest level of consistency and reliability of each and every cell produced,” Solar Energy states. “It is this advanced manufacturing process, combined with nickel manganese cobalt chemistry that ensure precision stacking of electrodes, giving the neeoQube and neeoSystem battery cells lower heat generation and improved long-term battery life.”

The neeoQube has a storage capacity of 5.5 kWh, with the neeoSystem configurations including storage of 5.5 kWh, 11 kWh, 16.5 kWh, 22 kWh and 27.5 kWh.

Coupled with a 5 kW system, the neeoQube can charge its 5.5 kWh of storage in as little as one hour of sunshine, Solar Energy states, while both the neeoQube and neeoSystem have a product life of up to 7,000 cycles and a 20-year service life, at 80 per cent depth of discharge, operating at 20 degrees Celsius.

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Battery management system

Solar Energy states that at the core of the neeoQube and neeoSystem is a battery management system which “monitors all data of the integrated lithium-ion cells and guarantees the continuous safe operation of the battery system”.

System monitoring includes readings of:

  • Current battery voltage and temperature
  • Charging balance between lithium-ion battery cells
  • State-of-charge determination
  • Age status of the unit

Solar Energy states that the system’s security concept “protects both the unit and its integrated lithium-ion battery cells”.

“Two independent devices continually monitor the condition of the battery, checking a number of parameters,” Solar Energy states. “This safety concept ensures that the device can be reliably switched off in the case of a fault.”

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The neeoQube and neeoSystem can be installed with both new and existing solar PV systems, with Solar Energy stating that the installation process is straightforward, with no complex re-wiring required.

Both systems should be installed only in a dry, enclosed area away from direct sunlight, and for best performance installation should only occur in areas with a cool ambient temperature, ensuring optimal performance with a maximum number of charge and discharge cycles.

The neeoQube should only be operated when wall mounted, with a minimum distance of 20 cm required between it and other devices.

Solar Energy advises that both systems are designed with passive ventilation and should not be covered with other objects, which prevent the dispersion of heat, leading to a reduction in performance and lifespan.

  • The neeoQube measures in at 456 x 280 x 456 mm, weighing 62 kg.
  • The neeoSystem measures in at 630 x 630 x 1,300 mm, weighing 145 kg for the 5.5 kWh system, 200 kg for the 11 kWh system, 255 kg for the 16.5 kWh system, 340 kg for the 22 kWh system and 395 kg for the 27.5 kWh system.

The systems come with a 10-year warranty.

Interested in purchasing a neeoQube or neeoSystem?

Consumers interested in buying a neeoQube or neeoSystem can find further information via the neeoQube website. Consumers can contact Solar Energy via phone or email, or by filling out a contact form at the neeoQube website.

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