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Christmas gifts under $100 from Myer

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The joy of giving at Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re tossing up what to put under the tree this festive season, all while sticking to your budget, we’ve rounded up gift ideas for Myer ─ all under $100! Happy shopping!

Christmas gifts from Myer under $100

  1. Vue Stainless Steel Bento Box: $14.97 (was $29.95 RR*)
  2. Australian Apothecary Manuka Honey & Vitamin C Skin Trio Pamper Pack: $19.95 RRP*
  3. The Cooks Collective Geometric Wine Rack: $30 RRP*
  4. Beau & Bonnie Lunar Bathrobe: $35 (was $79.95 RRP*)
  5. Couchmate Multi-Fit Arm Table: $39.95 (was $49.95 RRP*)
  6. PureSpa Cool Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser: $39.96 (was $49.95 RRP*)
  7. Sunnylife Cocktail Essentials Kit (Orange): $44.99 RRP*
  8. Cucina Prestigio Retro Hand Mixer: $49.95 (was $179 RRP*)
  9. Mad Millie Kombucha Kit: $49.95 RRP*
  10. Maxwell & Williams Insulated Wine Bottle & Cups: $50 (was $99.95 RRP*)
  11. Bialetti Moka Express Coffee Pot: $65 RRP*
  12. Couchmate The Ultimate Picnic Table: $55.95 (was $69.95 RRP*)
  13. Fit Smart Multi-Function Wireless Smartwatch: $59.95 (was $209 RRP*)
  14. Royal Comfort Gel-Infused Contoured Memory Foam Pillow Twin Pack: $59.95 (was $149 RRP*)
  15. Vue Geo Decanter & Glass Set (Purple Heather): $69.95 RRP*
  16. Refinery Whiskey Decanter Globe: $79.99 RRP*
  17. Kahlia LED Facial Cleansing Brush: $89 RRP*
  18. Kitchen Couture 3.5L Digital Display Black Air Fryer: $89.99 (was $299 RRP*)
  19. Lujo Home Silk Pillowcase: $99.95 RRP*
  20. Kalorik Home Ionic Pure Air Robotic Vacuum: $99 (was $229 RRP*)

1. Vue Stainless Steel Bento Box ─ $14.97 (save $14.98)

For a practical gift that you know will get used, this stainless steel bento box from homewares brand Vue is ideal. It offers 1.2L of food storage, a removable divider to compartmentalise your food, and easy-to-open-clasps. This lunch box is made from eco-friendly food-grade stainless steel which means it can go the distance. Vue is exclusive to Myer.

2. Australian Apothecary Manuka Honey & Vitamin C Skin Trio Pamper Pack ─ $19.95

It’s hard to go wrong with natural and organic skincare, especially for the women in your life (and the blokes who like self-care). This Manuka honey and vitamin C skin pamper set from Australian Apothecary is packed with skincare designed to brighten your complexion and skin. This pamper pack includes a 50ml face scrub, night cream and face mask.

3. The Cooks Collective Geometric Wine Rack ─ $30

Age and display your wine in style with this geometric wine rack from The Cooks Collective. The frame is made from sturdy powder-coated metal in a matte black finish and can comfortably hold six bottles of vintage. However, keep in mind that only narrow bottles can fit in the hexagons, which means this wine rack is not suitable for champagne or sparkling wine.

4. Beau & Bonnie Lunar Bathrobe Multi ─ $35 (save $44.95)

For the ultimate cosy gift, slip into this fun and colourful Beau & Bonnie bathrobe. It features an all-over moon phase print and is made from a highly absorbent and quick-drying material ─ perfect for everyday use. You can also use it to add an urban touch to the bathroom when you hang it. Coordinates are available.

5. Couchmate Multi-Fit Arm Table ─ $39.95 (save $10)

Say goodbye to spilling drinks on the couch with this Couchmate arm table made from durable and ethically harvested natural bamboo. It can fit all couch and sofa arms (square, round, soft & inclined), is felt-lined underneath to protect your couch or sofa arm, and comes with two self-adhesive acrylic strips, designed to be stuck underneath the Couchmate slats.

6. PureSpa Cool Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser ─ $39.96 (save $9.99)

Create your very own aromatherapy oasis with this PureSpa diffuser which features ultrasonic technology to break up the combined mixture of water and essential oil into millions of micro-particles. This helps diffuse the air with the aroma of essential oils more efficiently. This diffuser also comes with colour-changing LED mood lights for ambience, an easy-to-fill 400ml tank that lasts for up to three hours with continuous use or six hours in intermittent mode, and an auto safety shut-off function for when the water tank is running low.

7. Sunnylife Cocktail Essentials Kit (Orange) ─ $44.99

Kick off the silly season in style with the perfect cocktail accessories. This fun and bright Sunnylife cocktail maker comes with a 600ml shaker, and other party essentials like paper coasters, cocktail umbrellas, reusable plastic straws, stirrers, and ice coolers. The shaker is made from acrylic so it can’t break so you can keep the fun going without having to worry about accidents.

8. Cucina Prestigio Retro Hand Mixer Blue ─ $49.95 (save $129.05)

Retro appliances are all the rage right now, so you can be sure this Cucina Prestigio retro hand mixer will make a trendy addition to any kitchen. It also packs a punch with a powerful 300W motor, five speed settings with a turbo function, and a quick-release button. Included in the box are chrome-plated beaters and dough hooks.

9. Mad Millie Kombucha Kit ─ $49.95

Help your mates stick to their New Year health goals with this kombucha kit with a signature live culture (SCOBY) which can turn sweetened tea into a fizzy drink in just 20 minutes. Once activated, the SCOBY can be reused to brew your own delicious ‘booch’ again and again. This 1L brew is also the perfect starter culture for bigger fermenting vessels or crocks. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

10. Maxwell & Williams Insulated Wine Bottle & Cups ─ $50 (save $49.95)

A quirky collection with a beautiful message, this insulated wine bottle with cups was designed in collaboration with Brisbane artist Kasey Rainbow, whose ‘Live Bright’ ethos shines through her vibrant designs. This quirky three-piece set includes a 750ml stainless steel bottle and two 350ml tumblers ─ all are insulated and BPA-free, vacuum sealed with a double wall structure and can keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to eight hours.

11. Bialetti Moka Express Coffee Pot ─ $65

Wake up to the delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee with this Bialetti coffee pot. It’s simple to use and an easy way to enjoy your favourite beans without the fuss of a coffee machine. A percolator coffee pot brews coffee using ground beans and steam pressure to deliver softer and more complex flavours from your beans. This coffee pot comes in three, six and nine cup sizes.

12. Couchmate Ultimate Picnic Table ─ $55.95 (save $14)

Nothing ruins a picnic faster than spilt vino or sand in the brie, which is where this handy little picnic table enters to save the day. The Couchmate ultimate picnic table stands at 46.5cm high and comes equipped with slots for drinks and plenty of space for food. It can fold up to fit in a carry bag and is light enough to pop on your shoulder for destination picnics. It’s made from natural bamboo and coated with a lacquer to prevent stains and mould growth, to keep picnics good, clean fun.

13. Fit Smart Multi-Function Wireless Smartwatch ─ $59.95 (save $149.05)

The Fit Smart multi-function wireless smartwatch is the best way to get a lapsed runner back into their sneakers. It makes exercise, goal setting and recording easy with its ability to set personalised goals, track your progress, check the weather forecast, track your heart rate in real-time or check your blood pressure. Add to that a comfy silicon strap, a 43mm water-resistant screen, Wi-Fi connectivity as well as the ability to recharge and receive calls, texts and emails ─ and it seems you can easily take the office to the track.

14. Royal Comfort Gel-Infused Contoured Memory Foam Pillow Twin Pack ─ $59.95 (save $89.05)

If someone you know has trouble mastering 40 winks, this gel-infused pillow twin pack could help improve their sleep. Designed with memory foam to accommodate the unique curves of the head and neck, the addition of a gel lining provides a cooling effect – no more interrupted sleep from endless pillow flips on a summer night. The foam reverts to its original shape in seconds, which is good news for restless sleepers, and provides support along the neck and spine, good for relieving muscle pain along the way.

15. Vue Geo Decanter & Glass Set (Purple Heather) ─ $69.95

Available from Vue, this geometric decanter and glass set is a stunning centrepiece for any table or bar cart. The set comes with one glass decanter, a wooden stopper and four glasses, in just the right size for Christmas punch, or whatever you fancy.

17. Kahlia LED Facial Cleansing Brush ─ $89

The festive season combination of sun, sand, suncream and cocktails can leave your skin feeling a little neglected and in need of some TLC. The Kahlia LED facial cleansing brush has what it takes to take on blemishes, breakouts and dry skin and restore your happy glow. The brush is made of soft silicone to be gentle on skin, uses three adjustable sonic vibrations to work skincare into your pores as well as three different LED lights (like those found on an LED face mask) to tackle bacteria, breakouts, and signs of aging. The brush even comes with a heated gold plate to open pores and allow for better absorption of moisturiser and serums.

18. Kitchen Couture 3.5L Digital Display Black Air Fryer ─ $89.99 (save $209.05)

Whether you’ve been tasked with bringing something tasty to Christmas lunch, or you want to experiment with leftovers, an air fryer is an excellent way to speed up cooking times and create crispy treats. This model from Kitchen Couture has a 3.5L capacity, a digital display, six pre-set menu buttons, adjustable digital temperature controls ranging from 80°C -200°C, a timer, automatic shut-off, and a detachable basket for easy cleaning.

19. Lujo Home Silk Pillowcase ─ $99.95

Don’t be fooled by the extravagance of silk – everybody deserves the luxury of these pillows – making them the perfect gift for those you love most. Silk isn’t just about sleeping like a king though, it’s said that silk pillowcases can help prevent wrinkles, soothe irritated skin, keep skin clean and hydrated, reduce frizz and even improve sleep through temperature regulation. This set from Lujo Home is made from 100% mulberry silk and designed to a standard 48cm x 66cm.

20. Kalorik Home Air Robotic Vacuum ─ $99 (save $130)

Finally, there could be no greater gift than that of free time, which is exactly what a robotic vacuum gives you. This Kalorik Home ionic pure air robot vacuum uses four smart cleaning modes (auto sweep, focus sweep, random sweep, and remote-operated manual control), an advanced filtration system, as well as intelligent navigation with anti-fall sensors to keep the vacuum on track when eliminating dust, dirt, and allergens. The vacuum has a runtime of about 50 minutes, which is more than enough to tackle a house cleaning job.


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Pictures: Myer.

*Prices are taken from Myer, correct as of December 2022.

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