Luciana Lawe Davies

Luciana Lawe Davies Luciana Lawe Davies is a Canstar Blue journalist with a focus on general consumer news and the streaming industry. With a dual degree of Journalism and Arts (majoring in English Literature) from the University of Queensland, Luciana aims to help consumers wade through the vast amount of information available to make more informed purchasing decisions on everyday items, as well as find the best shows and movies to relax to.


How to watch Archer in Australia

Posted by September 14th 2021

He’s the spy who can’t die; Archer is still going strong and doesn’t look like he’ll be packing his gun away anytime soon. With a slew of fresh stories on the horizon, Archer fans should …

Y: The Last Man

How to watch Y: The Last Man in Australia

Posted by September 14th 2021

If you’re missing the days of The Leftovers, you might have just found a new favourite. Y: The Last Man tells the story of a world where everyone with a Y chromosome simply drops dead. …

The Premise

How to watch The Premise in Australia

Posted by September 8th 2021

BINGE is keeping the ball rolling with a new addition to its anthology collection. The Premise is a project from actor and creator BJ Novak (The Office), that sets out to shine a spotlight on …


How to watch Lucifer in Australia

Posted by September 8th 2021

Lucifer may have abandoned his throne but he hasn’t abandoned us, as he delivers one final epic season. It’s been a long road for the devil in L.A., but it seems that his job description …

American Crime Story: Impeachment

How to watch American Crime Story in Australia

Posted by September 7th 2021

American Crime Story reawakens the juiciest of America’s sordid scandals. The OJ Simpson trial, the Gianni Versace murder and the Lewinsky-Clinton affair are unfurled in intricate detail and brought to life by a talented cast …

Couple watching TV

Top Comedy Movies and Shows on BINGE

Posted by September 6th 2021

BINGE is ready to make you laugh with its enviable range of comedies set to stream. Whether you like your comedy light, silly, dark, absurd, quick, movie length or serialised, BINGE has the goods to …

What we do in the shadows

How to watch What We Do in the Shadows

Posted by September 6th 2021

What We Do in the Shadows is some of the best comedy on TV and, as seasons continue to be added, it keeps getting better. Seven years on from the original mockumentary by Taiki Waititi, …

AP Bio

How to watch A.P. Bio in Australia

Posted by September 1st 2021

Mix a sprinkle of Always Sunny, a dash of Community and a peppering of Bad Education and you’ve got yourself A.P. Bio, a top-notch series about a petty teacher let loose in a chaotic school. …

Students studying with laptops

Why study in Australia? The benefits of studying in Australia

Posted by September 13th 2021

Heading to university can offer you life changing opportunities and the ability to turn your passions into a career. Choosing where to begin your higher education however, can be more difficult, with thousands of options …

Studying Online

Are online degrees a good idea?

Posted by September 8th 2021

Online degrees give you the opportunity to access a high-quality education on a flexible schedule. They’re a popular option in Australia, with most universities offering a wide range of courses and degrees up to a …