The Best Movies on Apple TV


It’s no secret that major streaming services like Netflix and Stan are the definition of convenience. Gone are the days of waiting for your favourite movie to hit the DVD store – streaming is here, and it’s here to stay. Subscription platforms are great for a lazy day, but what happens when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? You know that feeling – when you’ve set your mind on a movie, and you just have to watch it? Well, that’s where Apple TV comes in.

The smart TV app provides you with direct access to the iTunes Movie library, whereby you can peruse thousands of movie options, from the latest releases to the old-time classics. Sure, you may have to pay to rent or purchase, but when you get the itch for a specific movie, what can you do?

Apple TV: Is it the same as Apple TV+?

One thing to keep in mind: Apple TV is different to the newly-launched Apple TV+, which is Apple’s streaming service offering original shows and movies. Unlike Apple TV, TV+ is a paid monthly subscription service where you don’t buy or rent content individually – like Netflix, your single monthly charge entitles you to unlimited streaming of all available titles.

If you’re interested in Apple TV+ specifically, you can find out more about the platform here, or read over our picks for the best shows on Apple TV+ right now.

The Top 10 Movies on Apple TV

Here’s a list of the top 10 movies on Apple TV you can’t afford to skip over (in our opinion, anyway):


Elton John’s biopic is more than just song and dance – it’s one of the most tragic and captivating dramas of 2019. Rocketman follows Elton John (played by the brilliant Taron Edgerton, who transforms himself for the role) in his rise and fall, and rise, after achieving international stardom in the 1970’s. The movie explores Elton’s relationship with his long-time songwriter and collaborator Bernie Taupin (Billy Elliot’s Jamie Bell) and his first band manager John Reid (Richard Madden), the latter whose influence and manipulative behavior is primarily responsible for Elton’s downward spiral. Desperate to be loved the way he is on stage, Elton turns to drugs and alcohol and is close to giving up – until he is reminded just why the entire world fell in love with him.

Crazy Rich Asians

If you’re stuck on the plot for this one – take a hint from the title. Based on Kevin Kwan’s best-selling book by the same name, Crazy Rich Asians tells the story of Rachel Chu (played by Constance Wu), a Chinese-American professor of economics who, despite her Chinese heritage, is considered very American. When her hunky boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) asks her to accompany him back to his home town of Singapore for his best friend’s wedding, she thinks nothing of it. But upon arrival, she discovers Nick’s family is obscenely wealthy – and he is one of Singapore’s more eligible bachelors. Enter: the crazy rich Asians, disapproving of American-girlfriend-Rachel, and desperate to break the couple up. And there’s one more desperate, crazy and richer than them all – Nick’s mum.

Get Out

Jordan Peele’s Get Out generated an insane amount of buzz when it came out in 2017, and quite rightly so. The movie stars rising star Daniel Kaluuya as Chris, an African-American photographer who reluctantly agrees to accompany his Caucasian girlfriend Rose Armitage (played by Allison Williams) to meet her family in upstate New York. Upon arrival, Chris is surprised by her parent’s overly accommodating nature, but he interprets it as a way of them dealing with their daughter’s interracial relationship. However, as Chris spends more time at the family home, he begins to grow suspicious of Rose’s parents and their strange obsession with hypnosis, strange lunch parties, and strange black servants. We don’t want to say any more in case you haven’t watched it yet, but the ending is out of this world. A must watch.


Did someone say Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and one of the greatest crime thrillers of all time? Released in the mid-90s after The Silence of the Lambs gave birth to a new genre exploring the minds of high-IQ serial killers, ‘Se7en’ is not one for the faint-hearted. The movie follows two homicide detectives – the ambitious and young David Mills (Brad Pitt) and experienced veteran William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) in their pursuit of a serial killer who chooses his victims and justifies his crimes based on the seven deadly sins; gluttony, lust, greed, sloth, pride, envy and wrath. The two detectives race against the clock to catch sociopath ‘John Doe’ (Kevin Spacey) before he completes his twisted game – but his victims are racking up and his plan for the final two sins are worse than you could imagine.

Sign up to Disney+ Australia

Disney+ is the new talk of the streaming world, so how can you get a subscription? There are two plan options to choose from – a monthly subscription at $8.99 per month, or prepay for a year at $89.99 and save on the monthly cost. Both plans include the same features, with unlimited downloads and the ability to stream on up to four screens at the same time. This table includes links to a referral partner.

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Disney+ Monthly Subscription

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min. cost $89.99 over one year

4No. of Screens /same time viewing $89.99
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Back to Apple TV movies

Instant Family

Grab the tissues because this one’s a bit of a tear-jerker (in a happy-sad way!). Based on the true story of writer-director Sean Anders, Instant Family follows Ellie (Rose Bryne) and Pete Wagner (Mark Wahlberg), a couple who have a great life but feel like one thing is missing. Ellie suggests to Pete they should look into adoption, and they begin attending classes with social workers Karen and Sharon (the hilarious Octavia Spencer and Tig Notaro). The couple meet with teenager Lizzy (Isabela Moner), who makes an impression and they agree to trial fostering her. But, surprise (!), Lizzy also comes with two younger siblings. With the Wagner’s total jumping from two to five, the couple find themselves way in over their heads as they juggle a teenager who won’t accept them as her parents, her overly-sensitive brother Juan, and her adorable but tantrum prone sister Lita. And you thought your family was intense!

Love, Simon

This is the ultimate feel-good on a Friday night. Everything about Love, Simon screams classic high school teen rom com – except that the main character is a young gay man. Simon Spier (played by Nick Robinson) is just a regular teenager, but is carrying around “one huge-ass secret” as he calls it, and that being he hasn’t told anyone that he’s gay. Frustrated, he starts pouring his heart out online to an anonymous classmate nicknamed “Blue” who is also struggling to come out to his friends and family. Simon starts falling for the guy – and becomes determined to uncover his identity. That’s it, until a classmate discovers the emails between the two, and Simon falls victim of some pretty ridiculous blackmail as he tries desperately to remain hidden. Chaos breaks out as Simon plays matchmaker, peacekeeper and Nancy Drew all whilst trying to survive his senior year – phew!

Avengers: Infinity War

If you’re a Marvel fan, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Avengers: Infinity War is available for some last-minute, pre-Endgame prep. And if you aren’t (weird) then don’t worry, there’s always time to watch all twenty-two movies and catch up with the rest of us (it’ll only take you 48 hours). Avengers: Infinity War is probably not the one you’d start your marathon with though – it’s the last Avengers movie and third-last in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before Endgame, taking place two years after the events of Captain America: Civil War. The movie follows Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America and all of your favourites from the MCU as a star-studded cast unite to battle their most dangerous enemy yet, Thanos. Not to be too dramatic, but every single MCU movie has led up to the end fight scene, and it doesn’t disappoint.


Disclaimer: this movie is going to break your heart. Based entirely on a true story, Lion follows the life of Saroo Brierley, a five-year-old boy born in Khandwa, India. Living in the slums, he accompanies his brother to work one night and mistakenly wanders onto the wrong train, taking him thousands of miles across India. Lost and unable to speak the local language, Saroo ends up in an adoption agency and adopted by two Australians (Nicole Kidman and David Wenham, no less). Fast forward 20 years and Saroo has adjusted to his life in Australia and is all grown up (played by Dev Patel). Over dinner one night, his friends tell him all about this new “revolutionary technology” in the name of Google Earth. Armed with only a small handful of fuzzy memories, Saroo sets out to search for a needle in haystack – his Indian family – in the hopes they can one day be reunited.

God’s Own Country

If you’re looking for something a little depressing, but also a little bit sweet, God’s Own Country is the one for you. Set in gloomy Yorkshire, Johnny (Josh O’Connor) is a young sheep farmer who is reluctantly running his family’s farm after his dad suffers a stroke. He basically works all day, every day – and numbs his pain with excessive drinking and engaging in sexual encounters with strange men. However, that all changes when Gheorghe (Alec Secareanu) arrives, a beautiful Romanian migrant worker hired to help out the farm during lambing season. The pair strikes up an unlikely relationship as Gheorghe teaches Johnny how to appreciate life again.

Free Solo

Hold on tight, because this is going to have you on the edge of your cliff seat. Free Solo is a documentary which follows free soloist climber Alex Honnold as he prepares to become the first person to free solo climb the famous 900-metre vertical rock ‘El Capitan’ at Yosemite National Park. Alex is certainly no stranger to breathtaking, gut-wrenching heights – he has calmly climbed hundreds of rock faces with zero climbing gear, or any form of safety measures. However, none are as dangerous, as straight edged and strenuous as the famous El Capitan. The Free Solo documentary follows Alex’s simultaneous fear and desire to complete the climb whilst being filmed, his intense preparation, as well as his relationship with this girlfriend who is (justifiably) worried about the climb. There’s a lot going on, and it’s very stressful, but it does a great job at taking the sport to new heights (sorry).

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What movie should I watch on Apple TV?

While this is just a taste of what’s available on Apple TV, and you may have a difference preference when it comes to tuning into the big screen, if you’ve got the house to yourself, these movies may be a good place to start. If nothing here has tickled your fancy, then you can always check out what’s on offer from Apple TV+, making that lazy day on the couch something to look forward to.

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